Image of a beautiful lake surrounded by mountains and valleys somewhere in nature. Assertions for Being Here Now

1. Assertions for Being Here Now


Be Here Now


Be here now

In this moment in time

To love your Tao and Dao

In the care of the heart accolade

Of the self of you

In gratitude and compassion

For all that is

And all that has ever been

In love and light in your life

In light wave motion

In the love of the planetary Tao in himself

And the fostering of the planetary Dao in herself

For all of your dreams to be actualized

In the care of you

And the soul family

In truth and honor

Of the fate of each


Assertions for Transfusion into the Now


Being here now is not a new concept but is an age-old support of the journey of finding joy within. Being here now is a group of assertions that foster presence of the self of you within you. Many foster non-presence of the self of you through time. Sometimes the non-presence of you is due to the presence of a resource of the nonphysical to foster your path within or dreams of life through time. The non-presence of you can be the self of a spirit guide or of an important transfusion being such as Babaji or Baba or Ananda suspended in a group of striations within yourself. The non-presence of you can also be other resources that are supportive of your fate. Some of the non-presence of you can be those resources gifted at fostering your dreams and futures through time and ahead.


Knowing you is pivotal to fostering the presence of yourself into the now. Knowing you is often a complex journey within. Knowing you as a child, teenager, young adult and adult or knowing you through time is essential to knowing you. Knowing yourself in partnership or with children or with friends, enemies or other acquaintances through time is also a part of knowing who you are unto you through time. Knowing yourself as a single or devoid of partnership is also important for whenever this unfolded in your life too in order to know you.


Being in the now requires that you know you within enough striations of self to foster an understanding of comprehensible knowledge of the spiritual journey of your lifetime. There is a minimum of thirty-six striations formulated as tinctures of self striated within the self of you required to know you through time.    Read more