Image of graceful swans in love. Shakti Relationship Lore #8

Shakti Relationship Lore #8


The Truth of Swan Lake


The Lore of Travesty of the Loss of Love



The forensics of Love

Is a beautification within

That fosters a motion

Of the sublime

That notions a care

That is superlative

But renders the heart

In the end of the story

Of the masculine

Until the truth within is mastered

In a postulation of hope

As sustenance within is restored


Abandonment in Union


The truth of Swan Lake is the repose of abandonment in union. Abandonment is an internal fabrication of self that is lost. Self is a striation of field that is associated with consciousness and awareness. The lost self motions itself into non-succinct rhythms of light that denotes the flavor of loss. The flavor of loss is a symptom of self that feels withdrawn or abandoned within. All flavors of abandonment are internal afflictions that can only be fostered into healing within. Healing afflictions of abandonment is a symptom of self-inauguration. Self inaugurates itself into the field through archetypal flux that fosters the sensation of fullness and fulfillment within. Fulfillment leads to a flavor of non-abandonment in life.


Self reflects the conscious mind. The conscious mind experiences and expresses in many flavors of self. The flavors of self are motioned as light waves in the mindset of synapse formations in the cortex of the brain. The flavors of self expand in times of beautification as a full field phenomenon of self in realization of itself. Self flowers in motions that are beautiful to the divine. Beauty and divinity are expressions of love in various motions of self. Love of the love in union is an incantation and prose that fosters the flavor of beauty and divinity within. Union within is fostered first through the self and then incantated into the pair to foster the love of the two. If love fails to occur within each, love together is an impossible motion to fulfill upon through time.


The Swan Lake Theme


Swan Lake is a theme of prose incantation that follows the notions of the ballet. Swan Lake theme is about the beautiful black and white swans who meet, fall in love and mate. The two flocks of black and white swans are not happy about the union outside of their specific breeds. The black swans attack the white beloved and he perishes in the loss of self. The flocks are pervasive and capable of deep harm. The love is lost and the flavor of the cherished beloved has flown. The female longs for her beloved out of deep abandonment, never finding another as glorious again.


Swan Lake is not a common lore to cause fable dreams of union except in times of light synthesis eras. Light synthesis occurs in cycles upon Earth. Light synthesis provokes four incantations not commonly in reposed in unions of the two. Swan Lake is an example of a superlative-not prose that causes a union of naught in the life. The union of naught dream of swan lake prose can catch in the life in a separation or in a death of the beloved. In either case there is deep loss of heart motions leading to grief and strife in the one who remains. The flocks in debate over the union can be family, work happenstance or spiritual or other groups the two associates with who apartheid the union. Apartheid is a motion of separation in light synthesis love of the two or love of the land or people.


Mastering Inner Love to Heal Group Apartheid


The fable of swan lake is so pervasive that it imposes a tariff on the union of karma of the non-divine. The two fail to inaugurate a divine and succinct motion of superlative waves due to the interference of a group of others. The group apartheids the union in deep and insincere desires for one or both to perish. The threat of death is often enough of a succinct motion for one to take flight and depart the union.


If the union carries on, one becomes ill over time and dies or perishes suddenly in an accident due to apartheid. The jolt of the loss of the pair is devastating upon the one who remains until self-healing occurs. Self-healing is a notion that love is sincerely from within and not dependent upon a partnership of the two. As the lesson of inner love is mastered, the one losing their heart mends and carries on in the realization of self.


The Misery


Noah is an adroit business happenstance of the day. His theory and postulate of nutrition is superlative. The company adores Noah accolading him as “Noah their Man”. Noah is a broad bandwidth of self with a body of a weight lifter of award-winning competitions of affluence on the stage. The nutritional product line serves Noah’s own physical development which appears unending in appeal to the feminine. His sensual encounters are numerous and frequent upon various days of the month. Noah is also sincere to opening his heart and developing a superlative union for himself.


June, as she is played within him, is the most beautiful of the divine. June is a former artist of sensual delights beyond his wildest imaginations. Noah feels the stud of himself but also a delight unto his position of life within. Noah grows and so does the company as long as June is present in his life. The two romance at intimate encounters and rendezvous far from the company’s eyes due to her former preoccupation. Noah chooses to support June for a time so that she no longer requires working as a strip artist. June is a superlative entertainer in frequent Las Vegas encounters of strip tease audiences.


June stars in an award-winning sensual film of tantra. Her new aplomb and affluence crosses tantra devotees and superstars who desire to be desired and fosters herself into an aplomb of the many. June speaks admiringly of many who pose as beautiful models of themselves in sensual flavor of self. The strong and beautiful men desiring June number into the hundreds. Noah knows that he must choose for June or she will depart. The two motion into a sincere happenstance or partnership and appear upon a nutritional magazine. June has the capacity to rendition the hype of the media into proportions Noah has not encountered. The story of his body building nutrients reaches vaster proportions than before leading to many more sales of the product line.


Noah proposes one sunlit night unto June after a romantic affair in the boudoir of self. The two are in love and they choose to wed. An announcement is made and the press goes wild over the possibility of the two beauties of great fortune uniting in a splendid love of the three. The two are expecting already the press says. Whose child is it?; some ponder. No one really knows as obviously June is an exploitation all of her own. Other men of non-fame arise claiming the child might be theirs and foster notions of the encounters that caused June to succumb unto their delights of the night.


June and Noah appear upon a national syndicated talk show to share of their truth. The audience applauses as they share all of the sentiment of the care of the two. The two had romanced for three years and June had long given up other lovers. She had been searching in her heart for a beloved for herself for many years, and Noah is the one. The child is a love child. Noah’s story is soft and kind about his heartfelt love of his beloved forever in his life. The two wed and the photographers aplomb at causing a striking media match that most adore or despise depending upon religious flavor of self.


The two honeymoons in an adroit equation of disappearing out of the media hype. The island foray is beautiful and the private staff gracious at their needs to be alone. The food is a boudoir affair of delight to the senses of each. A yacht is hired and the two sail off for a month visiting a variety of beautiful ports around the world. The media does watch but cannot quite anticipate the points of landing except for one stop that is announced to appease the world attention in their minds. The two are show-like in a stunning wardrobe flair of self as they step off the yacht. The media is there along with a small crowd who applauds their nuptial flair.


The two sail off a little diminished at the lack of more attention. They postulate an award-winning conclusion as they arrive near home at a local port. The media does not disappoint and turns out by the droves. The two steps off the yacht in deep glow of self of an ordering of dream of the two in swan lake theme of care. The photos are magnificent and appear upon many major news stands and several magazines’ covers ahead. The beauty is one of succinct rhythms of the two afloat in the yacht of themselves.


Noah returns to work following two months reprieve and a wife with child to be born in three months. June is small given the many months of pregnancy. She delivers a superlative little girl who matches her eyes and hair in appearance. The media once again goes wild at the beautiful mother, father and child poses of self. The sales of the nutrition line aplomb as does a new line of succinct and sensual clothing that June develops with a designer from France for the tantra community. The two appear as the perfect threesome although the child, Rowan, already knows that her mother may die before she lives to the age of eight. Rowan must rendition up to become the love of the two for her father so that he will also not fade ahead.


June conceives again unexpectedly but miscarries. She is disappointed as is Noah and also relieved due to her work schedule. Rowan is a handful but beautiful and many a nanny is hired to accompany her here and there with father or mother in stride. Rowan is always in the news and sometimes more greatly than the parents. June is pleased but also concerned for her well-being and security. The two hire a body guard for Rowan, June and Noah. A special agent is hired along with staff and limousine drivers of special training. The three feels more secure thereafter.


June is hosting a special event modeling the designer ware of seductive repose of self. The models are renditioned with underwear gear to appear nude when not. The media takes many beautiful photos that appear only in a few magazines due to the near nude reflections underneath the superlative sheaths of exotic boutique of the feminine. June is disappointed and chooses to create her own photo shoot that is more moderate to announce her new line. The shoot flows smoothly and the models are sublime. June appears in one moderate nightgown of silk and lace which later appears on the cover of several magazines. She chooses to avoid seductive ambience of self as she is a mother and wife now.


The audience deems the appearance an affront only due to one effect which is the seductive reflection in a mirror of a lake that hosts the nuance of her personal and private parts present although it is really the landscape. Some wonder what she is trying to accomplish and of the extreme right of the religious flavor of self. June fails to acknowledge the criticism as her following is mostly in favor. Her sales aplomb and soon she acquires a small fortune.


Noah is displeased with many comments of his corporate advisors and investors alike of her sensual nature. They do not like the media attention June is playing due to a loss of sales of his nutritional line. A new focus is needed, the investors agree. Soon another line of superlative nutrients for renewal and beauty are co-founded between the two. The line loses income as the following is not interested.


June is upset as Noah’s investment team argues over the next level of direction. Her line of sensual wear is selling she says and she will make up the difference. The investors are not happy or helpful. They hire a spy to reveal June’s discrepancies to spark a divorce. The agent is unable to get near the two due to security forces that blockade their presence anywhere they appear in public. The agency reports back that something will have to be fostered as they cannot get near enough to expose anything.


A report of a slimy affair is made of June’s sad behavior. The photos take off in difficult and exploitative sub class newspaper. June is horrified and chooses to hire an attorney and sue. Those reporting the incident are innocuous or unknown. She sues the papers publishing the false photos and announces that the two are under constant surveillance for privacy purposes and records of their whereabouts are always available. The media does not question their aplomb of security as an investigation is made into the firm hired for the task. The security firm handles safety issues for CEO’s and presidents along with media stars regularly. The firm reports that the whereabouts of the two and child are always accounted for.


The investors decide that they must do something else as they really do not like the association of June’s circle and their own. They hire a tenor to serenade the two at a local wedding in which the pair is the best man and woman. Photos are taken of Noah in the bachelor’s party that are not useful unto him due to the sexual nature of the strip artists. This is not exactly what the investors hoped for as it causes Noah to appear wild and not June. They choose to disregard the photos. An unknown publisher prints the photos of Noah and the strip artist on line. June is shocked and the two choose to adventure to counseling to better understand all the hype and other strife in their union.


The union has not been well for over three years in June’s anticipation. The media hype and busy schedules are not good for a love of the two. The counselor advises that the two take a long holiday perhaps repeating the path of their honeymoon. The two choose to re-exchange vows privately and adventure on to a yacht for a month. They adventure to many destinations experienced in the past along with new ports of interest and recreate a superlative union within. They emerge without press at the final port only to experience a travesty.


June drops dead of an aneurism as she departs the yacht on the port of landing. An ambulance is called but is unable to revive her in the seizure of herself. Noah is horrified and the press is later notified. Some speculate that Noah poisoned June on the one-month yacht experience that was private for their own cause. A coroner’s report fails to prove the speculation.


Rowan is a beautiful sixteen-year old daughter that feels the loss of her mother also within herself. She inaugurates a special flow to sustain her father through the grief of the loss of his beloved of the beloved within. Rowan is unable to hold the motions for Noah as her mother once did. Noah rapidly deteriorates into a state of Parkinson’s disease. He struggles for many years with his shaking body until he finally passes. He continually longs for his beloved June to return. He rejoins her in death and rejoices within.


The Joy Not


Yamini is a glamorous and infamous hair stylist that poses as if she were on camera whenever possible. She adventures to the local clubs to dance the night away postulating that her prince will one day come. And indeed, he does, again and again. Gonzalo is a lovely Latin inspired lover of the night. Yamini adores Gonzalo and his Latin relatives embrace her abundantly as his future spouse. She feels as though she has returned home to a family of hope. Yamini’s sincere family is of an East Coast flavor of self of middle-class variety of despise of anything non-white. She lies fragrantly about Gonzalo’s sincere family and Hispanic upbringing. The two adventures home for the holidays and the family accepts him tentatively desiring to meet his family too.


Yamini postpones the family gathering until the engagement is announced. She plans a reunion in the summer at the wedding and not before. Her family is little aware of the Hispanic stance on life of Gonzalo’s extensive family. Yamini is unable to rendition the wedding down under four hundred due to all the friends of relations of his family. Only eighty are associated with herself and her family.


Her parents agree to afford the wedding after all due to their continued adoration of Gonzalo on their part. He appears all American and they are pleased at the choice of their daughter. Their minister of her parents’ Catholic Church is invited to marry the two. Yamini does not wish this as he is apartheid in nature of anything non-white. A Hispanic priest is invited instead of Gonzalo’s family’s parish. Yamini hopes that the beauty of the experience of the wedding warms the hearts somehow of her parents and their friends.


The wedding day grows near. Yamini is not well. She is suffering from recurrent migraines leading up to the wedding. The day unfolds brilliantly with all occurring as hoped for between the two. Family and friends co-mingle and salute one another as related due to the pair of newlyweds who are adventuring to the Caribbean for an island flair of honeymoon. Following the wedding, the two sets of parents spend time only to discover their differences of life notions. Both depart disgruntled with the decision of the two to wed given the family differences.


Yamini and Gonzalo are far away in their honeymoon adventures and not thinking of anything but the romance of the two. They delight in the endeavors of the ignition of the heart flavors of self over the course of the holiday. Yamini conceives and the two discover the truth about a month following the return. Gonzalo’s family calls a meeting to announce that they were in disfavor of the in-laws and not Yamini who they adore. They are more than thrilled about the conception. They invite her to separate from her family and make her new family the sincerity of the heart of their union. Gonzalo agrees but Yamini is hesitant in the end. The conception and undercurrent of Hispanic dislike causes arguments upon the phone with her mother and depression in her father.


Her mother is not capable of understanding why Yamini lied to her about the family inheritance of Gonzalo. They do not like immigrants and never have (although all are immigrants of the nation of Germany). Yamini points out that the family has immigrated too and so what is the issue really? Finally, she chooses to disengage from her family and finds her way into a beautiful repose of love in the birth of her first son. Another child is conceived shortly after the first and Gonzalo’s family is delighted although Yamini is exhausted. The family pulls near in support of all the life change adoring the two new grandchildren.


Yamini suffers a stroke as the second child nears age two. Gonzalo is at work and finds her passed out on the kitchen floor upon returning home at lunch. The children are unattended unto and he is shocked. Yamini is rushed to the hospital and medicated heavily to understand the plight of her brain hemorrhages. She dies in three days’ time leading to a remaining grievous spouse who has lost the love of his life. The children do fill his heart. He remarries a Hispanic bride within a year if for no other reason than to save childcare costs. Manuela is pretty but not his true love of his heart. He longs for his former bride but soon forgets amidst life’s busy schedule. As he retires, Gonzalo ponders over his first bride and all that he loved. He finds her awaiting upon death and the two recall the love of the beloved within forevermore.


Analysis of Swan Lake


The truth within desires to love beyond all else. The truth within seeks the superlative partnership to foster the divine care of the two. The Swan Lake theme is of the devotion of the two into a union in apartheid. Apartheid is a sincere force of light dis-synthesis. Dis-synthesis is a motion and notion that superlative union is to be destroyed and not honored. There are many forces that desire to destroy union for other causes of self. Earth is a vestibule of apartheid in present day status of self. The apartheid arises out of conflictive statures of nonphysical forces of demon and dragon nature that do not get along.


Life is a reflection of the nonphysical from which incantations of self arise. Demons incantate one postulation to destroy; and dragons another to heal and foster union of the two. The resources of each foster demonic and dragon interplay of self in the dance of life that triggers union or dis-union within and in the dream. Swan Lake is an example of a script and fable of demon and dragon strategy to suspend or destroy the union in apartheid of love of the two. The scripts of apartheid are not common except in times of realization of self.


Realization of self fosters the understanding that all may be forgiven. The two in the swan lake script who renditions the apartheid into a flowering of greater succinct motions will transfuse through the issues of a loss of one. Those transfusing through apartheid will not necessarily succeed if the group forces are too strong. Family issues can succeed at destroying one of the two in present day flavor of self due to demon interference of the two.


The love of the two is a superlative notion of self that fosters the life of each along with the family. The life of all is a wholeness attribute of existence. Swan Lake themes of dream of loss of union are a notion of non-wholeness of self. In non-wholeness, love is lost within and then mirrored in the dance of life without. Heal the issues of the loss of wholeness and another drama can unfold that is of one’s delight.



The forensics of Love

Is a beautification within

That fosters a motion

Of the sublime

That notions a care

That is superlative

But renders the heart

In the end of the story

Of the masculine

Until the truth within is mastered

In a postulation of hope

As sustenance within is restored


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Pure Love


My dream became a reality because of your unconditional love.



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