Image of a huge forest with several naturally formed lakes. Earth Archive #3

Earth Archive #3: Demon And Dragon Affluences


Dragons of the Lake


The dragon dreamers foster union

In a unity divine

In the sea of Self

To cadence an accord

Unto the dolphins and whales

In soma mindset

For happiness and gratitude

For all of life

And love of each upon the path

In the love of the whole of the Earth


Demons of Care: Spirits of the Natural World


The natural world hosts spirit that fosters dreams of the whole of the planet. The Demons of Care are a fostering of the planetary Tao to sustain natural world dreams. In recent years, the Demons of Care were badly shattered. They are choosing to retract off the planet due to the high thresholds of damaged fabric of self that requires recasting elsewhere. The star system Sirius is absorbing the Demons of Care as they had fluxed here from Sirian escapes of natural world dreaming.


Sirius continues to play a vital role in the development of humans here upon Earth and incarnate in their worlds. Sirian worlds number three when Earth is only one. Many forces of nonphysical mastery pursuits foster dreams of strife and extreme polarity to learn large spiritual lessons from Sirius and here upon Earth. Often developments from Earth that are successful return to Sirius to foster something else that is kinder in stature of life ahead. Some fail tests here and are prohibited from reincarnating in Sirius through time.


The Demons of Care foster care of humans who develop in dragon dreaming through time. So many demons of strife from other creations damaged into the Demons of Care that they collectively abated the support of humans in mastery octaves exceeding four decibels. Many humans chose to damage with the outer demonic forces maiming the Demons of Care. For those of deep care of the whole in wholeness theory of self, the loss of the love of the Demons of Care has been very difficult to overcome. Many dragons were also wounded attempting to save the Demons of Care. The overall loss is deep and those who loved the dragons and Demons of Care feel a deep and sincere hopelessness sometimes within. Read more