Image of 2 mostly yellow and some violet flowers native to Norway. Dragon Dreaming Archive #1

Dragon Dreaming Archive #1


Prose of Self


The Banter of the Ckantor


The banter of the ckantor

Is a message of Self

From the dragon lore realm

Accolading the foray of happenstance

Into a new day

Filled with mirth and happiness

Departing the non-sweetness

Filling the life with truth

Sincere to the postulation

Of myself

And my Soul


Prose Ckantor


Prose ckantor is banter of self. Banter is a poetry form of mirth to make light of the happenstance of the day. Banter is associated with dragon lore dreamtime. Dragons dance in the mirth of the girth of self. Mirth is happiness, joy and humorous expression of the lesson of the day. Girth is the strength required for self to realize the thoughts at cause of the happenstance. As thoughts are realized, they are edited through forgiveness of the issues of the day.


Issues are made light of in banter. Self realizes best in humor of itself. Humor lightens the self into transformative gear known as banter. Banter poetically reposes the lessons such that the self may understand, illuminate, ponder and progress through its accolades of achievement. Banter can be attuned unto through conscious intention. Self continually receives banter as a part of its happenstance in its accolades of achievement. Banter fosters the introspection necessary to realize itself. The following is an example of banter for those reading this chapter.


Banter of Treasonous Union


The beautiful one of the system of self is accolading achievement for itself. The journey is witty and gritty. The murk and the mire are impure. The day is grim and the achievement is beholding a sad tale of two who are not well. The male stands tall in the grass of the valley and cannot find his way. The female is wandering listlessly in the valley alone and by herself. The two longs for each other but are separated by a stream and a gorge of mountains. Read more