Image of walruses lying at a beach in Spitsbergen Norway. The Walrus Tusk

21. The Walrus Tusk


Blessings for Safety in a Seemingly Unsafe World


The Walrus Kingdom


Humans along the shorelines where we congregate have often viewed the Walrus species with interest. Asur’Ana once spent time in our presence along the coastline of California where we mate, breed, birth our calves, and sunbathe throughout the year. Walrus much like elephant holds space and moves much energy in association with the regions that we exist due to our massive size and amount of body fat. Body fat assists in the modulation of chi and energy flow not only within the ascending form, but in association with the regions that one lives. It is for this reason that Walrus invites humans to accept and embrace their ascending body weight and size, whatever it may be. The larger one is, the more chi one can move, and the more affect one will have in the regions that one lives, and in holding one’s own in one’s ascension.


Guardians of the Coastlines


All species are guardians of the land, whether they be human, plant, animal, mineral, dolphin or whale. Those species more associated with oceanic life are considered guardians of the sea. We in living between the land and the sea are guardians of each coastline that we exist in relation to, and modulate the energy movement between underwater life and worlds upon the land. We are also associated with the sign of Elephant in the new astrology, which governs the vibration of compassion. In essence, we modulate the vibration of compassion so that worlds upon the land and worlds within the sea may relate in compassion with one another, and work towards the common goal of unity and global ascension.


Many may not realize that the sea and the land create two separate and distinct realities upon Earth. Trying to ascend a consensus of such divergent realities is very difficult. Generally, the ocean is much higher in vibration than the land of larger continents. Partially this is the result of the salt prevalent within the sea, which much like any mineral can hold and move chi and energy with ease.


Much like Earth’s mountainous regions constructed primarily of granite and graphite, the minerals assist exponentially in modulating energy movement allowing such regions to ascend more rapidly than other parts of Earth. This ongoing differential between mountains, land and sea creates a continuous pull or tug of war between the three. Such a tug of war will create natural disasters in the form of earthquakes, tornadoes and hurricanes in particular if the vibrational variance becomes too great.


The hurricanes that recently hit Cuba and the Florida coastline are examples of what occurs when the vibrational variance exceeds what Earth can handle, and begins to compromise her global ascent. The hurricane is then created through the tug of the two variant energy movements and has the effect of blowing and washing the density at cause away, allowing the landmasses to raise enough in vibration to move back into a harmonious energy flow with the oceans that surround them. Humans are often caught in strife when such natural disasters strike. Read more