Image of an exquisite midnight blue bird standing on a tree trunk. Angel Archive #5

Angel Archive #5: Light Motion Entrees


Entrees are joyous fostering of beautiful foods of vegetarian proportions to make the taste buds smack and allow you to feel filled with the love of spirit. Right minded cooking begins with the smorgasbord of food in your pantry. In the pantry is some of this or that and this herb or that and somehow as you whisk it all together it is beautiful to spirit. Spirit then flowers the pan or oven allowing the fragrances of the herbs to grow divine. In divine flowering, the food tastes stupendous and not something else off the grocery store shelf or from an unwell restaurant or fast food.


Light Infused Foods


Gifted chefs in light wave motion also flower their pans and kitchens. The food is popular as it is gourmet in its proportions of tastes. Good chefs are not difficult to find and you will know them by the flowers of light in their kitchen. Those chefs who do not flower in other restaurants are best to be avoided as it will only cause stomach ailments if your cuisine is not light infused in the coming times of big light. So, shop carefully for where you dine out and make sure that the light shines bright and you will always be delighted in the love of the spirits of the chef.


Grocery stores or health food markets are no different. Some shine bright to the max, others in a medium cast and others can be quite dim. The light in the food will be proportionate unto light in the store along with in abdomen. So, shop only in the brightest lit stores you can find and your health will be retained through time. Leave all others to other places as they are not you as a star seed. Star seed entrees should be prepared with the freshest light infused vegetables available. Shopping at farmers’ markets is grand too but pick the best light infused organic possibilities and leave the others to others too.


China, Glassware, and Stainless Steel Cookware


Cooking in light is an art all of its own. First, the kitchen and all utensils and cookware must align with light motion of field. Some kitchenware works with light and others abate light. This is also so for forks and plates and serving platters. Therefore, please take inventory of what you cook with that shines in light and what does not; and discard what does not purchasing simple instruments that light infuse to begin with.  Muscle test each item to purchase and stay away from what looks brilliant and really does not motion light and you will be better in your health in the long haul.


There is glassware and plates that are made from petrochemical substances but appear authentic. Many restaurants use glasses and plates or serving platters of this nature. They are now hitting the kitchenware system of humanity in great abundance of cheap but beautiful plates and serving platters that are absolutely damaging to the health as you motion light through your home. As you transfuse, you cannot help but motion light through everything. This also includes furnishings and carpet and wall hangings and floors and ceilings too. Some housing is purer than others in light wave motion.  Read more