3. Drinks


Fresh fruit juices are loaded with enzymes that assist in cleansing the blood, dissolving the old cellular structure so that the crystalline form may develop, and cleansing the ducts of the kidneys and liver to enhance detoxification in ascension. We advise that those who are ascending invest in a juicer so that one may have fresh juice daily.


Asur’Ana abstains from all forms of alcohol. However, for those who consume alcohol, you can enjoy fine wine with all dinners. Red wine is an excellent source of blood sugar for the crystalline form and aids in digestion. Beer and ale are loaded with B vitamins. Tequila is useful along with gin in small amounts as it dissolves the plaque that has formed along the arteries and veins.


Bless all alcohol that you will consume, and there will be no sense of becoming drunk. However, one must release all karma with alcohol and the entities that cause a drunk state in order for this to be so. Intend to add the vibrations that one requires to ascend into one’s drinks, and the alcohol will hold a wider range of frequencies than other liquids.


Coffees and teas are also excellent blood cleansers and another way to adding small amounts of needed nutrients to support ascension. Bless the tea and coffee and one will find that it too supports one’s ascension.


Fresh Squeezed Juices


Fresh juices will cleanse the blood, liver and kidneys to support ascension.


Cleansing Recipe

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