Image of a secluded valley in nature. Transcending Gossip, Judgment, Shame and Unconscious Harm

Chapter 1: Transcending Gossip, Judgment, Shame and Unconscious Harm


This first chapter is devoted to patterns that humans have a tendency to move into that causes unconscious harm. From Terra’s (Earth’s) point of view, gossip and judgment of others points energy from one’s own field into the field of another. If there is anger associated, one may also mutilate the field of another unknowingly. As a group gathers and gossips, they can throw blows of harm from the group towards another really causing some major harm or disease to form over time. It is for this reason that initiates should learn not to participate in gossip or judgment by disengaging with the personality entities that desire to express in this manner.


One can see gossip taking hold in the media in a large manner in present time human civilization. Look at all the small newspapers that express gossip about this star or that famous or wealthy one, or show photos of them that are taken without permission and just because they are well known, and possibly showing them in less than a beautiful light or circumstance. This is gossip in the media and what it causes is harm towards the famous one and their fans on the part of groups associated with the media. Often the star themselves does not end up suffering from the harm, but those in the bottom of their pyramid will take on the harm and become diseased or suffer from an accident or other life travesty as a result. Such is the nature of harmful group dynamics between groups.


What Exactly Is Gossip?         


Gossip is any judgment of another about any attribute that one perceives within them. In speaking about the judgment of another to others, the judgment is inflated and one then engages with the planes of judgment associated with the Kumara’s. The planes of the kumara of judgment are an electrical dreamtime plane that elicits shame of all kinds. As one enters the shameful dreamtime, one can throw electrical barbs at others in order to diminish their field; this is how the one who is superior causes the one who is inferior to succumb to diminishing themselves. It is why Asur’Ana has offered up the intention to prick the field of the one inflating themselves up in size in order to subordinate oneself. In so doing, one collapses them back to size and ends the entire dance of shame sent towards oneself through intention.


Gossip amongst a group of others causes the group to inflate from the energy of the one judged who gives their energy to the group in order to be in the subordinate position. Therefore, groups inflate in parallel to those individuals who like to be in power, control and in “charge” and in so being, strip others of power and chi to puff the group up. Group gossip can cause groups within the group to inflate itself larger than life and then overrun the leader as well. This does not serve unity or building community relations in spiritual groups or ascending communities and so the members may be asked to leave the community as they were ascending into disunity-based patterning.


For those finding themselves in the subordinate position due to group dynamics, whether the group is one’s family, friends, workmates, spiritual associations, or any other group one convenes with, one can also prick the puffed up group that is using one’s chi to inflate itself. Then one can intend to retrieve all chi lost and push one’s own field back up in vibration to hold a balanced ascending energy flow. As one does so, groups of any kind will cease to manipulate oneself into the subordinate position. Read more