Image of a bluefin tuna in the ocean. The Dance Of The Underwater Worlds

18. The Dance Of The Underwater Worlds


Blessings of Peace and Inner Tranquility


The Tuna Kingdom


Humans have long been fascinated with the underwater realities that the fish, dolphin and whale kingdoms live within. Often humans build large tanks in the form of aquariums to expose our world to the land-based world for observation, understanding, and the peace that our world exudes. For under the water, there is greater peace than upon the land and within the air. Therefore, we notice how much peace humans find in either being near the water, or in visiting or owning an aquarium.


One initiate once had a small aquarium that she filled with angelfish, catfish and other small fresh water species and plants. She enjoyed much watching her aquarium, until finally over time her karma with such species was complete, and she gave the aquarium and fish away to her roommates as she relocated into a new home.


All Aquatic Realms Are Aware


Fish experience your connection unto us through the aquariums that humans have constructed. We also experience your connection to us as you venture to be by the sea or a lake, river or stream where we reside, or venture onto the water upon a boat. How do we experience human consciousness? We experience your discord, beloved. It is our nature to absorb your discord dissipating it through the element of water allowing humans the experience of greater peace in association with the aquatic realms.


Because most fish species have little verbal ability and do not make sound, humans have thought of us as below animal life in nature, or less aware. In reality this is not so, as all aquatic species are associated with one or more land-based species for the purposes of soul experience, and to allow for a global presence. Tuna is associated with Buffalo, Salmon with Crow and Flounder with Bear. In essence, the consciousness of all three of our species, Tuna, Salmon and Flounder are speaking forth through this chapter to allow humans a better understanding of our reality. We experience both life upon the land and life within the sea in the above six forms. Life upon the land and in the sea is diverse as such but there are areas of grand similarity. The largest similarity is peace.


Peace in the Silence


The life of a Buffalo that is unencumbered from hunting by humankind is by and large a peaceful existence. The life of a crow, however noisy, is also peaceful. The life of Bear is also peaceful as long as food is plentiful. At this time, Bear in particular is shifting to a vegetarian diet through genetic modifications coming into physicality through ascension. This is also the same for most species of whales and dolphins that often hunt Tuna to subsist. As such our six species shall exit the experience of carnivorous behavior in the coming cycle, and this will allow for even a greater level of peace amongst us all. Read more