Image of the sweet plumeria tree and flowers. Blessings for the Fragrance of Health, Beauty and Love.

18. Blessings for the Fragrance of Health, Beauty and Love


From the Plumeria and Jasmine Tree Kingdom


It is the Plumeria and Jasmine Tree Kingdom that speaks to you today. Plumeria and Jasmine flowers hold a magnificent smell that many loves. We are often used as perfumes and made into essential oils and enjoyed in many human bath products, lotions, hair products or essential oil burners as a result. Our fragrance will remind you of what our ancestors in the Great Central Sun smelled like once long ago. Today plumeria and jasmine along with hundreds of other flowers and fruits hold the scents of long ago within our genetic structure.


Return Journey Home


Long ago, all of life upon Terra (Earth) smelled beautiful. This was at a time that Terra existed inside the Great Central Sun dream. There was no decay or rot and so everything had a sweet smell that was lovely to inhale. This was not only so for the tree and plant kingdoms, but also for each animal, bird, fish, reptile, insect, dolphin, whale or human. The smell for each kingdom was distinct and each knew the other by smell as well as sight or appearance. Life was a magical wonderland to experience. There were no seasons and nothing died; it was endless heaven in a sense and in comparison to the struggle of Terra in present time.


Regardless of how wonderful life was inside the Great Central Sun, there was no goal of evolution Home. Somehow the goal of evolution had been lost in our original casting. As a result, we lived and lived and lived but did not know the real purpose of our existence. Although humans and whales and dolphins were fully conscious and aided in the direction of Terra, there was no plan for evolution home. It has taken us exiting the Great Central Sun dream and falling and falling in consciousness and into great pain and suffering to finally realize as a consensus reality what is necessary to offset extinction. What is necessary is a return journey, not only back into the Great Central Sun dream, but Home to the Tao where all consciousness emanates from.


Perhaps if we had recalled the necessity to ascend home long ago, we would have created a plan to evolve from within the Great Central Sun and avoided falling out of the dream altogether and into such great struggle. In hindsight, we can see that we were blinded by our eternal “heaven” or love and light experience that was beautiful and as such there was no requirement or desire to go anywhere else. Homecoming seemed unnecessary when everything felt at “home” and as “one” already.


It is perhaps the struggle and strife that creates the need to return “home”. Returning Home however unto endless bliss no longer appeals because we know that there is no such thing as endless anything within the Tao. Those creations that desire an endless love and light experience will ultimately descend into deep darkness in counterbalance as this is the nature of the cycles of the Tao. The Tao seeks to expand and seeks then to contract. As creations return Home, they carry with them all their experiences and it is through such experiences that the Tao evolves. Read more