Awesome image of a wolf that howls at the moon. The Wolf That Howls At The Moon

13. The Wolf That Howls At The Moon


Blessings of Holographic Knowledge and Inner Knowing


The Wolf Kingdom


So many nature species have something to say to our ascending human brothers and sisters. What does wolf have to say to our ascending humans today? The wolf species is one that has been honored as “teachers” in Native American tradition. Teacher is one who shows another a potential path or direction within one’s journey that might not be available unless the teacher pointed it out as a possibility. This is the concept of teacher within the unity paradigm, one who directs another towards his or her own path and truth. Often students can also show the teacher another path that the teacher could likewise not see and is of their truth, and this is how the student becomes as much the teacher as the teacher.


Teaching Those with Holographic Knowledge


Teaching another who already has holographic knowledge is not the same as teaching one who has no knowledge. Instead of controlling, one may awaken another to be able to attune to their knowledge from within. Asur’Ana has taken the stance that this is what she is here for as a teacher and writer of the ascension materials as well as being a facilitator for her Aligning With Earth website. Those whom contacted her are only guided in a manner that leads to an internal state of knowingness. In the internal knowing, one walks one’s own path. Sometimes as this occurs, such students are turned onto a path of their own making. However, she has fulfilled upon her purpose, which is to open the student up to their own knowing, from which they can then discern their own way in their own evolutionary journey.


It has taken a lot of internal change for Asur’Ana to direct or guide in this manner. For a long time, she too controlled her students. As she made a large evolutionary leap after the end of the year 2013, the remaining patterns of such forms of control were released in her own field and form through her own evolution. Therefore, for those who are teachers, understand that the current modality of control as teacher is not wrong; it is just a part of the dance and a part of one’s own genetic make-up until it has been transcended. If one has the path of teacher in ascension, one will evolve beyond control in due course.


One will at first attract students who wish to be controlled who partake in the dance until one or both has transcended. This is the gift of the path of the ascension teacher, the ability to look in the mirror provided by one’s own students to see one’s own internal state of being, and then utilize the mirror to transcend one’s own unconscious patterns. Asur’Ana has become fluid at this sort of work or she would have died long ago. For the dance of control causes increasing attachment that only kills the form by snuffing out the life force rather than allowing for ascension. Given that increasing life force is a prerequisite for ascension, ascension and control and the related attachment are at odds with one another.


As a human being, one has a lengthy history of attachment and control. Such control began early in the dance of the human species as seeded upon Earth from Sirius. Therefore, working one’s way out of the game of control as teacher is not an overnight process. Understand also that for as much as one may control as teacher, one’s students also control the teacher. As the dance changes through ascension, greater and greater freedom between the two emerges, and the dance changes to one of unity and honor as the foundation for teacher-student relations. Read more