Image of the glowing source of the galaxy center. The Source of True Happiness

The Source Of True Happiness


The Purpose of Meditation


The purpose of meditation is to know yourself and realize what true happiness is.


When we’re very happy, it’s very difficult to meditate. When we’re very miserable, it’s also very difficult to meditate. That’s why we always try to strike a balance in between, so we don’t feel such extremes that we forget that the real happiness is inside.


It doesn’t matter how much we love someone, or how much someone loves us. One day or another, he or she will disappoint us. Then it hurts.


Sometimes children make trouble for their parents because they misunderstand their parents, or they want their parents to be with them all the time. If the parents can’t satisfy their wishes, the children just don’t care or they might rebel and want to leave home.


Even with our spouse/partner, if we truly want them to love us, we have to serve them for many hours a day to their every request. Then they’ll be happy, and then they might stick with us. But even then it’s just maybe. Sometimes a husband and wife cause pain for each other because of too many expectations.


Sometimes even just small things make people fall apart. It hurts a lot.


If we truly rely on the inner happiness, then we’ll never be disappointed or have to rely on anyone. If someone comes, it’s okay, or if they don’t come, it’s also okay. We don’t feel so hurt or pained inside. 


All the pain, sorrow and misery come not from the outside, not from other people. They come from our inner ignorance. We expect too much from everyone and everything, and then we’re disappointed.


The Source of Eternal Happiness


The only source of happiness is inside. Whenever you meditate, try to get in touch with that source. It’s there, physically inside the brain. It’s one little center almost in the middle of the brain. It’s known as the Wisdom Eye center or the Third Eye. It is spiritually responsible for our enlightenment and eternal happiness.


For your own happiness, you must always try to get in touch with that joyful center which is inside you. That is where every miracle in the Universe can manifest. That is where all loving kindness is born. That’s where all the virtues, beauty and the Truth lying dormant there for you to discover.


When you look with the Wisdom Eye, it means you are trying to make contact with that center. Sometimes, when you make contact there, in just a matter of seconds you immediately feel different. There is a flash of Light and then you feel elated for a long time.


You cannot always keep on giving. You will be depleted if you give with the ego or the physical strength of an ordinary human being. Then you will come down in your spiritual practice, and you will succumb to all kinds of traps and temptations, like the pressures of society.


That’s why it’s very important to meditate daily. There are many benefits of meditation, one of which is to recharge yourself, so that you can continue to give to others. You need to save yourself first before you can contribute to the betterment of society.


God’s Love Is the Source of All Happiness


Even the happiest relationship is always painted with something. There is always a lot of effort to keep it and you don’t even know if it lasts. Even if it lasts, so much work has to be put into it, so much compromise, so much pain also. But the happiness from Heaven, the true happiness that exists within us, is everlasting. That’s the happiness we should find, and it’s so easy. All we have to do is find the time to relax each day so that we can meditate. That is the time when you can find God and experience Hiers Love.


The essence of God is LOVE. There’s nothing else but LOVE. When we make the choice of love, that is the highest choice, the noblest choice, which is our true Self, we will feel that we are very close to God. God is the Light that’s brighter than thousands of suns put together. God is the melody that fills our souls with all happiness and contentment no matter where we are, no matter what race or nationality, no matter what kind of background or religion we’re from.


The more we meditate, the more blissful and happy we become. We’re just happy with the love from God alone. That’s the purpose of our life, to find this love. Then we’ll be satisfied.


Without this love from God, we would feel miserable. Then we keep wanting and wanting and greedily taking and taking, and we consume all kinds of harmful drugs and sometimes alcohol and other things in order to make ourselves happy. But then we become worse; we get into more trouble because we don’t have true happiness. That’s why we must meditate on God.




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