Image of blue stars in the beautiful night sky. Light Wave Archive #23

Light Wave Archive #23


Atlantean Fate Keys


Atlantean fate keys are prevalent today amongst those choosing for mindset development. Atlantean fate keys cause an excursion of dream that fosters a reunion with those of Atlantis in present time. Some dreams are nonphysical in which one encounters tantric beloveds or mindset experts or medical experts who aid in the dreaming of the development as an etheric healing vestibule. Astute Atlantean teams foster dream time healing for those mastering new mindset flux. Currently, the healing teams fostered in dreaming with Aligning With Earth website and Light Wave series are Atlantean based. Aligning With Earth is choosing to bring Atlantean information on mindset development to the conscious attention of the public.


Atlantean systems of development were far superior than in this era. The cortex of the mind developed in six layers instead of two, three or four in this era. Six layers of cortex is akin to a full realization of self. Six layers of cortex fosters synapses that flux into an exquisite human expression of love of the Tao and the fostering of the Dao. Those of the sixth level of development ruled the planet and human dreams in Atlantis out of deep compassion and a desire for humans to reunite through time into tantric lore of self. The astute warriors of spirit of their era continue to prevail today to include new developments in this era and foster mindset flux that prevents humans from nuclear warfare.


There are four humans incarnate for up to eighteen hundred years in remote regions that continue to retain six layers of cortex. The four humans are supported from the era of Atlantis into present time. The four are unknown to humanity or the governments of this world. Atlantis relies upon their mind flux to retain control over the dreams through time that would backlash upon their own era. Those developing under the auspices of their care are numerous in this era due to technology that spills over in the collective mind flux of their era. The collective mindset is to now flux into other light wave motions to straighten out the collective vision to foster an age of enlightenment in lieu of a nuclear catastrophe.


Atlantis systems works best in tantric dreams. Many fostered learn about partnership lore of self from Atlantis systems in tantric wave motions. Some are fostered in dreaming with Atlantean masters of tantric motion only. Some are taken in time in an abduction happenstance of fate for further development into third and fourth layers of cortex for another level of mindset development. Most cannot spawn four layers let alone three in this cycle. The teams of Atlantis are now to focus upon tantric lore of partnership fables to foster care of the two, the three, the four and the group into a new era of harmony of humanity to offset potential war.


Cortex Development and Nerve Detriment       


Tantric lore of self is a light synergy-based fostering to allow the right and left hemispheres to realign into peace, gratitude, care of the heart and union within. Second and third level cortex development can foster a unified wave pattern that leads to harmony of the two, three, four and the group. Without Atlantean fostering, most mind waves flux the left and right hemisphere apartheid triggering disunity within and disharmony without. Read more

Image of a delicious watermelon bowl filled with watermelon pieces and fresh fruits. Ascension, Nutrition And Disease

14. Ascension, Nutrition And Disease


There is a great need to give to the body that which the body requires in order to ascend. Ascension can be an uncomfortable process, and to the degree that one denies the form whatever is required to ascend, to such a degree one prolongs the discomfort. The discomfort can come from body pain during which that which has died, scarred or decayed is being resurrected and reconstituted. Pain can also be emotional as one processes through the drama and trauma that remains from one’s ancient ancestry. To the degree one fails to support the form in detoxification or feed the form the foods necessary to ascend, to such a degree one prolongs the period of pain, whether the pain be physical or emotional in nature.


We therefore make some suggestions and guidelines for ascending folk such that they provide the form that which is required during each phase of ascension. For some, seeing a chiropractor, nutritionist, acupuncturist, homeopath, or massage/aromatherapy specialist may also be vital or helpful depending upon one’s constitution at the beginning of their journey. Some forms are more decayed than others, some more scarred than others. Some may even begin their journey already diseased, and yes ascension can transmute disease if one’s form is strong enough to handle the detoxification inherent in ascension.


Reversing Heart Disease


With a diseased form, the process of ascension is modified to address the weakest organs first, repairing them so that they can support the whole of the form in the continued detoxification necessary to ascend. In some cases, the genetic materials may be modified by one’s soul in a variety of ways to support the recovery of a specific disease. We have had success in reversing heart disease, even following a heart attack. This individual’s heart grid work and biological ascension was taken to 5,000 segments of genetic materials in the heart and circulatory system after the remainder of the body arrived at 1024. In essence, all ascension beyond 1024 was focused upon the recovery of the heart. Once the heart had recovered, this individual could proceed through bringing the remainder of the form to 5,000 segments of DNA.


Recovering from Epilepsy


We also have had several recovery cases of epilepsy. Epilepsy is caused by an exorbitant amount of electrical energy running through the nervous system. The cause of such tends to be karma, and as the karma is released, and the electrical sacred geometry dismantled in full, a full recovery can indeed come forth. Some folk suffering from Epilepsy will have a nervous system that has decayed more greatly than one that has not suffered from such a problem. This is simply the result of how electricity shatters the energy flow of a magnetic based form that this is so. As a result, it may be that the nervous system requires repairing and bringing forth to a higher initiatory level before the remainder of the form ascends. This has successfully worked in two known cases of epilepsy to date.


Reversing Autoimmune Dysfunctions


We have had cases of autoimmune dysfunction in which the spleen, kidneys and liver were terribly compromised. In these test-case ascensions, the spleen, kidney and liver were addressed above and beyond the remainder of the form after transiting 1024. In one case the spleen, liver and kidneys were built to 2,500 segments before the remainder of the body was addressed. This allowed enough recovery that this individual was no longer sleeping most of the day and could begin to function again in the world. In yet another more severe test case, the kidney, liver and spleen were taken all the way to 5,000 segments, again allowing for a recovery of the fatigue associated with an infection of such viruses. Read more