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Chapter 1: The Fostering of My Baby Years


Love of Who I Am


Love of Who I Am

The flower of my heart

Is a delicate repose

Of myself

Attempting to foster

The care of the one

In the reflection of the shadow

Of long lost parents and lovers

Who betrayed the heart

Dare I open unto you?

I must love myself

In all the beauty of who I am

In the forever of my divinity

In my ancestral birthright to love

And care for myself

Through time

In the love of the love within

I am that I am that I am


The Atlantean Way: The Love of the Many and the Whole


I, Jasgahntar, am born on a summer’s eve of the lifeline of my mother Endelay. Endelay has been graciously expecting for what seemed oh so long. She is not large per her midwife Lynelle. Lynelle has a kind approach to midwifing expectant females in tantric communities in the region known as Cherithani. Cherithani is known for and named after its beautiful and gracious pink flowers that flower almost year-round gracing the hills and valleys nearby. Cherithani is remote from Atlantean cityscapes and a kind place to retreat to raise a tantric family. The tantric community is known as Fala’a in Atlantean (translates into “Sweetheart of Self”). I will always fondly remember Fala’a as the sacred place of my birth although I only visit the region again once later in my life after I depart at age seventeen.


Ten communities are nestled nearby in sacred ordering of divine motions of life form for the fostering of the birth of gifted and mastery level mindset level children. The accommodations are kind but accord to conservative approaches in the lifestyle of a tantric system of family rearing. All parents are allowed only a minimal wardrobe of six practical or tantric yoga style clothes and even fewer possessions. Shoes are abundant due to the need to walk through the cascading hills filled with trails to witness the gracious waterfalls or other luscious beauty of nature oh so prevalent near Fala’a. The children enjoy the beauty and serenity of the region to foster balanced mindset into their teenage years.


The tantric community children are raised in accord with a spiritual master of deep aptitude of care of the young heart known as Hamzoon. Hamzoon is a master tantric wizard with children taking them from ailing and winy mindset into the beauty and care of the wholeness of himself. Hamzoon can sooth the most difficult of children through time with himself and through himself as a tantric swing system of deep care of the heart. Read more

Image of a beautiful golden sunset at the beach. Incantations for the Divine Partner

Incantations For The Divine Partner


Fostering the Path of the Two:

Poetic Prose for Divine Partnership


Shaktar Tantric Union Fable Incantations:

Igniting Twin Flame Love




Incantations foster all dreams of life. Incantations are divine poetry that is incanted through time that fosters all life experiences or dramas that we dream through time. Life is an unfolding dream that flowers in the care of the heart. Incantations for beloveds foster two that unfold and flower as one in deep care of a twin flame union through time. Twin flames are pairs of humans that oscillate in motions of deep love together in the heart accolade of self. Twin flames are biological pairs of male-female, male-male, or female-female genetics that resonate and flourish and are born from the same archetype in variant families through time. Twin flames are notorious for fostering unions of a lifetime and loving one another above all else. Twin flames also incarnate as monadic duet soul infusions of the same origins of spirit through time.


Twin flames foster a union of sublime motions of love and care of the heart. Twins can also occur between parents and children or friendships of deep love through time. The love of twins is mesmerizing to experience within. The love of twins is often a sought after notion to dream in life though time. Twins heal one another of many ailments including the loss of health or love of the love within. It is very painful to lose one’s twin through dejection or death. The heart can breach in the loss of a twin through time.


No twin union lasts forever due to the difficult biology that often concludes a life through disease or accident. Twins who remain following a deep loss of the care of two often face suicidal flavor of life within and must rebirth to rise again. Those who surmount the loss of a twin foster the gift of deep understanding to foster compassion and forgiveness of self through time to survive and surmount the grief within. The love of twins is a sacred notion of life fostered by spirit and soul. Spirit and soul share in the dance of love amongst those who foster the care of the heart in twin flame formations. The following prose reflect the journey of the heart in the choice to cause a partnership of a divine ordering of love of the two through time.


Opening the heart is a difficult stanza of truth to be fostered into compassionate action of a journey of life in this era. The incantations of life foster each experience upon the path. Some incantations are delightful and exquisite to experience. Others are heart wrenching or filled with strife. The opening of the heart requires both sides of the polarity of light and dark to be experienced through time in order to be fulfilled upon in a life of spiritual mastery in this era.


Love and Spirit’s Blessings,

Shaktar Dreaming

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