Image of pretty blue flowers

Light Wave Webinar #2: Working Your Light Boundaries


The light of you

Is the light of each

In a motion of sway

To foster your day

In the love of the whole

In joy of the heart

In care of each

In the blossoming of your soul

In a space that is shared

That is bright in the light

Motioning the darkness away


Light Wave Webinar #2 Introduction


Light fosters a different boundary fostered upon variable speeds of ray formations. As you up speed the light and sway, larger boundaries grow larger in care space. Blessings and up swaying is one means of fostering correct boundaries with others in any exchange.


Swaying is personal and can be with Dao and Tao and not necessarily others through time. In this time period of difficult dark light quagmires, it is probably easier to sway only with your Dao and Tao except when you are intimate or are to foster a healing of another.


Light can foster amazing ray systems that allow you to refresh and revive and even bathe and cleanse yourself and your hair. Hair and skin can be conditioned through light emulsions offered by spirit. Yogis often learned to bathe in light in lieu of the streams or lakes nearby in ancient times.


Cleaning the home is also a light emulsion system that will dissipate dirt, paint the walls and ceilings afresh, sparkle the glass and make your sacred space more beautiful for you to sway within. Light cleaning is an ancient practice used in Atlantis. New systems will be anchored in your home for a light cleaning service that can be spun daily; along with bathing of the biological habitat of you. Read more