Image of a marvelous bird with widespread white wings, black head and orange breast pecking an orange berry. Angel Archive #6

Angel Archive #6: Sacred Brunch


Brunch is a luxurious moment to share with Spirit. Sometimes brunch is helpful to your mindset too for so many of you work too hard and celebrate too little. Brunch is a time of celebration over a midday meal that can delight and also sustain the body in light wave motion if it is of the right food resources. The wrong brunch food resources on the other hand will kill you otherwise over time. What is right and what is wrong? Salads and fruit are right and desserts and pastries are wrong.


(NOTE: Asur’Ana is a vegan and abstains from all alcohol. Therefore, she does not recommend eating eggs or fish or consuming alcohol, however, the Archangels requested that she shares the following information.)


Organic Eggs


Eggs are delightful with vegetables and not potatoes. Eggs should be reserved to three times per month as a 2-egg omelet and not more as the fats cause problems with the heart, spleen and liver over time otherwise in light wave motion. Eggs are gifted at resurrecting tissue if they have gotten blown out. If in a time of resurrection, eggs can be consumed four times per month instead of just three.


Finding restaurants that offer scrambled tofu is another option to choose for breakfast or brunch if you need no more eggs this week. Salads and fruit are also welcome with brunch along with fish if offered on the menu of your favorite restaurant. Smoked salmon is sometimes helpful to the mind but needs to be devoid of the bagel and placed over a salad instead to support your health ahead. There are always means to eat out as long as you choose for what is right minded food in extreme light wave motion. This is an extreme light wave motion cycle and therefore right-minded eating is needed unless you wish to die early in this lifetime of yours.


If hungry, a salad can always be complemented with hummus without the pita and served on top of cucumber, celery and tomatoes instead. Potatoes are always best substituted for fruit or a side salad to retain your right-minded brunch excursion into health. Adding shrimp to the salad is good with eggs but not scrambled tofu. Eggs and shrimp compliment. Salmon should be eaten separate whether smoked or not as they do not digest easily with eggs or tofu. Ahi (tuna) should also be separate from both eggs and tofu to foster a complete ingestion of all proteins associated. Consuming a digestive enzyme following any meal with protein is also recommended to avoid gut rot. Read more