Image of a lovely and striking place in nature. Shakti Relationship Lore #10

Shakti Relationship Lore #10


The Death of the Heart


The Lore of Snow White


Forensic Not

The forensics of the moment

Is to destroy

In a motion

Of deep insincerity

Of a difficult time

In which the dream dies

Into a lackluster vision of non-delight

Destroying the feminine

Into disappearing within

Until a postulation of loss

Is all that is dreamt

Until the masculine cares


The Snow White Theme and Living In Fantasies


Snow white is a theme of the beauty of the child and feminine in a lore of deep jealousy of the mother or queen. The queen kills the beauty and life of the child to become big and beautiful in themselves. The theme of snow white is well known in this time period. The theory of snow white is the beautiful maiden who perishes due to the loss of self within. Self is a striation of field that sustains the dreams of life. If self is lost, dreams fade into suicidal tendencies or death of the feelings of care of self. Suicide is not an incident without strife. The loss of self is a confusing happenstance in which guidance from within to direct the life recedes. Guidance of very dark forces interferes leading to the desire to die or retract from others out of deep feelings of worthlessness within.


Snow white is not the beautiful maiden that falls asleep never to awaken until the prince who restores her life force as the fable portrays today. Snow white is beaten up within into difficult resources that haunt his or her inner love and care of self into a hateful stance of his or her life. Often those who hate within find comfort in fantasies of books or movies in themes of love. Sometimes those who hate within construct elaborate fantasies to offset the loss of the heart of the heart within. Snow white can be fostered in both male and female incarnations. The feminine within when destroyed is a haunting experience through time. The nature of the nonphysical in demonic interplay is the underlying cause of the internal strife of those sustained in snow white fate.


Snow white can be the bride or groom to one who demonizes the inner fabric of the self of the self within leading to an internal fabric of hate and then fantasy to sustain the life. Demons enter the field and haunt the one to be destroyed as a means of extracting the truth of the heart. As the heart is lost, one either becomes suicidal or finds addictive fantasies as a means of sustaining the life. Demons can be vampires that strip the chi and will to live until one chooses for suicide or fades into conditions of deep solitude, tiredness, littleness and a haunted stance within. The one feeding upon snow white theme of existence expands into an empire in control of the partner. The partner is so haunted they are unable to live fully or find joy in their existence through time except in the sustenance of a fantasy. Read more