Image of marvelous trees in the autumn. Workbook 1 Chapter 6 Worksheets

Workbook 1: Chapter 6 Worksheets


These worksheets are to be used with Mother Earth’s Complete Ascension: Workbook 1, Chapter 6: Managing One’s Grid Work and Biological Ascent.


These worksheets are devoted to assisting initiates in recognizing where one is still suffering from grid work manipulations or exchanges as well as assuring all parts of the biology are ascending to the same level of frequency. It is as parts of the biology fall too far behind that one will ascend into disease. Therefore, these worksheets are specifically designed to prevent disease in ascension by bringing to consciousness where one is behind and making intentions to allow for the associated region to ascend into the crystalline structure in the physical.


Veils of illusion are problematic often for muscle testing or pendulum testing. Veils are electrical frequencies that create a screen upon which one’s own belief or preferences are relayed back as truth. We recently heard of an initiate in Europe who had thought they had mastered 7,000 DNA segments as this is what they continually muscle tested. They went to the hospital to have an x-ray of the chest to prove to their spouse that they had an eight-ventricle heart.


This of course proved not to be so; as the land in Europe really cannot sustain anyone much above 3,000 segments due to the density that remains there (except Sweden and Norway that are bathed of the frequencies of the Inner Earth.) Very disappointing but this is an example of veils of illusion; as they had muscle tested, the veils in the field continued to give them the response of what they wanted to believe (that they were at 7,000 segments) rather than the 1,800 segments that the healing temples for ascension had assessed.


There is little point in going through this exercise and receiving faulty responses. Therefore, Earth guides each to clear the field, synthesize with the synthesis meditation that can be found in Chapter 11 of Ascension Insights, Volume 1, retrieve any missing notes in the Language of Light and consume any entity or device that would like to give you a faulty response. Intend also to lift all veils and remove any electrical discord by pressing it down the Aurora through intention. Then proceed forward with your muscle testing or pendulum testing. Also test once, then intend to lift all veils and test again to crosscheck one’s accuracy.


Another initiate in our program increased the accuracy of muscle testing by intending that all personality and false gods or dark lords step aside into a “waiting room” until they were done. One can also intend to anchor the nature kingdoms that have agreed to support one’s ascent. The Bear Kingdom has agreed to be the keeper of the void or unconscious for all humans; so, call upon Bear plus all other kingdoms that one enjoys a relationship unto. In this manner, one will also increase the accuracy of the responses to this section, or any section for that matter in this workbook. Read more