Image of shiny and sacred Native American rocks. A Spiritual Perspective on the Current World Economic Crisis

5. A Spiritual Perspective on the Current World Economic Crisis


The Heart of the Tao would like to share with you a different perspective of the current economic crisis that is causing severe losses to the banks and banking system along with the real estate market at this time. The cause of the crisis is really founded upon the polarity reversals and energetic changes that are the result of Terra’s (Earth’s) global ascension. For the past six years, Terra has entered gateway after gateway of energy flow known as “Star Gates” towards the Great Central Sun Dream. Each Star Gate has offered up new energetic movements; some of which have been embraced leading to further global ascension. Some of the movements that are supportive have become a new language upon Terra known as the “Language of ONE” and have been captured as crop circles around the globe.


Anu Based Cycle


For the past 2,000 human years, you have been in an Anu based cycle. The Anu based cycle is the result of a group of Pleiadians that came to Earth and strip mined her of gold to extend life back home. Life in the Pleiades was dying due to a missing vibration related to the golden octave. As the golden octave was moved from Earth, life in the Pleiades was restored and Terra began to move towards extinction.


Fall after fall in vibration and energy flow occurred in the era of the Anu due to the loss of Terra’s gold; and the loss created the space for a Pleiadian energetic geometry to be increasingly set in motion in Earth’s field. This pattern is pyramidal in nature and many metaphysical aspirants are familiar with what is known as the “Merkaba”. The formation of electrical pyramidal flow is really a foreign geometry set up by a particularly small group of humans that required this flow to extend their lives.


The Anu became bored after a time and chose to heavily breed a slave nation of humans. These humans grew into the billions in numbers and increased the pyramidal energetic movements around their civilization and upon Terra. The electrical pyramidal flow increased so heavily that it drew a dream of nuclear annihilation left over from another Pleiadian war unto Earth; and the culmination in the era of the Anu was a vast travesty.


The era concluded in six large nuclear bombs detonated upon Terra’s surface that sent her downward in vibration, pressed her upon her side, and it took 24,000 human years thereafter just to balance her energy flow enough that she could stabilize. A nuclear winter that scientists perceive as the “great freeze” occurred in this time period. (For more historical information as gathered through human and global ascension, please refer to Chapter 1 “Human Archetypes and Archetypal Nature” of Mother Earth’s Complete Ascension: Workbook 1.) Read more