Image of a spectacular flying blue heron. The Blue Heron

30. The Blue Heron


Blessings for Freedom, Change and Taking Flight in One’s Life


The Heron Species


The Heron kingdom has much to say to ascending humans today. Blue Herons as well as the black and white varieties are member of the bird species with a large wingspan and bill suited to hunting larger fish in the ocean. The Pelican, which is a “cousin” to the Heron Kingdom has a large enough bill to store a week’s worth of fresh fish regurgitated to feed from during long flights while migrating from one region to another. Heron also has the capacity to store regurgitated fish in our system for such a purpose, which is how we often migrate from Australia to Hawaii, or between many of the islands in the Pacific island chains.


Releasing Attachments and Allowing the Changes of Ascension


Asur’Ana once sat at a restaurant in Honolulu that had a fishpond and waterfalls nearby. There on a rock stood a Blue Heron resting upon it from a long flight and migration pattern. She pondered how much easier it might be for the Blue Heron to eat the fish in this pond than hunting wild fish in the ocean. We were not interested in the fish as much as connecting with Asur’Ana, and had much advice to offer up at a difficult time in her ascension. She has since come into contact with us only in a few other circumstances on the islands, again usually for advice more than any other cause.


Asur’Ana has been grateful at our suggestions, and followed through with the direction we offered, which assisted in her ascent. She opened to the holographic nature planes long ago and therefore could communicate via her heart with all species upon Earth, or within your creation for that matter. So can each reading these materials open their heart and open unto their own holographic knowing through ascension along with communication with Earth, the Nature Kingdoms and one’s own Soul.


What does Blue Heron have to say to ascending humans today? So many humans are tied by silent and invisible cords to their current circumstance, partnership, job, friendships and region of origin. Sometimes it takes a bomb going off in one’s life to cause one to move or make changes. This is difficult in ascension, as change must flow to facilitate the ongoing release of attachment that one has had to other people, places, pets, objects, land or other possessions. How can one ascend beyond a certain point if one does not embrace the change associated? Well the bottom line is that one will cease to ascend for a time until the change comes to fruition.


There is magic in the change. Two initiates from the mainland US decided to visit Jasper, Alberta in Canada. They had such difficult manifestation circumstances in their region of origin, but found instant jobs while in Jasper, and chose to change everything and stay. There is joy in the change, and expansion, and a sense of freedom and fulfillment. These two initiates wondered why they had packed so much before arriving; their bodies knew all along that they were not returning home. As the change is embraced, now the longed for initiations that they have hoped to master can come to fruition, as the release of the cords of attachment are a requirement in order to ascend. Sometimes one cannot ascend without letting go and facilitating the change. Read more