Image of multicolored pebbles. Earth Archive #6

Earth Archive #6: Soul Family Fostering


The Dreams of the Soul Family


The dreams of the soul family

Assert themselves as tales of the Baba

Into a grand design of Self

That fosters each and the whole

Into large life scripts

In the care of the two three and many

In the love of the Tao

And the fostering of the Dao

And in the care of the monadic duet

That fulfills each heart through time


Soul Family Dreaming: The Love of the Many


Soul family dreaming is a design for the soul infused life of a shared monadic duet. The shared monadic soul duet fosters dreams in unison with the clan. The clan carries forth the dreams in a wheel of possibilities that supports each into finding fulfillment in the life in the creative expressive projects fostered through time. There is no end to the possibilities within soul family dreaming.


To envision the dream is the first project for each in this dreamtime study program. Take inventory for each dream that would foster fulfillment within. As the dream is envisioned, it is projected upon a soul family template of a holographic system of dreaming. The monad suspends the holographic template for each to dream upon within the soul family. Each participating is motioning into soul family configurations. The soul family configurations are a direct dreaming project that fosters instant results if one dreams at the speed of light.


Dreaming at the speed of light occurs as you transfuse beyond 800 octaves. Dreaming at the speed of light is an orientation of self. Self descends in order to foster the dreams envisioned each day, week, month or year ahead. Dreams are scheduled in yearly increments to foster the realization of you. Dreams will align to what is envisioned within. Read more