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Based on my understanding, the following information is where everything stands at this time. Please accept only information that you resonate with and let go of the rest. Things might change in the future. A lot depends on the transformation of humanity as the Last Ascension Cycle progresses within the next 200 years.


We are in the midst of a Planetary “Cycle Completion” or “Starfire Ascension Cycle“.


The Bhardoah Cycle is also an event of significance for our planet and our Solar System, for on March 25, 2007, our Sun entered this phase of its “cosmic evolution”. This is what the Mayans, with their “End Times” calendar, and the Biblical prophecies of Revelation were trying to tell us about. Our Earth is changing because our Sun is changing, and our Sun is changing because events have recently occurred within the multidimensional anatomy of our Milky Way Galaxy that have culminated in our Sun’s recent entry into its Bhardoah Cycle; and this “Cycle of Completion and Renewal,” called a Starfire Ascension Cycle, has only just begun.


As our Sun begins to demonstrate its changes, and our Earth begins to environmentally respond in kind, the DNA/RNA of the life forms on this planet will also engage a cycle of change in response to changes in solar light radiation. We are literally now evolving before our own eyes.


Planetary Star Fire Cycle


Star Fire is a cycle of pulling inward on the Inhale of Source, into what is called the Jhardon of Eden Middle Worlds.


In simple terms, the contraction/inhale back into Middle Worlds Source is the Star Fire process.


Star Fire, as Star Burst, is a natural part of our Creation Cycle (within the bigger Star Born Cycle of the Cosmic Light Body) which we would normally cycle in an extremely long period of time. 


Starfire Cycle allows for a very big leap in time which takes us directly into the Middle Domain Worlds if we can hold the frequencies necessary to live in such a system.


As the Starfire progresses, the planetary 12 Star Gate system will need to be progressively closed due to the high frequency of the Hub pulses associated with the Starfire. In their place, the Arc of the Covenant gate system will be coming back on line.


The Hubs


The Hubs are Kristiac systems in the Inner Domains.


One way to visualize the Hub Worlds is to see the Hub as a plate that lies between our Veca/Ecka/Eckasha system and our Parallel Veca/Ecka/Eckasha system, which both share as both sides emerged from the same Hub Worlds.


The Hub Worlds stay stationary as the Outer God Worlds spin through them and through each other.


Just as we (the PCM (Particum) Time Matrix of our Veca system) would merge with our anti-particle selves from the PKA (Partika) parallel Time Matrix side in our Veca and with our higher Stations of Identity, our Ecka/Eckasha systems would merge with the Parallel corresponding systems on the opposite side of the plate (Hub).




Before Star Burst and Star Fire, we were traveling a path of Ascension that took us vertically up the Star Gates. The Ascension path through the Star Gates can be progressive and slow or it can entail leaps along the way of our ascent.


Star Burst represented a very big leap to the other side of the Hub into our Parallel Ecka system.


When Starfire was initiated in 2005, we learned there was also a very fast, intense leap through the Center route that took us into the Middle and Inner Domains. This is a quick path inward toward the Core rather than the much slower path vertically; it is the inward path to the Core of Creation.


In a normal Stellar Activation Cycle (SAC), as the Earth evolves, we would evolve with it, expanding our Morphogenetic Field and raising our pulsation rhythm of particle content until we could evolve into the Harmonic Universe 2 Time Cycles to become our Soul-Self (Soul matrix) Identity.


Because we are (2006) in a super accelerated time line called an Expedited Ta-KEy-on Cycle Reset, we are taking a fast path EVAC called Starfire, which is an Inscension (in toward the Core), as opposed to an Ascension (through the Outer Domain Star Gates).


Eckashi and Adashi


The Eternal Life Creation Cycle sequence comprises of the Eckashi and Adashi Cycles. The Eckashi cycles are expansion cycles where Creation expands outward. This involves the four Eyugha cycles that create the core, the inner, the middle and the outer domains. The densities progressively densify to its outer most dense form, which is in the outer domains, where we are.


Then the turn around point, which is the natural Starfire point, where you have the four Adashi cycles. Adashi cycles are the return cycles that take you back into Source. It’s the process of the re-spiritualization of matter, where matter progressively brings in the spiritual currents to de-densify and transfigure form into light.


The Starfire point or the natural turn around point is available only for living systems, meaning only if a Universe, Galaxy, Solar System, Star, Planet, or Person hasn’t fallen.


Ascension is the Eternal Life cycle of coming out through the domains, and then going back through the domains. That’s what eternal life is about. It is the Creation cycle, the first and only real Creation cycle. The Starfire Cycle is a natural Ascension Cycle.


The reason natural Starfire doesn’t harm the life field is because the life field is a Kristiac life field. It still has the codes within their bodies so their bodies can run those frequencies, and the bodies of the people on such a planet or star will simply activate their own RashaLAe bodies along with the star. The RashaLAe body is the dark-matter template for the physical-matter body and the auric Light Body structure.


So they just kind of all go (ascend) together and they kind of blink off, become light, and blink back on but they’re in the next level in. This means they get to go back into their Adashi cycles and go into their Edon (Middle Domain) levels, then the Adons (Inner Domains), then the Etons (Core Domains) at the end, and go back into Source, and rebirth out again.


Urtha and Sala


Urtha is the original Density 1 planet, the original Universal Star Gate-3 that hosted in Earth as part of the Amenti Rescue Mission. Urtha is a much larger Star into which our smaller planet Earth from Tara had been put in as a host shield.


Our planet literally sits in the middle of Urtha. We don’t see Urtha when we go out into space because it’s at a different ARPS (angular rotation of particle spin) than we are.


NET Earth will be going into a Bardoah state in approximately 250 years. Our Sun will also be going into a Bardoah state. The Earth body itself cannot Starfire at this point, there’s too much damage— due to Invader Races installation of black hole technologies on the planet for the past millions of years. Our Sun is also in the same situation. Our Sun, called Sol, is hosted into Sala, which is the name of Universal Star Gate 4. So we have Earth hosted into Urtha, and Sol hosted into Sala of the Universal Star Gates of this system.


The Starfire Period of 2047-2052


Urtha is still an ascension Star. Between 2047 and 2052, our host Star is going to Starfire.


Angelic Humans are of the Amenti races. Our encryption is not a part of Urtha’s morphogenetic field or shields. Therefore, we cannot undergo a Starfire with Urtha, were it not for the Aurora Force which is an ancient gift given to the Amenti Races by the Urtha Aurora Races 550 million years ago, when the Amenti Rescue Mission began.


The Aurora Field or Aurora Force that the Urtha Aurora Races gifted us with is an energy buffer field between Earth and Urtha. It is a set of frequencies that allows living beings on Earth whose imprint is not encrypted with Urtha’s signature to be able to go through Urtha’s morphogenetic field.


This means we are no longer ‘strangers’ to Urtha’s morphogenetic field and can undergo the Starfire process with Urtha.


Earth, because of its damage, cannot Starfire. It cannot do; it would explode. To be able to participate in a Starfire re-birth cycle, we need to go to Urtha. So, those humans who can go to Urtha, can ride out and ride Starfire from 2047 through 2052 Starfire period.


Urtha and Sala will Starfire together. When that occurs, Earth and Sol, our Sun, will stay in the same place basically, but they will not be able to go through Starfire rebirth. They will stay in the same place and enter their Bardoah cycle at that point.


As long as the Krystal River Host intervention is successful, when the portions of the kingdoms here—be they people, animals or elements—that can get out to Urtha will be able to do Starfire. When they go through into Starfire, this system will stay stable and won’t self-destruct.


For most of the people and life forms on this planet, even if they are no longer ascension-able, everybody goes back to Source eventually. You either go back full with your memory matrix on the Kristiac  ascension path or you go back as space dust. Space dust is blessed too.


The Gyrodome


In the article, Aurora Ascension Earth, we’ve talked briefly about the Gyrodome, and the activation of the Aquafereion Host Shield, which activated the Aurora Zones between Earth and Urtha, in order to have a host field that will actually hold Earth here, once Urtha Starfires, where there is still a way for ascension to come out of it, so it doesn’t go into fall and go through very rapid roll.


The Gyrodome is a gyrating dome protection field that creates a protection field around Earth so the parts of Earth (the elemental field) that can still pull through into Urtha for Starfire, will be prevented from being taken down.


The Aqualene Sun Gyrodome fields that the Aquari and Indigo humans of the AquafereionIndigo Shield from the Krystal River Host activated in 2007-2008 will hold Earth from going into cataclysmic fall, once Urtha goes into Starfire. The Gyrodome will assist to support Earth so that it remains stable with our Sun.


If the Gyrodome were not there, Earth would fall, literally out of the Solar System. If that occurs, it would devastate the Solar System. So, the Gyrodome will hold Earth for 250 years to allow for that final passage back through the Ring of Fire, so Earth and whatever is left on it can go through that way.


Natural Bardoah Death for the Majority of Humans


Many human souls will not choose the Kristiac  ascension path of evolution. Until 2230 A.D., humans will continue to live on NET Earth and continue their normal 3D lives until their natural death. At their natural Bardoah death, the humans’ consciousness will leave the physical body and continue onward to the next phase of their spiritual evolution. Please click here for more information on life after death for the majority of humans: Life After Death.


After 2230 A.D., all life on 3D Earth, including that of humans, will no longer have a spirit body connected to them.


The Sun’s Nova Cycle


As of March 25th 2007, the Sun has officially begun its final Bhardoah Cycle. Our solar system will enter its final Nova (implosion/explosion) Cycle (and space dust return to God-Source) between 500-1,000 years from now.


So, our solar system would be able to survive for another 500-1,000 years, before the Sun’s final Nova Cycle begins. It would not have access anymore to the full Eternal Life Ascension; it would no longer be an ascension system.


212-Year Load-Out-EVACUATION Last Ascension Cycle


Even though this Earth body cannot undergo a natural ascension anymore, the part of the Earth body that can draw into the Aurora Slide Zones of Aurora Ascension Earth, will be able to undergo its natural evolution and ascension.


Between 2047 and 2052, Urtha is going into Starfire. This means it will shift angular rotation of particle spin and not be there anymore supporting what’s left of this planet. The Aurora Field, the new Aurora Ascension Earth, will support the rest of this planet so it doesn’t get vaporized as Urtha Starfires.


We have about 212 years left before our Sun, Sol, goes through its Bardoah probability. In 212 years, this New Earth field will also go into its Starfire cycle, and what is left will implode/explode and return to Source as space dust within the 1,000 year period. So, whatever wants out, and doesn’t want to go back as space dust return, has 212 years before this New Earth ascension field goes through its natural Kristiac Starfire cycle.


After that point, there can still be life here on NET Earth, but there will not be life that has a spirit body connected to it. So, we’re in the process of an evacuation. Not a three day evacuation, but a 212 year evacuation of as much of the life field here that can be brought in to this New Earth ascension field.


Islands on Ascension Earth


The entire Planet Earth itself cannot Starfire. But a portion (1/3) of it can because the Guardians have managed to activate the connection that will allow enough frequency to be brought in from Andromeda-Aquinos-M31 Galaxy, to charge the gates enough here to allow the base pulse rhythm (BPR) of the Aquafereion Shield through Earth’s Core Shala 13 gate to actually open directly into Ascension Earth’s Core Shala 13 gate.


Because of what is happening now there are things that will be able to be salvaged. A portion (1/3) of Earth will end up as islands on Aurora Ascension Earth.




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