Image of a beautiful yellow lotus or water lily. Flower Essences of Self #2

Flower Essences of Self #2


Apothecary of Herbs and Diet For Light Synthesis and Transfusion


The Light Within


The light within

Is a beautiful synthesis

Of the self of the self within

In the love of the now

In the perseverance of realization

Of the unity of all of life

In which the dreamer and the dreams

Of wholeness may unfold

In collaboration with all kingdoms

In the new dream


About Transfusion and Self Realization


Transfusion is an ancient energy system that is associated with self-realization. Transfusion is a flow that oscillates the self of the self within into interplay with spirit such that consciousness can understand the nonphysical in life perceptions. Life for many is devoid of the expanse of spirit. Self has been cut off from spirit for eons of time in human expression. The loss of spirit is a direct happenstance of loss of knowledge and direction to allow life to unfold in ease.


Transfusion is an adroit equation of light that spins over and through the biology augmenting diffusion of density into particles of gaseous substances of self. The gas flows through the pores and other gateways of self to dissipate on the exterior leading to a system of ascension of the vessel that augments self infusion of self. Self infuses into the biology where the density departs leading to a self and soul driven exposé of life.


Transfusion is not an oscillation possible without a rendition of light synthesis of self. Self of the self within is an energetic formation of seven layers of field that synthesize consciousness into self-awareness. Few understand the nature of self and it is a region of field that can be damaged as realization begins to transfuse. Transfusion light synthesizes the striations of the self of the self within into an ignition or spark that ignites truth to be exposed and expressed in life. Read more