Light Wave Webinar #4: The Nature of Light Wave Dreaming


The dreams that delight

Foster you

In stanzas of sound

That harmonize

You and others

In the stage play of you

That resounds in beauty

And ignites the light

In each


Light Wave Webinar #4 Introduction


Dreaming in light wave motion is a different focus to cause the effect you desire in any circumstance in your life. Dreaming in light requires motions of waves that transfigure dreams into beautiful experiences within you or with others.


Transfiguration is not a notion of sound-based dreaming of ascension variations of scripts. All dreams dreamed during ascension cycles are founded upon scripts that cause people to behave one way or another together.


Light does not dream in scripts of lore fables of Shaktar or Shakti in partnership or life. Light dreams in notions that foster light motions that caress and bless each through transfigurative action. Notions are air stream of thoughts that transfigure the dreams into new heights of possibility to be lived and enjoyed through time.


Transfigurative notion thoughts catch on the airstream of your mind and repose as music as the light dances within you. Some thoughts notion beauty into your dreaming and others do not. Read more