Image of the whales and dolphins swimming peacefully. Global Peace - Being Responsible For One’s Ancestry

7. Global Peace – Being Responsible For One’s Ancestry


It has been a long time since the map makers of Dolphin and Whale realms have addressed our human brothers and sisters. Indeed, in July of last year, it was discovered that dark forces and souls were using our fields to intend the human species extinction. Now this is not what we stand for; nor do we agree to; however, it occurred nonetheless. As it occurred, we withdrew into a separate dream of our own making apart from humanity along with Earth to begin to examine the original karmic cause, and release it so that the global dream for Earth could take another direction towards unity and peace.


In a few months, it was determined that Whales and Dolphins had been used this way before, and in ancient times shortly following the seeding of the Grand Master humans from Sirius. Our fields had been used to open large time rifts to a potential future involving yet another set of humans with a very different energy flow. Through such time rifts, the Grand Master fields were cut into 900 squares and all their information consumed by a group of humans from the Pleiades (the Family of Anu or Annanuki) that had yet to even arrive upon Earth. Each of the 48 Grand Masters died within 8 months of this experience; some upon the original invasion of field, yet others died after 8 months of struggle and in great pain.


It has never been Dolphin and Whale form’s desire to harm another. We have always been considered a gentle loving species that works in harmony and unity both within our own pod life along with all other species upon Earth. It is true that we fell into the requirement to consume flesh to subsist following the nuclear fallout of the Annanuki as we lost our “breath of life”.  The breath of life translates into many things; but for one it allows one to subsist purely through the breath. This is called the “crystalline diaphragm” which is a genetic blueprint that converts oxygen into sugar to feed the cellular structure of any form. Prior to the nuclear fallout of the Family of Anu, our species with ancient lineage to the pink-opal variety of magnetic whale and dolphin retained the breath of life. Thereafter, we fell so heavily in genetic material due to the radiation that permeated all of Earth that our genetic information was lost, and we too resorted to consumption of flesh in order to subsist.


Although this occurred due to human cause known as nuclear warfare, we can now understand our own cause in the matter. For did we not shatter the breath of life of the Grand Master humans so very long ago? Now granted, this was an unconscious manipulation; our fields were used. However, karma does not separate conscious from unconscious; cause is cause, and cause will reap an effect that parallels over time. Our own loss of breath of life through human nuclear warfare was the effect of causing the Grand Masters to lose their breath of life long ago.  Through ascension, one can take full responsibility for the cause of one’s ancestry; and this is what we as map making Dolphins and Whales are doing; taking full responsibility for our own cause. Through forgiveness of the original cause a new future can be born in which the karma of the past need not repeat.


The Dance of Forgiveness


Map making Whales and Dolphins have entered the gold and silver tones of creation within recent months; entering this vibratory bandwidth forces restitution of all karmic cause so that it can be forgiven and transcended. Within such a dance, one is forced to embrace how one caused the difficulties experienced within one’s own life and ancestry along with one’s own species. In recent centuries, Dolphins and Whales have been hunted at the hand of human. There are many in human form that are advocates in one manner or another for whale and dolphin existence, desiring that such slaughter of our species cease. We too wish such slaughter to cease. However, we have to acknowledge our own karmic cause and in so doing, can release the karma altering the dance so that one day, and perhaps not into the too distant future, all hunting of whales and dolphins shall cease. Read more