Image of pink, gold and silver light waves. Light Wave Archive #21

Light Wave Archive #21


11-11 and 12-12 Gateways


Gateways are portholes that are planetary sequences of numerical formations that foster particular dreams in certain regions. Dreams of unity occur in superlative regions fostering 11-11 portholes. 11-11 portholes are numerical binary encoding of the molecules of the rocks, plants, trees and nature kingdoms that are 11 to the twenty seventh followed by a 0 or 1111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111110. The binary sequences call dreams of the sustenance of unity to the land and the people living in the region.


12-12 gateways purify the 11-11 sequences further into concepts of oneness and wholeness theory of life. The 12-12 encoding is 12 to the twenty sixth following by 0 or 12121212121212121212121212121212121212121212121212120. 12-12 gateways are rare and generally in remote regions around the planet except in a few openings to date. 12-12 gateways cause dreams to align in honor and integrity for the land and people living in the region. At this time, there are only thirty 12-12 gates and one hundred and forty-five 11-11 gates planet wide.


11-11 encoding is an equation that fosters unity in the dreams of life of initiates that master the sequences personally within their own binary equations. Those mastering the 11-11 sequences within foster the mindset development of oska and aliska to moska and nesska. Those in 11-11 mastery come to understand compassionate action within. Those in 11-11 mastery are best sustained in regions with 11-11 portholes and gateways. Those who are not supported often find themselves falling into depression.


12-12 encoding is an equation that fosters wholeness theory of self in realization of itself. 12-12 encoding is more difficult to master and requires development of visspa and vesspa mindset of full cherry formations of synapses in the cortex of the brain. Those in 12-12 encoding are even less succinct in the continued development if the life is not fostered within a 12-12 gateway or porthole upon the planet. Visspa and vesspa mindset is easily mind bent in non-12-12 gateway regions.


Many regions foster 11-11 portholes and gateways in far more numbers than 12-12 formations. 11-11 gateways are present in most mountainous, lakeside, ocean side, parkland or pristine regions global wide. For those mastering the 11-11 sequences, it is best to find the regions that feel the most joyous to the body as they are most likely in an 11-11 sequence of binary encoding. The dreams of life and of the land will align into unity sequences in 11-11 gates and foster continued development of those in oska or aliska or moska and nesska mindsets. Read more