Image of the brilliant orange yellow Sun shining on a field of dandelions. Blessings and Meditation for Returning to the Light Earth Dream

12. Blessings and Meditation for Returning to the Light Earth Dream


About the Light and Dark Earth Dreams


Long ago, Terra split into two regions of domain as she exited the Great Central Sun. Inside the Sun, there was not a split between light and dark as the two opposing series of vibrations were amalgamated or united into a single rainbow of synthesis. Outside of the Great Central Sun Dream, Earth lost the amalgamation and the lighter tones split into one rainbow and the darker tones into another. This occurred as Terra’s field was turned completely inside out as she exited the dream. One might think of the split in light and dark as one rainbow of pastel colors that are lighter in vibration and another of primary colors that are denser in vibration.


As Terra split into light and dark, so did the dreams surrounding her. This was complicated by the fact that no soul inside the Great Central Sun chose to exit the dream with Terra. As a result, she was left altered but without a host of nonphysical forces to explain what had occurred or rectify the circumstance. Perhaps if all that is known today about the Great Central Sun Dream was known at the time, Terra would have never exited but rather simply extended the dream that she was in until a return cycle was manifest. Alas, this was not understood at the time, and Terra did exit, as have a host of other creations from this Sun and many others throughout time, space and form.


Terra turned to the blueprint of her own hologram and created a series of nonphysical forces to manage her field to replace the souls that were no longer with her. These forces come in the form of creator souls, angel souls as well as serpents that weave the fabric of the physical and nonphysical vessel. These nonphysical forces were constructed after Terra had already split into light and dark in exiting the Great Central Sun Dream.


As a result of this, the nonphysical forces created were also in a light and dark form. Or in other terms, there were those forces that were positive in nature and constructed from thoughtform of the positive ley lines of moving energy systems; these forces desired to keep Terra’s field moving. There were also forces constructed from negative consciousness or the space between due to the manner in which Terra had split into light and dark.


The space between hosts consciousness that separates and divides; it is the nature of the space between to carve the pathway through which the energy flows in the chakras, subtle bodies and etheric grid work. The negative or space between hosts an opposing thoughtform to the space without. If the space without seeks to create and live, then the space between shall seek to destroy and die. This only occurs when the two are split into separate forces that oppose one another. Read more