Image of the harmonious willow tree. Blessings for Building a Strong Crystalline Immune System

17. Blessings for Building a Strong Crystalline Immune System


From the Willow Tree Kingdom


It is the Willow Tree Kingdom that greets you today. Our kingdom has been a favored tree for many a Japanese garden over time. The gentle swaying leaves of our kingdom causes a feeling of peace to surround those entering the garden. Why is this so? Our kingdom holds the vibration of peace within the Language of Light for the Tree Kingdom. Each species of plant or tree has a special purpose in association with the tones of creation that we hold as well as the dream that we foster in any region that we exist.


Asur’Ana has outlined the vibrations of the herb kingdoms in Chapter 6 “Language of Light and Herbs” of Ascension Insights, Volume 3. Through the herbs, each of the single tones of the ascending language that each species is choosing to embody at this time of evolution is sustained. One can gain the benefit of the vibrations not only in procuring and taking of herbal tinctures, but also by planting the herbs in one’s garden. In so doing, one can receive the benefit of the energy movement and vibrations that one requires to ascend.


Language of Light and Trees


Trees also host vibrations in association with the Language of Light. One can plant trees in one’s garden and yard and reap the same benefit as the herbs offer; or one can procure smaller houseplants in the form of young trees for one’s indoor garden at home or in the office. The Pine Tree kingdom hosts the vibration associated with forgiveness. Forgiveness is the foundation of ascension and if one cannot forgive, then one cannot ascend beyond a certain mechanical level of field rotation. Forgiveness is also the first note on the scale of the Language of Light. Having a pine tree of any variety in one’s yard or home will assist one in remembering to forgive and not to hold on to grudges. Visiting the older pine forests will assist one in learning Absolute Forgiveness.


The Redwood Tree Kingdom hosts the Language of Light vibration known as “Dream”. The dream symbol has to do with remembering how to consciously intend and then manifest one’s dream in the physical. Those that plant redwood trees in their yard or grow a young redwood tree indoors will reap the benefit of assistance in one’s process of dream weaving. One can also visit the more ancient redwood forests to receive an opening into the void of infinite possibility.


Cedar Trees hold the vibration of “Honor” in the Language of Light. Many initiates have difficulty with honor, not of others, but often of oneself; and if one does not master honor of self, then one has failed to master honor, as honor can only occur if one first honors oneself and one’s own needs in the dance of life. Planting a cedar tree either in the yard or raising a young tree indoors will assist those learning the lessons of honor in mastering the associated energy flow. One can also visit the ancient Cedar forests for opening to honor for the purposes of community building or relations unto groups of others. It is the Cedar Tree Kingdom that often lived near peaceful and unity-based human civilizations in times past, and they hold a lot of records on this subject as a result. Read more