Image of blades of wet grass during the winter. Shakti Relationship Lore #12

Shakti Relationship Lore #12


Twin Flame Care of the Heart


The Lore of Pinocchio


The Two

The journey of two

Is of a twin relay

Of care of the heart

To stabilize the union

Into a divine oscillation

Of light wave synthesis

Of beauty and truth

Sincere unto the heart

In an accolade

Of the Self

Of a partnership



The Care of Twins


Pinocchio is a twin lore fable of one who is fostered in a non-existence only to enliven and rebirth as the twin cares from the heart in the life. In the Pinocchio fable, the boy is of stone or wood, is not alive and cannot feel or love. He lies and his nose grows as he deceives. Deception is a concept of irreverence of the heart. The irreverent heart fails to care but takes or strips the truth of another. The twin arrives in the life, the nose ceases to grow as the love triggers reverence to flux from synergy of the truth within between the two. Truth within fosters love and care. Irreverence of the heart triggers a loss of sincerity and the flavor of dejection in life.


The love of twin flames is notorious for becoming disheveled through others through time. Sometimes twins adventure together in deep care only to be split apart through the rejection through another. The rejection of one twin reposes upon the other twin triggering him or her to depart due to loss of the heart. The loss of the heart is a difficult stance for any partner when a twin leaves the union. Sometimes the one remaining commits suicide. Sometimes the one remaining reposes a new life and rebirths through deep transformative action within. Rejection of the heart is a common fable of twin flame lore through time.


Pinocchio Lore of Gay Twin Flames


The lore of Pinocchio is a common fable for twin flames that are gay. Gay heart accolade is often disheveled as twins of one age range or another cross the path of those who are intimate with many. The heart will cascade into trauma following an intimate encounter with a twin that rejects leading to immune deficiencies such as AIDS. The heart accolade is the center of the fabric of self. Self sustains the immune system to foster continued life and stealth. Self that is shattered in the heart accolade can transfuse into difficult physical ailments associated with immune dysfunction or heart disease. Gay people are often impervious to the repercussions of many unions that can shatter the heart until disease unfolds. Read more