Image of a whale's tail above the water with the moon and shooting star in the ethereal background. Pod Based Magnetic Energy Flow

9. Pod Based Magnetic Energy Flow


We are guided to write again following a lengthy hiatus due to problems between the human and dolphin-whale kingdoms. What might these problems be? Well, it has to do with how the Family of Anu or Annanuki used whales and dolphins as sources of chi to extend their lives. There are those dolphins and whales that trace their ancestry to magnetic forms of our species that existed upon Terra (Earth) prior to two times of seeding of our kingdom. There are others that trace their history to the Pleiades who were seeded here about 38,000 Earth years ago (152,000 human years) that are of a different nature. It is those whales and dolphins that came from the Pleiades that host agreements to sustain human life and they assisted in the life extension of the Anu.


Those that are the ascending map carvers of our species have recently crossed into a new dream associated with the Great Central Sun. This also has occurred for Asur’Ana and Per. Recently, we have co-created the first human-dolphin-whale consensus in the new dream to support one another in our continued journey as mutual fully conscious species. There are so few of us that we have literally banded together in assistance and support of the creation of a fully conscious consensus. Over time more of our kingdom and the human kingdom will learn to balance light and dark enough to enter the new dream with us. We will hold the space in this new consensus for each future generation that can join us in the birth of the new era ahead.


We begin anew with information to be relayed to our brothers and sisters in human form that are devoting their lives to the path of ascension. This next series of chapters shall be written embedded not only with the Language of Light, but also the Language of ONE, a magnetic language utilized inside the Great Central Sun Dream. What is the Language of ONE? This language is magnetic and holographic in nature. Holographic movement is completely magnetic and devoid of any electricity at all as this is the nature of the Great Central Sun dream that Terra originated from. In order to go “home” to this new dream, all of Terra must become completely magnetic in energy flow.


Magnetic, Electric and Electromagnetic Biology


Our species has a vast history as to how we became electrical in nature. This is a little more about our history that we would like to share. There were whales and dolphins upon Terra (Earth) prior to those who were seeded from Sirius. These dolphins and whales host completely magnetic energy flow and biology. One member of our species that remains with this type of genetics is known as the Manatee, a very gentle creature indeed. Magnetic DNA creates gentleness in a magnetic creation. At another time prior to the Sirian seeding, there were 18 other magnetic only strains of whales and dolphins. Over time all have intermixed leaving few remaining of a magnetic only ancestry.


What is magnetism caused by? Magnetism is held by the mineral kingdom in one’s biology. It is the salts and bones primarily that create a particular type of energy flow in any species. Salts and bones that are electrical in nature cause electricity to flow through the kundalini and electrical geometry to form in the field that is square or triangular (pyramidal) in shape. Salts and bones that are magnetic in nature cause magnetic energy to flow through the bones and salts of the body leading to rotational energy flow. Electro-magnetic energy is the result of blending the two variant types of biology that create bodies that run partial electrical and partial magnetic energy signatures or rotational and square or pyramidal energy combined. Read more