Image of lovely wild mushrooms with red caps. Blessings for a Return of Integrity to the Dance of Life

20. Blessings for a Return of Integrity to the Dance of Life


From the Mushroom Kingdom


It is the Mushroom Kingdom that communicates with you today. Mushrooms much like eggplant are another form of crystalline structure that remains upon Earth when most other plant kingdoms have fallen into great density at 2 strands of DNA over time. Crystalline structures are light and porous with more air element, hence our light weight given our size. It is the air element that allows for increasing movement of chi through any living structure; the more porous the structure, the more chi that can be pushed through the form leading to a higher frequency or vibration of the cells and overall structure.


The Crystalline Structure Hosts More Air Element


Most wild mushrooms have never dropped beneath 6,000 segments of DNA in vibration, and our kingdom is rising well above the vibration of many other plant and tree kingdoms at this end of cycle time period of ascension Home. As a result of this truth, we are paving the way to regeneration for all other kingdoms to follow. Mushrooms also continue to hold the Language of Light tones of creation in our wild state of being.


Regeneration is an act in which that which has fallen ill or become compromised is repaired. In the current paradigm, cells do not repair themselves very well at two strands of DNA. Most cells die and then are replaced every seven years; however, beyond the age of 28 in human form, only one third of the cellular structure is replaced each seven-year cycle ahead leading to what is known as aging, decay, disease and ultimately death in older age. In the regenerative crystalline system, not only are most cells repaired long before they die, but all cells that die are replaced leading to a healthier overall biology as well as a longer life span.


Regeneration is the nature of crystalline unity biology that self repairs; and is the first phase of ascension for all kingdoms upon Earth including the human kingdom. All kingdoms are moving towards the crystalline structure which regenerates and does not age or become ill over time. The crystalline structure also hosts more air element allowing more energy to be pushed through the etheric vessel leading to a higher vibration of the cellular structure. The faster the molecules and field spins, and the more kundalini can flow through the core of the etheric body, and the higher the frequency. This requires more air element and less earth element.


Molecules must go through a transformation of their own in order to keep pace with the evolving crystalline structure. The crystalline molecular structure shifts from a solar system formation of atoms rotating around a nucleus to a Triple Lotus pattern akin to the “Consciousness Symbol” of the Language of Light. As the molecules assume the consciousness symbol formation, it is also a reflection of a restoration of lost consciousness to the etheric and biological structure of the form. All kingdoms are pressing towards the consciousness based molecular rotation in the ascent to 3,000 segments. Read more