Image of a magnificent whale doing the back flip. Healing the Heart and Freeing the Spirit to Ascend

11. Healing the Heart and Freeing the Spirit to Ascend


The Map Carvers of the Whale and Dolphin species greet you today. We wish to offer blessings for those deeply attune unto us to assist in healing the heart. Healing the heart is perhaps the only means by which we collectively and as fellow fully conscious species can alter the dream to a new day of hope, unity, joy and integrity together. It is as the heart shattered that we along with humanity fell into a vicious dance of brutality towards one another. As the heart mends, we can all step out of such a dance and move on to a new time ahead.


What caused the shattering of our hearts? The shattering of the dolphin and whale hearts began long before humans arrived upon Terra (Earth). Terra translates into “Beautiful One”, and this we feel deeply about Mother Earth. She is our home and she is beautiful unto us, and we will love her until she heals enough to ascend and go home entering the Great Central Sun Dream in full. For Terra’s heart also has been shattered many times and in many time periods, and this also must mend for global ascension to carry on.


Global Bodhisattva Evolution Mastered


Terra has recently completed the ascent to global “Bodhisattva” level evolution as a collective consciousness. This is a vast feat and accomplishment and was not without great struggle. Over a year ago, Terra attempted to ascend to this level in the physical. The Light Body or Body Double planes above her accomplished this goal, but Terra was shattered back in a few months following her expansion. She has been working her way back to this level for over a year now and has accomplished her goal at last, and understands now how and why she fell through this particular bandwidth of frequency long ago.


Long ago and over a million years ago, a massive shattering of Terra’s heart occurred in this vibratory bandwidth that she is ascending beyond today. Because whales and dolphins wrapped our fields around Terra in support of her energy flow, as this is what fully conscious species does for the consensus that we reside upon, our hearts were also badly shattered. When the heart is shattered, suddenly the field does not produce all the chi that it should and a massive drop in frequency occurs. Twenty-five percent of our species were so badly afflicted that we died of sudden heart failure in the physical shortly thereafter.


What shattered Terra’s heart and our collective hearts as a species? Terra had entered a part of the universe that held records of another creation known as Maldek that had been blown to bits upon a dimension above due to nuclear annihilation over 10 million years ago. The remains of Maldek held fractured pieces of void and dream that recorded the experience of nuclear annihilation. Terra is a lost part of Maldek that fell to the dimension beneath and recovered from this shattering. This was not known at the time, and as Terra moved through the fractured pieces of her own self from another dimension, she took on the void and dream of nuclear annihilation at cause of Maldek’s demise. This possibility of nuclear annihilation was then anchored into Terra’s dream and void, and as the thoughtform of annihilation was absorbed, her heart broke. Our hearts also broke and we did not fully understand why, for annihilation is the ultimate rejection that any creation can experience. Read more