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Straddling The Old World And New Earth


Make a choice to be with those who have a higher vibration as we will uplift each other. This is not always possible due to family and workplace situations. Here are some tips when you are dealing with people who are still of the Old World:


1. Don’t judge those who have ‘denser’ energies than you. Everyone is at different levels of soul development.


2. Don’t engage in their drama and/or ‘take the bait.’


3. Set appropriate boundaries.


4. Be more tolerant of their behavior although never remain in an abusive situation.


5. Realize that they present you with an opportunity for patience, not losing your cool and being non-judgmental.


6. If you are triggered, is there something in you that needs more healing?


7. Send their Eternal Self/Higher Self white light and hold the intention of harmony before you meet.


8. Bless and accept them.


9. Don’t meet their vibration; take the high road.


This is a very exciting journey that we are on as we co-create the New Earth together! It is a very special time for us to be alive not only for our own spiritual growth but for the contribution that we make for the planet’s evolution.

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