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Spirits Of Christ


All human beings are responsible for their thoughts, deeds, actions and behaviors. All of these are direct choices made by each person in the moment and will have direct Energetic Consequences.


Whatever quality of energies we prepare our body to be resonant with or hold as spiritual conduit, whether it is positive forces or negative forces, is what we allow ourselves to have consent with. Whatever kind of force we are in consent with (whether we know this or not), is the Frequency that our body and Consciousness is subjected to in Universal Law.


The quality of spiritual force will have corresponding dimensional laws which govern the actions of that quality. Negative forces are in the lower dimensions and create servitude and bondage to time, while positive forces of the Spirits of Christ are in the highest dimensions and create sovereignty and freedom for the Soul and Spirit.


The Universal Law of Structure states that we can build our house so that the spirits we design it for can reside. The Spirits of Christ require a House in which to dwell inside our mind and body. The goal for spiritual protection is to dismantle the Houses of Ego, evict the demonic and predator forces, and replace them with the Houses of Christ.


There are seven Spirits of Christ: 1. Purity, 2. Generosity, 3. Patience, 4. Kindness, 5. Discipline/Conservation, 6. Diligence, 7. Humility 


Spirit of Purity


Purity is easily misunderstood through the lens of the Ego/Personality, such as in religious rhetoric which uses judgment and condemnation of deciding what is pure or not pure. This is not the right focus in our reflection on Purity.


Our dedication is to serve the highest expression of our inner Spirit which purifies the personality in order to remove character defects of the Negative Ego. When a being clears their Negative Ego thought forms, they naturally develop purity through this act of self-love.


Judgment is poison to the inner Spirit, and proper discernment and discipline should be tempered with great self-love and self-acceptance in order to actualize the loving heart and therefore, connect to the Spirit of Purity. Practicing the Law of One principles in our day to day life is an example of committing to the Spirit of Purity. Focusing attention of the inner quality of Purity, along with right meditation helps one to access the True Self which is the feeling expression of the loving heart and Soul.


Focusing within, feeling empathy and compassion, helps one to purify the personality whom is fixated on the external and superficial, which act as contaminants to the purity of the inner core presence. The Spirit of Purity is the antidote to Lust and Addiction.


Spirit of Patience


The Spirit of Patience is an essential aspect toward developing Spiritual Maturity and growth into a strong moral character. Developing the Spirit of Patience allows us to develop strength in ourselves to expand our consciousness and go beyond our perceived Ego/Personality limitations.


Learning and acquiring patience will take an individual far out of their comfort zone and thrust them into lessons of transformation. Patience is required to develop deep empathy and compassion towards others which allows us to be generous with Forgiveness.


Patience is the endurance of meeting life challenges without negativity, so that we can build our core strength to be effective and powerful vessels of God-Source. Without the strength of the Spirit of Patience we can digress into self-entitlement and emotional tantrums to get what we want from the selfish Negative Ego desires and its whims.


The Spirit of Patience is the antidote to Anger and Rage.


Spirit of Generosity


Being generous with your loving kindness and goodness as in the giving of yourself to others without expectation nor attachment to receiving anything in return, is a compassionate action in the Spirit of Generosity.


The Spirit of Generosity is a gift that you can give to others and yourself. As we allow the Spirit of Generosity to fill our own hearts, we spread our love and goodwill towards others in the world. Imagine how much joy and fulfillment you can feel by expressing this level of generosity throughout your day.


The Spirit of Generosity is the antidote to Greed and Avarice.


Spirit of Kindness


The Spirit of Kindness is Compassion and goodness in action, an open hearted disposition, a gentleness in dealing with others, exuding benevolence towards others and all things. The Spirit of Kindness is an ability to act for the welfare and common good of all people, even those that are taxing to one’s patience and energy.


The Spirit of Kindness is the antidote to Envy and Jealousy.


Spirit of Discipline


The Spirit of Discipline is what moves one from confusion to clarity in making accurate assessments in life circumstances in the effective direction and focus of one’s personal time and energy. Personal discernment is a skill that is the result of the Spirit of Discipline.


The behavioral imbalances, the Negative Ego mental disease, the broken systems, the disconnected automaton “machine” mentality are apparent in the 3D environment. Without a rudder, without direction, many people feel utter confusion in the midst of accelerating chaotic energies. Finding clarity from within this massive confusion requires awareness of negative patterns and their attachments, and then the focused discipline of one’s Ego/Personality to clear them from controlling one’s behavior into impulsive and destructive actions.


The Spirit of Discipline is the antidote to Gluttony and Waste.


Spirit of Diligence


The Spirit of Diligence is required to evolve beyond base ego drives and instinctual addictions from controlling our bodies and Consciousness. We must identify the difference between the weak moral characteristics of the Imposter Spirit (darkness, deception, ego, etc.) and the strong moral characteristics of the Truth Spirit (Eternal Self, transparent, Krystic values).


People of strong moral character are guided by ethical principles even when it’s physically dangerous or detrimental to their careers, social standing or economic well-being. They do the right thing even when it has a personal cost. A strong moral character is the physical foundation required at the base of building a strong spiritual house which requires the Spirit of Diligence.


The Spirit of Diligence is the antidote to Laziness and Discouragement.


Spirit of Humility


The Spirit of Humility reduces our need for self-justification and allows us to admit to and learn from our mistakes or Negative Ego behaviors. Humility is the key to help us overcome many of these thought distortions which evolve into a host of ego defense mechanisms. True Humility protects us from unconsciously giving our consent and power to the predator realm of negative ego thoughts. Once we give our consent and power away to the ego, we become a vessel of those lower based forces which blocks our higher perception and spiritual communication.


Because humility addresses our intrinsic self-worth, the Spirit of Humility is emphasized as a part of our spiritual practice, as a moral teaching and an ethical study in the practice of the Law of One. In the practice of the Law of One, our daily commitment is to be of service to Source-God. By choosing this and being humble, we are allowing the Laws of Divine Order to govern our actions, thoughts and behaviors rather than succumbing to the lower nature of human or manmade ego based laws.


The Spirit of Humility is the antidote to Pride and Self Importance.


Dismantle the Houses of Ego and Call in the Spirits of Christ


State your authority and intention to be of service to God and to build a strong relationship with one’s Infinite Self and Inner Spiritual Light. As you devote your attention and focus on the quality of the Spirits of Christ, the Houses for Christ grow stronger. Where we focus our energy and attention its energetic form materializes. Thus, greatly increasing one’s relationship to God-Source and experiencing energetic balance, we will experience feelings of self-love, peace and happiness.


  1. Dismantle the House of Lust/Addiction: Evict the Spirit of Lust and Addiction and Call in the Spirit of Purity. Ask God to help you build the House of Purity and live with sexual ethics in your mind and body aligned with Christ.


  1. Dismantle the House of Wrath/Rage: Evict the Spirit of Wrath and Rage and Call in the Spirit of Patience. Ask God to help you build the House of Patience in your mind and body aligned with Christ.


  1. Dismantle the House of Greed/Avarice: Evict the Spirit of Greed and Call in the Spirit of Generosity. Ask God to help you build the House of Generosity in your mind and body aligned with Christ.


  1. Dismantle the House of Envy/Jealousy: Evict the Spirit of Envy and Jealousy and Call in the Spirit of Kindness. Ask God to help you build the House of Kindness in your mind and body aligned with Christ.


  1. Dismantle the House of Gluttony/Waste: Evict the Spirit of Gluttony and Waste and Call in the Spirit of Discipline. Ask God to help you build the House of Discipline in your mind and body aligned with Christ.


  1. Dismantle the House of Laziness/Discouragement: Evict the Spirit of Laziness and Discouragement and Call in the Spirit of Diligence. Ask God to help you build the House of Diligence in your mind and body aligned with Christ.


  1. Dismantle the House of Pride/Self Importance: Evict the Spirit of Pride and Self Importance and Call in the Spirit of Humility. Ask God to help you build the House of Humility in your mind and body aligned with Christ.




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