Image of a lovely waterfall. Shakti Relationship Lore #9

Shakti Relationship Lore #9


The Forensics Mission


The Lore of Seduction and Loss of Heart



The mission of the moment

Is to seduce

With a cavalier of motion

That sustains the season

Of a glorious moment

In which the dream beautifies

And the union delights

But the flavor of Self

Mystifies the feminine

And he disappears from sight

Until a postulation of truth

Reveals the care of the heart


Seduction Simulates Care of the Heart


Seduction is a forensics act that simulates care of the heart. Seduction is often mystifying as it can romance in one motion and then depart in another. The one the most mystified is generally the one who feels abandoned after a glorious time together. The seducer is not a permanent fixation in the life; only a cavalier moment in time in which love appears to flourish. The heart felt motion may syncopate a rhythm in which one feels as though they are falling in love. The seducer is a good actor that plays the part for a time but departs knowing that he or she cares for no one sincerely; and cares too much for him or herself within.


Care that is only internal is a reflection of ego of a sincere warrior not of the heart. Warrior of the heart-nots are a fixation of a desire for love as felt inside to manifest outside with someone spectacular as themselves. No one ever matches the picture of perfection of the seducer within who is so glorious unto themselves that they know they are simply too special for anyone. Often the seducer lives alone flowing from one disappointing union unto the next. Over time, the seducer may settle in marriage due to social pressure or other confinements of need in life. Generally, the judgment of the seductive partner is so apparent that resentment occurs of the union over time. One partner feels far less or worthless in the extreme ego of the other. The worthlessness can surmount into a devastation within in which the heart is lost.


Worthlessness and Loss of Heart


Worthlessness is an action of a loss of heart. The heart accolade is a special motion and system of energetic formation and formulation that triggers a flavor of care within. As the heart accolade is rendered, the heart eclipses leading to the flavor of worthlessness, depression, suicidal tendencies and diseases associated with the immune function, lungs and heart. Heart motions are succinct rhythms that when damaged disturb the forensics of the biology. If sustained long enough, the loss of heart motion leads to diseases of the chest. Heart loss that is mild is less disturbing than a major shattering of the chalice of the divine. Unions in close proximity are forensically capable of shattering the heart accolade of self leading to extreme loss of the will to live and suicide, accident or disease to follow. 


The loss of heart is an adroit equation of numerical sequences that drive dreams in a particular direction of a lack of fulfillment. The equation for the loss of heart is an inverted sequence that implodes the systems of self and heart accolade. Inversion or implosion of field depletes knowing, stamina and the forensics of self. Inversion or implosion of field and self can be overcome through intention to self-heal the energetic systems that sustain life. Inversion or implosion is a dominant pattern upon Earth due to the patterns of disease and death that accolade to non-sustainable actions of self. Non-sustainable biology attracts non-sustainable dreams that deplete the physical over time leading to death through forensic reactions of self.


Those in dominion over others invert others in the happenstance in supersized fields that alter the forensics of another. Forensics is a nervous system function that sustains life. Nerves send a constant motion to trigger cells to renew and sustainability of the dreams and consciousness or awareness of the physical. Forensics that are damaged leads to damaged states of emotions within along with disease. Supersized fields of ego and non-mastery of self deflate the fields of others nearby in negative ego patterns. Those in negative ego are often inverted or imploded and feel worthless, helpless, abandoned, rejected or suicidal. Close proximity to the one damaging the forensics is often impossible to self-heal unless the union is abated and the two depart a common living happenstance.


The lore of the forensics of mission is one of an adroit equation to seduce triggering an opening into the field of another. The seducer entices and draws the stamina, care and forensics motion of self into their field. The one seduced is intoxicated in the syncopated rhythms of the two for a time. The seducer withdraws carrying much of the heart accolade and other forensics motions of sustenance of the one seduced away. The loss is a dramatic deflation of self through which the forensics of disdain occur in the seducer; and the forensics of worthlessness and rejection in the one seduced.


Sincere Care and Love and Collaborative Union


Seduction is not love or legitimate care. Seduction is an action of will to peruse and strip another. The seducer is simply a pirate that accolades unto the self of another in seeming care only to exploit the field and spiritual knowledge for its own gain. The gain for the seducer is false love within that inflates his or her ego. In the extreme internal love not of oneself, there is the misperception that no one is eloquent or sophisticated or beautiful enough to match the ego. The seducer then rejects or dejects the one who loves him or her. The dejected one withdraws, collapses, feels hurt and either chooses to relinquish the union in full or carries on only to the detriment of themselves. It is best for those mastering self to relinquish the union of a seducer due to the recurrent loss of spiritual knowledge necessary to realize self.


Sincere care and love is not an ego or negative ego based game. Love is a symbolic system of truth of the care of self. The care of self is a phenomenon of the heart accolade that triggers a union divine within. In the union divine, there is a syncopated rhythm that triggers the understanding of equality, love, hope, care and honor that is extended towards all others. Equality is a phenomenon of an adroit equation of balance. Balance is an intrinsic motion and notion that all are to be cared for regardless of happenstance of self. Each is unique and necessarily unto the whole. In wholeness theory levels of mastery, the collaboration of self flows into the dreams of each. Collaboration is a function of balance of self of each that honors, embraces, sustains and cares for the whole.


Collaborative union is a sincere expression of the love of the two. Collaborative union honors the unique truth and happenstance of each. Collaborative union is an adroit equation of equality that is superlative in its flow of wave motion. Wave motions that are succinct and beautiful foster dreams of beauty of the two to be experienced and expressed through time. Collaborative union cannot occur with one who seduces. Collaborative union only occurs between the two who can accolade together between their hearts.


The Peculiar Familiar   


Gary is an odd sort. He is more interested in fostering a life of pontification than a living experience. He studies extensively over time procuring a PhD at a somewhat eloquent university. His life is filled with books and movies about adroit subjects that would most likely be uninteresting to most others. Gary is considered a philanthropist with many visions of how to resolve world issues of the day. He remains at the university as a professor writing several books that are published but not well read.


Makenzie is a student that fosters a study project with Gary over the summer. She too is fostering a PhD and working upon her thesis. Gary and Makenzie spend long hours pontificating about many subjects of parallel interest. Gary is unsure as to how to approach Makenzie about his attraction unto her. He is not a very handsome man and somewhat uncaring of his appearance or stature in life. Makenzie has a moderate but non-beautiful appearance that is very astute and mature for her age. She likes Gary but is unclear about anything other than friendship.


Gary invites Makenzie on a rendezvous to a special island foray of habitat to investigate the flora and fauna. Makenzie accepts and the two take a boat ride to a remote island off the coast. The air is sweet and the birds and bees and other inhabitants of the island interesting to explore. The two hike the day away with a backpack and adroit lunch on the hillside with a beautiful ocean view. Upon returning to the Bed and Breakfast, Makenzie chooses to shower and dress up a little. She adventures to the cafe in a lovely satin dress that surprises Gary. The two dine by fireside talking the night away. Gary is increasingly intrigued by Makenzie as a possible mate. This is not true for Makenzie within. He is interesting and intriguing but not appealing enough in appearance.


Gary pontificates over his proposal to Makenzie over three weeks of sleepless nights. Makenzie considers a partnership not with Gary in her heart. She seeks someone more glamorous. Gary cannot forage the nerve to propose. Makenzie begins to date another professor and shares with Gary of her intimate experiences. Gary feels sunk and unclear about himself in his life given Makenzie’s new relationship with Xavier. Xavier is the head of another department and Makenzie is unclear about him in a permanent union. Gary advises her of what he perceives, dissuading her from perusing anything but a separation from the union. He has many kind insights that Makenzie considers, and then she chooses to depart the union due to his attraction to another. Makenzie feels crushed and not beautiful enough for Xavier.


Gary knows that it is his opportunity to propose. Over a candlelit meal at one of her favorite cafes, he proposes with a ring and sweet sentiment. Makenzie almost chokes upon her adroit soup as the ring is offered across the table. She smiles and tells him she must think about it all for a time. Gary is unsure of himself in a sexual or sensual sense. Makenzie knows this and ponders anything other than a mental relationship in a potential future friendship with Gary. The lack of sensual flavor is not her heart’s desire, and she returns the ring with deep gratitude and kindness at his offer. She is not seeking partnership in marriage she tells him.


Gary continues to court her and the two do spend much time together pontificating many topics. A fast friendship develops and he invites her on a cruise over the holidays in a tropical foray of dream and with unique flora and fauna to experience. It is a scientific type expedition for professors of many universities. She accepts and the two excitedly board the ship knowing that an adventure is about to occur. The ship is not un-luxurious in its accommodations or dining happenstance. Makenzie knows that the trip must have cost Gary a good part of his savings.


The small shared room has little space for the two. Makenzie feels cramped and Gary is hoping to somehow find his way into her boudoir one eve. He takes her hand for a stroll around the boat one breezy tropical evening. Makenzie does not mind holding his hand. The two kiss at sunset and Gary thinks that his is an invitation for more. Makenzie is not attracted and chooses not to adventure to bed until the wee hours of the morning for the remaining evenings of the cruise. She spends her time out on the deck star watching. Gary contemplates reaching out to her claiming he is concerned about her well-being; but instead has a few restless nights alone.


The adventures of the cruise are extravagant explorations into unique island life, tropical boutiques, snorkeling in exotic bays and beautiful meals prepared throughout the week. Makenzie gains some weight due to all the rich food and is unhappy with herself. Gary tells her she is beautiful and he feels fondly of her regardless. Makenzie says she is fond of him but is unclear of anything other than friendship. The two depart with Gary feeling let down and Makenzie clear that she requires another type of partner for a long-term union. She declines the next invitation to holiday choosing to return to dating another professor met upon the cruise.


Travis is attractive and sensual but finds Makenzie a bit too mature and of a plain Jane variety for himself. A friend of Travis’s tells Makenzie that he is seeking someone more glamorous. Perhaps a new haircut and color and some make up and new clothes would be helpful for a deeper union or commitment with Travis. Makenzie spends a small fortune at a fortune five hundred salon of the rich and famous and returns stunning in herself. She returns home with hair balms, new makeup and a few stunning pieces of clothing that are very stylish and beautiful upon her luscious figure.


Travis is not unimpressed. The hair is an autumn color and beautiful in the sun with a stunning cut. The makeup highlights her cheeks and eyes in a new manner. The clothes are beautiful and the two romance over a short holiday in a seaside village. Travis has wonderful sensual flavor with Makenzie. He proposes one evening in the romantic swing of himself. Makenzie accepts. Although Travis is kind, beautiful and a good lover, he is not a mental equal in her perception. She chooses to settle for this in lieu of Gary who she feels is her mental equal but not suited to her boudoir.


The two wed. Gary attends the wedding and is depressed at his loss of friendship. He rarely sees Makenzie for the first year. She appears happy but in time develops certain difficulties with Travis and in her marriage. He is prone to gambling and recently lost a small savings account of hers. Makenzie is taking Travis off all her personal accounts just in case. She spends time with Gary to share of her concerns requesting his advice. Gary refers her to a financial counselor and wizard and she makes an appointment. The financial counselor recommends a means of protecting her assets and Makenzie feels more comfortable fulfilling upon the recommendations offered.


Makenzie is vying for a professor position at the University with Travis having fulfilled upon her PhD. The position is denied her and she feels sad. Travis fails to recommend her due to his personal stature causing her to feel blue. Makenzie applies for another position at another University several hours drive away. She is accepted and chooses to commute. There is another position with higher pay of a department head. Makenzie suggests that Gary apply for this position and not Travis. Gary interviews and is at first not accepted; but six months later is invited to take the position. He accepts knowing he will be near Makenzie, selling his townhome and purchasing another nearby the new campus. He invites Makenzie to stay with him any time she feels the need and desires not the long commute.


Makenzie chooses to stay with Gary three nights per week to save time and expenses and enjoy their unique friendship. Travis takes more to gambling in casinos while Makenzie is away midweek. One month he is unable to provide for his share of the mortgage or living expenses. He dips deeply into Makenzie’s pocket. She asks him about his gambling habits and he is unclear. Soon a few joint credit cards become maxed out and she is stuck unable to pay for gas at a local gas station. Soon the credit is destroyed and Travis requests to borrow against the townhome that Makenzie entered the marriage with. She declines and chooses for divorce. The loss of credit is a problem, and Gary happily offers her a joint credit card to aid her in her troubles.


The house sells and a small amount is procured but not enough for another property. Gary offers her a place to live or to buy into if she wishes to share the mortgage for tax purposes. Having lost her credit, Makenzie chooses for this and soon the two are living together more permanently. The two flow well together although Makenzie is still unclear about the sensual flavor of Gary. Makenzie desires a child and in time asks Gary his stance upon raising a family. He feels unclear but takes this as a sign that something more may flow between them. Makenzie is not seeking Gary as a partner and makes this clear. He once again feels himself disappointed and inadequate in union skills.


Makenzie begins to date and Gary is disturbed. He asks to buy her out fostering a place of her own as he cares for her and her choice for another bothers him. Makenzie understands and chooses to move out into a small place of her own she can afford to rent. She chooses for freedom and soon meets a new partner conceiving a child on a holiday of the two. Stetson wishes Makenzie to abort. Makenzie is maturing and her child bearing age is passing. Stetson is upset about the choice for her to bear a child of his. The two depart the union.


Once again Makenzie finds herself going to her friend Gary in a difficult choice of life goals. Gary offers to foster her and the child again in his townhome. Makenzie agrees and moves back in and pregnant with another man’s child. The child is a beautiful girl and Gary is thrilled with the act of parenting. He opens his heart to his adopted daughter, Nevaeh, and asks Makenzie if she would consider making them a legitimate family. Makenzie is stressed and has financial concerns of her own. She chooses to accept the marriage.


Gary is not the best lover but the two do conceive again. The second child is born premature but survives. Makenzie is not in the best of health. Soon a condition develops in the liver and the doctors are concerned. The liver condition worsens in a few years and an operation is suggested. A cancerous growth is removed and Makenzie is put on medication that makes her very ill. She loses much weight and is unable to function in life. The cancer goes into remission and gradually Makenzie recovers her strength. The two children are now age nine and eleven and developing kindly. Gary adores them and spends much time exploring botanical gardens, museums and other places of interest choosing to home school his children.


Makenzie has a sudden attack in her belly. She is rushed to the emergency to discover an internal bleeding of the liver. The doctors suggest emergency surgery and discover an instrument of some sort, although small, left inside the abdomen from the former surgery. There is an infection and it has abscessed flowing into the blood as a poisoning. Makenzie does not survive. Gary is left alone and very sad with two beautiful children who do on one hand comfort him; on the other he feels broken hearted.


Gary never does marry again. He blesses his step daughter in her marriage at age twenty-two. He ponders her choice as his new son in law is handsome and a bit seductive reminding him of Makenzie’s spouse. The son in law is not a gambler but tends to have affairs with other women. Nevaeh comes home teary eyed one eve having discovered that her husband of three years is cheating upon her. She is pregnant and unclear as to what to do. Gary offers to have her move in if she needs to depart the union. Two years go by and she catches Miles once again in an extra-marital affair. The two fight over night and Nevaeh departs with her baby girl moving into her birth home with her step father.


Gary enjoys his granddaughter very much. He is retired now and spends time with her taking her to the playground or other places of interest. Little Alani is beautiful. Miles fights for full custody in the anger and hatred for his wife. Nevaeh is shocked as she is the primary caregiver. Nevaeh finds a good attorney contesting the matter. Gary appears in court with her speaking to the infidelity of Miles and also the truth that he spends little time with Alani. Nevaeh wins her case with minimal child care rights of Miles.


In two years, Miles disappears with Alani moving to another state. Nevaeh and Gary are heartbroken. Police reports are filed in all states. In time, Alani is picked up by the police as she is locked out of the house and staying overnight in the park alone nearby. She is six years old. Miles is not a supportive parent and spends time with his lover. Alani recalls her mother’s phone number and that she was somehow kidnapped and taken by her father away from her grandfather that she dearly loves. Two years have gone by but the police deliver Alani back into the arms of Nevaeh and Gary who rejoice.


Gary and Nevaeh choose to sue for full custody of Alani. Later the police arrest Miles for child molestation. He is tried and serves a term in a local prison as he loses the case. Miles is released in time and put on parole. He is angry at the experience. He claims that he never sexually molested his daughter. As the parole concludes, he leaves the region to begin a new life where no one knows him. Alani never sees her father again. Gary is a beautiful grandfather that she enjoys the company of, until he is found dead one morning having suffered from a stroke over night. Alani is heartbroken as is Nevaeh at the loss of Gary. They feel Gary had a good and long life, and honor his contributions as a professor and author of many books, attempting to resolve social conflicts of the time.


Fostering Fellowship


There is a beautiful minister of spiritual foray of unity derivation of mindset. Her teachings foster many into a state of bliss. Irene is superlative in her notions of self. Her heightened motions attract a wide audience in her ministries. Written materials are produced and classes offered in person and on-line. A book is published. The fellowship grows. Irene is in her mid-forties, divorced and has no children. The fellowship desires to see her in partnership. Men come and go but find her heavy stature unappealing except as a teacher, minister, healer or friend.


Irene develops her heart accolade as a formation for a group happenstance. The group loves her. The following accolades to each occasion and arrives with gifts in hand. Irene’s mansion grows to contain a beautiful home and later a nearby community farm with adroit kitchen, organic garden and facilities to foster small events. The community supports about one hundred who thrive upon the premises. Irene develops her heart accolade as a formation for a group happenstance. She lives not far away in private dwellings that exceed the beauty of the community facilities. She feels the care of the community and continues to foster each with her presence at special events and on-going training and classes for other ministers to be developed.


Aiden arrives and becomes a gifted chef of the community. Irene entertains Aiden frequently in her own palace of self allowing him to cook for her privately. She is charmed by his curly mane and friendly but heavy stature. She looks to Aiden as a potential mate. He is uninterested in her except as a minister and guide to his life plight. Aiden is divorced with two children living in another state. He misses his children greatly. The community has a child program and Irene fosters the two kids to be present for summers and holidays. Joanna and Jeremiah love their father and wish to remain. The mother objects, and Aiden is saddened.


Irene suggests that Aiden introspect over the loss of his children and forgive the plight. Maybe they will be with him more permanently in a few years. She perceives them flowing with the community in time. In a year, Aiden’s former wife suffers a sad fate of a car accident. She becomes crippled and unable to look after the children. Her mother pitches in but it is difficult. Aiden fosters an agreement to move the children into the community but allow them to visit repeatedly on holidays each year. The former wife accepts.


Irene beguiles Aiden with a proposal of her own to allow the children and he to live in her private mansion. They accept. Joanna and Jeremiah adore Irene. She enjoys parenting them somewhat; the two are good examples of young spiritual mastery in its unfolding. Irene writes a book about childhood mastery that becomes well read in the spiritual foray of understanding. The work carries her to many expos and travels to foster workshops of her own.


Joanna and Jeremiah enjoy the other kids in the community but are perceived as privileged due to the housing arrangements. Each of them also has less chores or responsibilities unto the community due to the personal relationship with the minister. Aiden hears of the issues of the community that are conflicting with himself. He chooses to move his family back into the community dwelling happenstance to foster equality in his life.


Irene is disappointed having enjoyed the presence of the children and the beautiful meals prepared personally by Aiden when at home. Aiden likes Irene but also desires another partner. A younger female Brooklynn arrives and blossoms with his children as an adroit teacher of status from a special school fostering development of mindset. Aiden falls in love with her inside himself. Brooklynn falls in love with his children but not himself. The two wine and dine together but there is not an attraction for Aiden on the part of Brooklynn. Aiden attempts a kiss and Brooklynn backs off letting him know he is beautiful but not her kind.


Aiden is saddened and chooses to return to living in Irene’s mansion without his kids. The kids are old enough to live in the community on their own and prefer their close proximity to the others who are friends and co-parents of beautiful motions of self. Irene takes the choice to mean something else. Aiden is seen again by her as a potential mate. She attempts a romantic boudoir scene late one night following a candlelit meal. Aiden is not inclined and chooses to retreat to his private quarters.


Irene is disturbed at her misperception of his intentions. She speaks kindly but frankly the next day to Aiden about her heartfelt interest. Aiden has financial concerns and looks at the mansion in delight. He does not look at Irene as interesting in the bedroom, only as compatible with him in life. He chooses to propose for the lifestyle offered but not out of sincerity of heart. Irene accepts out of her own need for a mate.


The wedding is planned for the spring to make sure it is sincere to Aiden’s heart to be wed. A beautiful ring is purchased of many stones that glisten in the moonlight. New clothes and many special gifts fostering Aiden in himself are offered. Irene is generous to her new future spouse. He is happy with the enchanting lifestyle but not his future wife to be. The romance remains only up until the wedding eve. The two fly off to honeymoon in a beautiful retreat for sincere appreciation of one another and in the care of a tantric teacher of fame to accolade their union. Saachi is a beautiful female tantric teacher. Aiden finds himself enchanted with Saachi and not his new wife. He cooks for the three in candlelit bliss of self.


Saachi takes the two into her boudoir and pampers them like no other. Each orgasms in the delight of the union with the teacher and not themselves. Special blessings are incantated over the two for a union divine for life. A donation is gifted unto Saachi and her palace to seal the bargain. Aiden and Irene return home elated but he is not enchanted with Irene but rather the spell of the tantric host.


The enchantment fades. Aiden is unsure of himself. He chooses to retreat on his own for a time to a special sanctuary in a village nearby. He suggests Irene also introspect in her spiritual foray about the union. On the return trip, Aiden has an accident. The car overturns. He is badly injured and returns home to be nursed after a long time in the hospital care. Irene is sad but has many in the community aid with his physical needs that Aiden has manifest now as an invalid. Aiden feels imprisoned in the beauty of Irene’s mansion. Now he certainly cannot depart.


In his retreat, Aiden had meditated upon his plight and had decided to depart as the union was not to his delight. At first Aiden did not recall his decision in the accident. Over time he remembers his decision but fails to take action due to his wheelchair bound life. Joanna and Jeremiah do provide a certain level of comfort for Aiden for a few years. Soon Joanna is mature enough to adventure off to college. Aiden is perturbed at the loss of her recurrent presence in his life. Jeremiah shall depart in another two years and he does not know if he will be able to bear life in the mansion without them.


Aiden becomes suicidal following the departure of Jeremiah on to a life of his own making. Aiden does not fulfill upon the suicide but the depression leads to heavy drinking and small dosages of drugs that the community also participates within. The drugs and alcohol make his life bearable but Irene’s miserable. He is an embarrassment to her in the spiritual context of herself. Irene makes it clear that she will not divorce Aiden as she feels responsible for his well-being given his accident. She proposes counseling and an alcohol and drug abuse program.


The program is hard on Aiden and he chooses for suicide and succeeds. Irene is shocked by the suicide as is the community. The community falls apart with most departing the care of the land in three years’ time. Irene does not know what to say or do to trigger anything but dejection of the group. She cries and introspects over the change of life happenstance and recovers in time. She sells both properties and purchases something just for herself in another beautiful region far away.


Irene forays for a dream to write a book on community life and strife. The book is introspective of the nature of group dynamics in a spiritual context of self. The book is published and grows in popularity taking Irene on to tour other communities as a teacher and counselor. She counsels others in community or as leaders of community into her older years. She is respected as an expert on community subjects.


Irene chooses to attempt another community that is small and close by. She applies her adroit knowledge to molding a superlative group that thrives together and aids in her sustenance as well. The community adores Irene for many years. In time and as she becomes ill, the group aids in her crossing at the age of eighty-eight. In return, the group inherits the premises for their continued enjoyment and life yet to unfold. Each remembers Irene in sincere honor of her achievements and in the love of the fostering of the community.


Analysis of the Forensics Mission      


The forensics of the seducer is an adroit equation of the appearance of care. The care of him or herself is above and beyond the need to care for anyone else. The self-centered nature of the seducer is a non-aplomb of spiritual achievement. Although the seducer may seduce each into believing he is achieving something in life, the sincere circumstance is one of non-achievement of love. The seducer fails to open the chalice of the divine to foster the motions of love in life. The one seduced believes that he or she cares when they do not; and when the truth is revealed, a disappointment unfolds. The seducer can only sustain the seduction for so long before the actions of him or herself speak the truth of the non-divine patterning within.


The seducer cares not about whom he or she hurts or how much he or she may take or strip of another. The seducer cares only about themselves and the circumstance that fosters their needs. The needs of the seducer are paramount in the equation of him or herself. “I come first” is the motto of the seducer in each occasion of self. The narcissism is a forensic motion of self that triggers the perception of grandeur within when achievements in life may not match his or her delusion. The ego forages for dreams to appear achieved when the sincerity of the life is not so.


Those in association diminish in stature flowing into negative ego happenstance of dis-achievement of life purpose or dreams. If a self-healing occurs, the dream causes a resurrection and reconstitution of the life purpose. Life has many purposes in the spiritual equations of mastery. Some choose to forgive the seducer in marriage or long-term union due to karmic habitat of self. As the karma is forgiven, a new life blossoms that is more superlative in dream fulfilling upon the sustenance in a supportive equation of self.



The mission of the moment

Is to seduce

With a cavalier of motion

That sustains the season

Of a glorious moment

In which the dream beautifies

And the union delights

But the flavor of Self

Mystifies the feminine

And he disappears from sight

Until a postulation of truth

Reveals the care of the heart


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For Per, the Love of My Life.

Pure Love


My dream became a reality because of your unconditional love.



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Asur’Ana. Light Wave 4: Divine Partnership. Aligning With Earth, 2020. Digital.

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