Image of the McKenzie River in Oregon. Shakti Relationship Lore #7

Shakti Relationship Lore #7


The Heightened Motion


The Lore of Seduction



The forensics of truth

Is a loss of hope

Of a seduction of the sublime

In which the masculine reposes

In a heightened motion of Self

Leading to a false union

Causing a cessation of sincerity

In the core of the heart

Of the feminine

Until the unity within is mastered

In a postulation of care

Of the Beloved Within


Seduction Is A Postulation of False Love


The love of the love within as it is mastered is not a seductive stance in life. The love of the love within is a sincere motion of sincerity of care. Seduction is a postulation of false love that causes strife as the flavor of union or friendship wears off. The flavor of union or friendship is a forensics motion of the nervous repose of self that aligns the two in a stance of care. If the two fail to ignite in a stance of care, one may ignite and the other may reflect or mirror the motion leading to falsification of love. Falsification of love is a postulation of seduction that causes a memorable dream of partnership that only lasts as long as the seduction is sustained.


Seduction can be sustained for years leading to marriage or a long-term partnership that leads to pestilence of self in the end. Pestilence of self is an adroit equation of dream that fosters strife in life for one and the flavor of love for the other. One manifests love within and the other does not. Two who fail to love together are a sign of seduction in the life happenstance of self.


The pestilence of self causes the one who loves to lose the ignition of the heart leading to the loss of sensation of the inner beloved. Two must share in the heart motions for the love of the two to be a sustainable action in life. As the heart ceases to ignite, the spirit diminishes and the realization of self or mastery can fade. Sometimes the pestilence leads to disease or death if the motions of seduction are in an extreme petulance of self. In some cases, the seduction can be transcended leading to the restoration of the fulfillment of love within.


All love is an internal state of mastery reflected outwards and shared with others who love. If love fails to mastered as an internal condition, seduction and lust are the only sustainable actions possible. Seduction is a large foray of dream for union at this time. Seduction is a multi-faceted membrane of self that can trigger the flavor of love. The flavor of love may satisfy for a time but never lasts in the long haul. Some seductive patterns last a lifetime in a union foray. Others fade after a year to a decade in time. Yet others fold in a few weeks to months if the flavor of love fails to be sustainable. All flavors of love are an art in action that causes one to be drawn to another and not necessarily founded upon sincerity of the heart.


Sincerity of the Heart versus Betrayal of the Heart  


Sincerity of the heart is an expression of the sublime of a union divine. The union divine can occur in partnerships of the two or friendships of deep meaning of spiritual pursuits in life. The union divine is an oscillation of the heart in a succinct motion of the divine where spirit and matter unite. Divine motion is not to be confused with seduction which can mimic the divine in the appearance of a spiritual relationship or friendship. The appearance will wane over time leading to the realization of the lack of sincerity of the heart in the experience with another. Insincerity of the heart may be unclear over time if the seduction is pervasive. Over time, actions take hold that are insincere and the outcome is obvious as a lack of love or care in the life happenstance.


Seduction is a mindset action of motion that causes one to think that the other loves when the other betrays self. Betrayal of the heart is an act of the non-sublime. In the non-sublime actions of betrayal, one is seduced into loving while the other gives of their heart losing the love of the divine within. As the one loses the divine aspirations of love of the love within, the life can fold into deep despair or other issues including the loss of health. If extreme seduction occurs, the loss of love is a deep and sentimental journey of betrayal within that can lead to the desire to die or commit suicide or death by accident as well as ill health.


Seduction Causes Loss of Self


Seduction is not to be confused with comrades who play together sometimes in intimate moments of the non-divine and are insincere. There are many types of casual encounters that are not founded upon actions of seduction. Real seduction is a forensics motion that takes far more than it gives. The loss of love of the love within can be extreme in such circumstances. Seduction can occur in many demeanors of existence through time.


Some acts of seduction are marginal in their acquisition of life force. Yet other acts of seduction are vastly destructive in their notions of the non-sublime causing an extreme loss of self. Self is the underlying forensics that leads to a recurrent flavor of life force. The loss of life force can be so extreme that tiredness to the desire to pass may occur. As the relationship departs, the life force can become again sustainable leading to a reconstitution of the will to live.


There are unions of the sublime to the divine. Unions of the divine require parallel mindset of self. Mindset is a notion of waves associated with the synapse formations of the cortex. If mind waves syncopate, two understand one another and thrive. If mind waves oscillate in particular motions of deep sincerity, the divine is experienced between the two. If one oscillates divine mindset and the other mimics the mindset but fails to oscillate in parallel, seduction occurs. One believes the other to parallel in thought-stream when in truth the other is only posturing a motion of seduction in which little understanding occurs in common.


Seduction occurs as an experience of betrayal as the one sharing of self recognizes that the other fails to understand. In the lack of understanding, there is a dejection of self leading to a lack of acceptance. Lack of acceptance is an issue of ego. Ego rejects in partnership over time. The negative ego feels dejected and unloved in the system of self. Mastery is of transformation of the ego and negative ego functions of self leading to sincerity of heart. Egos create agendas in the partnership or friendship that is insincere to the sustenance of each.


Overcome Seduction with Intention for Happiness to Unfold


All agendas are an ego-based function. The ego strives to better itself in some interaction. One rises and the other is detrimented in self. Love cannot be fostered if one is detrimented and the other flourishes. Detriment of self is the undercurrent of seduction. The seducer takes and the one seduced loses something important to self. Sometimes the seduction plays out into the physical dream happenstance augmenting a loss of something one desires to cause. More greatly, the seduction strips spiritual knowledge. The loss of spiritual knowledge debilitates further mastery into forgiveness to prevent further seduction. The continued seduction strips until there is nothing left leading to suicidal tendencies or death.


Seduction is not about prostitution although gifted prostitutes may seduce adamantly. Seduction and sex are not necessarily an intertwined notion. Seduction is a behavior that entices another into doing something that perhaps would not have chosen for, if the hypothesis behind the experience of loss was understood. Seduction can be subtle to extreme depending upon karmic habitat of self. Extreme seduction is an act all of its own and often postulant in the outcome leading to difficulties in life. Those gifted at extreme seduction are to be avoided if spiritual mastery is to unfold as the loss may be too great within to further foster realization of self.


Seduction can be overcome through intention. The intention to avoid the hypothetical series of dreams associated with seduction will offset the experience in life. Seduction is a difficult happenstance to rise through if the caring is heartfelt for another. Seduction is an action of deficiency of self. Deficiency of self leads to losses of all kinds in the dreams of life. Dream loss is a function of self-deficiency. Dreams manifest in abundance without self-deficiency. Release the one who deficits dreams and new life happenstance of deeper happiness may unfold.


The Sly Fox         


The cute little foxy Harper swayed away at the ball of her life. She was nominated class president at an adroit college that her parents did not pay for as she had created a scholarship for her full tuition. She was voluptuous and popular to an extreme upon campus. In the dorms, she caused a separate apartment where she could entertain the football captains and other associations of popularity. Harper had multiple relationships at a time leading to the exposure of her sexuality on campus. Many a young man thought it entertaining and invested in her seductive capabilities for a night of libido of self.


Harper conceives but is unclear who the father is. She requests and pleads for abortion funds from four. The excess funds are used to take herself to a trip to the Island flair of life. On the islands, she recovers from her wounds of the womb and rethinks her stance on campus. She chooses to cause one to marry and not carry on in all the affairs. She decides to choose for the wealthiest for ease of life. The one of choice is the captain of the soccer team, not particularly handsome but with skills of agility on the playing field. Harper’s plan is designed in her mind in her return flight to college.


The soccer captain Jaxon is standing alongside his friends who are geeks. Harper winces as she approaches him for a dance. He almost repulses at the request due to his difficult happenstance of non-grace with the feminine. She woos him on to the ballroom floor where he steps repeatedly on her toes damaging her beautiful shoes. She limps off and begins to think twice about her approach to life. Jaxon chooses to ask Harper for a date via the e-mail as he is too shy to approach her in life. She accepts and the two dine on popcorn at a local movie theater. On the date, Harper discovers that Jaxon is too shy to speak much and so she entertains him by speaking out. She babbles away about visions of vacations and houses on golf courses along with two children that are oh sooo cute.


Jaxon is insecure but seduced in the babble over the course of the evening. He attempts a good night kiss and misses her lips biting her chin. Harper does not respond and chooses to run for the dorm knowing that she could never be in bed with this man. He is just too clumsy and incapable of social aplomb. She rejects the next request for a date vying for someone else who is handsome and more gifted at seduction than her.


Zander is tall, dark and handsome and his parents do support him but are not wealthy. She chooses to succumb to a night on a boat in which the brazier and her top float away. She wraps herself in her sweater and dashes to her room while only a few witnesses the effect of Zander on her dream. Zander is the playboy of the campus and known for his fertile nature with two expecting children now and several that had also aborted. Harper makes sure she takes her pill every day as a result.


The two woo one another in a seductive male meets the feminine of his own league. Zander has recurrent sexual forensic need to ejaculate himself quietly in his shared dorm room. Soon he appeals to Harper for a good night round of love making every other day. This she agrees unto as he is gifted at sensual pleasure but not as gifted as several she had made love unto in the past. The lust wears off and soon she is resenting his recurrent aplomb of the bed and the need for nightly encounters in the boudoir of herself. She chooses to go out late to the library many nights returning at a time that he cannot find her. Sometimes Harper is out almost all night to avoid his desire and soon a four a.m. knock upon her door became prevalent with Zander panting in need.


Harper chooses for another partner. Cedric shows up and Zander is replaced. Cedric is a good lover and equally interesting at first. She succumbs to nightly sex for a time which then fades to once per week. This is tolerable. Cedric is big, blond, blue eyed and handsome under the sheets as well as on campus. She enjoys his company and the two soon engage to be wed the summer following graduation. A small but kind ring is presented and she accepts on Valentine’s Day. As soon as the ring rests upon Harper’s hand, the love making ceases entirely with Cedric.


The loss of sex is just too much for Harper. She tries to explain to Cedric that she requires love making at least once per week for herself. He resists and finds excuses endlessly it seems. Harper breaks off the engagement and goes back to a second round of the aplomb of the bed of Zander. Zander smirks at the cause of the presence of his midnight lust time with Harper. Soon there is a rumor upon campus about her seductive nature and sexual requirements in life. Harper feels brazen as an e-mail of this nature crosses her inbox accidentally.


Harper chooses to renunciate Zander with a parallel e-mail from unknown resources that tells of some of his intimate foibles of self. Zander is not amused but there are more of the campus cheerleaders now interested in a relationship with him than before. He chooses one per month and works his way all the way around the circle of twelve cheerleaders. Each shares of freely of their sexual satisfaction with Zander at night. Harper is aware and contributes her stories too.


The group of cheerleaders foray for a dream for a holiday together with Harper. They invite Zander to join them over spring break. He voyages to a ski hill and cabin of their choice. The group chooses a seductive stance the entire weekend wearing lingerie and causing him to experience his first group female sexual encounter; an encounter of his life he thinks. He is unable to satisfy each but tries endlessly to use his forensics to put the group in bliss. They wear Zander out and depart laughing leaving him asleep until the maid opens the cabin door to clean the cabin from the group stay. The place is a mess and Zander quietly showers, dresses and departs apologizing for oversleeping.


The maid notices the sexual flavor of the party due to several panties and braziers remaining in the washer and other accoutrement of the night. She is unclear that each is of age to have had sex. She reports the findings to the rental organization who report something to the administration of the college. The group is called into the Dean’s administration to explain as the rental agency reports the name from the credit card happenstance for the rental. Harper says little. Zander aplombs at putting his foot in his mouth claiming that he had them all for lunch. The Dean is not impressed and chooses to foster a delinquency of the group causing them to step out of school mid-quarter and to be reassessed by the board of education of the college.


The wealthiest of the group appeals to her father who hires an attorney for her. The attorney will not take on the case for the entire group although they each appeal to their friend. Harper loses her scholarship but graduates nonetheless with loans. The others quit in some cases and carry on in others. Zander fails his final examinations and does not graduate. He appears diminished in size and stature. Zander accepts a job at a local supermarket bagging grocery. Harper encounters him one day as she checks out with her minimal cart due to a limited budget. He invites her out for a drink but she declines.


Harper goes on to apply for another scholarship for graduate work and receives it only to have it renunciated later due to the college records of a personal nature. She chooses to make the rejection of the scholarship public record. The attorney files that the sex was not so and simply rumor. The scholarship board reconsiders and eventually grants her a portion of the funds but not all. She accepts and carries on in her study of psychology. As she graduates, she fosters a job in a social work capacity aiding many in their plight of sexual issues; finding her way to working with injured prostitutes.


Harper understands the injury of the sex industry. She writes a book that becomes extremely popular about sexual healing. She frames prostitution as a form of sexual healing for some men and or women, and that it should not be illegal. Harper is investigated later by the police who think she is prostituting herself when she is not. She minimizes her time in bars and other local happenstance of flair of the night thereafter. She minimizes her increased sexual aplomb and need with many married men to none.


Harper chooses to date via the personals in an anonymous manner. She meets a beautiful man named Forest who makes a good income as a publishing agent. He cares for Harper and enjoys the sexuality of Harper’s boudoir regularly. Harper explains her work but not of the detail for her own interests. Forest is unclear about Harper’s book which is heading for the New York #1 bestseller list. The book achieves its goal and Forest chooses for another partnership as he cannot handle the publicity as her partner. Harper is devastated as she really cares for Forest. Forest goes on to marry and have a child within a year to follow. Harper is back to the personals to meet the man of her life.


Harper is invited to share of herself on a leading talk show. The audience is enticed and thrilled. Many current and ex prostitutes present their positions alongside Harper. Law enforcement agents also express their view and are booed by the audience. The show is a hit and awards Harper even more sales of her increasingly popular book. The book makes her a small fortune and she retires from her social work for a life of some luxury. The luxury is not quite enough but she uses the time to write a sequel about the injuries and other delicacies she uncovered in her social work of prostitute life.


The book is published and is not a best seller. Some read it only half way and stop because it is just too painful. The sex workers applaud the truth and appear again on another talk show with Harper. One in the audience is a disgruntled Christian who chooses to attempt an attack upon Harper back stage. How he entered the dressing room was unknown but she suffers a cut in her neck. She is rushed to the hospital and recovers but is scared. Harper hires a body guard and has her property alarmed to the max. She is fearful to go out or even meet new men from her singles agency of aplomb of marriage of the rich and famous.


Harper eventually recovers through therapy. She meets a nice man named Landry through the agency who feels like a football player and body guard in one. He is not wealthy and holds only a simple job in construction. The two marry and choose to build a house together. The house goes up in value and they sell at a nice profit. They build another and profit again. Harper chooses to build and sell again for the gain and also build one that is their permanent residence. Harper is expecting their first child and desires a permanent residence. The next house is constructed in adroit boudoir theme of self and the two move in. The second property is completed but does not profit as well. There is enough but not a large profit, and Harper asks Landry to go back to work if needed and see.


The child is born a healthy baby boy of large weight and difficult to birth. A C-section is advised and this aids her bodily functions in restoration of self. The boy has a large cranium and appears healthy at first. Later he develops symptoms of autism but recovers in his third year as he finally learns to speak. The recovery allows the two to feel good about their happenstance of life. Harper goes on to write a book about the recovery of her child from autistic symptoms. She has a master’s degree in psychology and chooses to go on for her PhD after the book is published. The school accepts in part due to her published stature of self.


University life is very different as a mother and wife. The campus appears dull and listless to Harper. The classes bore her, although she completes with a popular thesis as she graduates. The PhD allows her to publish two additional books on sexual flavor of self. Neither books are popular but do afford her acknowledgement of the university system. She chooses to teach workshops and makes sure Landry is present along with other bodyguards due to her experiences of the past. The workshops are attended by many sex workers and no one that obsesses upon her ever shows. Harper makes a bundle at each workshop allowing Landry again to retire.


Harper and Landry are far from loving at home. The bedroom is not a seductive part of the house. Harper dislikes sex with Landry as he is too big and too heavy upon her pelvis following pregnancy. She knows about many possible systems designed to foster a better romantic union. She chooses to hire a prostitute to acquiesce Landry into a continued marriage. She fears being alone and unprotected at home. Landry finally departs for another he meets that is kinder to him in bed and in life. Harper has become a bit of a witch at home resenting the life of a mother. The child also named Landry moves with his father and new wife into an adroit house of her own.


Harper is relieved at the privacy of a new home life. She doubles the security for her own fears. The fear does manifest as a robbery when she is away teaching another workshop in a foreign land. The police catch the robber due to detection equipment and he is prisoned for a time. As he is released, Harper is even more careful fearing he will find her shopping or while dining out. The news of the robber’s release hits the press, and she chooses to remain homebound for a month. Groceries are delivered and she hibernates in herself to understand her own happenstance of existence.


Harper chooses to move across the nation and to a safe haven and town of minimal crime. The town is sweet and small and people stop to talk to one another on the corner. Harper adventures to the farmers market in the spring and meets a few new friends. She tells them little at first about her books. Later one friend discovers her work but embraces her nonetheless telling her she moved to the right place. The Christian stance of a few friends find disdain in her story and choose to depart her company. Harper hosts a sex worker conference a little too close to town. The workshop causes too many sex workers to be present in town and the locals feel uncomfortable with it. They put up a proxy to have Harper depart the region due to Christian judgment.


Harper moves again as the house sells and this time ceases to hold conferences anywhere near her home town. She fades from meeting too many and does not share of her work. The workshops expand and soon there are over nine hundred in attendance. The money is good and the attendees happy with the results of her suggestions for healing of the wounds of the sex industry. A joker of a man chooses to attend of political happenstance of self. He is unimpressed and feels that the work is causing more to become prostitutes in his region. He writes another popular book denouncing Harper’s work entirely. The popularity of the workshops fades and Harper fades as well into a case of cancer of the womb.


Harper chooses many supplements and other healing happenstance for her circumstance of cancer. Some treatments are successful and others are not. Harper is operated upon twice and goes on to write another book about nutrient treatments and cancer. The cancer goes into remission and she feels her nutritional treatments were a success. She forays for a dream for another venue of talk show on the topic of nutrients and cancer. Again, one of the leading talk show hosts invites her on stage and she tells of the many interesting substances gifted at aiding cancer in going into remission. She feels exceptional for her contribution to the human foray due to her life focuses.


The Love of the Spiritual Foray      


Genesis is a gifted psychic and healer. She writes extensively on spiritual topics. She forays for a dream of a school. The school arrives with small numbers adventuring to her workshops. The classes occur around town and soon others join the school. Genesis desires a union divine. She forays for a dream of a partnership. Reuben arrives, a handsome man of sincerity of the heart in appearance. Reuben appears to fall in love with Genesis and soon the two are to be married. The group changes as Reuben ignites a divine key of the two in a seductive stance of self.


Those who cannot handle the love dream between the two depart Genesis’s school. Soon there are almost too few to sustain her livelihood. She chooses to write of partnership and the school expands again with others interested in the love of the two. Genesis chooses for a child and a beautiful girl is born. Nora is the twinkle of Reuben’s eye. Genesis is un-delights in motherhood due to all the work and stress. She cannot afford much help but chooses for a nanny that is a kindred spirit of a spiritual thoughtform. Madison is good with Nora for a time but soon is caught leaving her in the car unattended. The child does not die but Genesis is unable to continue to employ her given the circumstance as the police were notified of the happenstance.


Nora appears to be damaged due to the heat of the car. The mind does not function properly and by first grade she is unable to read or write. Genesis applies all the healing techniques she can muster to foster a shift for Nora. Nora attends a special class for autistic children in her youth. She is a problem at home, and Genesis struggles to maintain her spiritual school given the avalanche of focus required upon Nora to sustain her in life. The child is eventually put in a boarding school for the disabled as social security allows for this.


Reuben aplombs in the stock market creating a small fortune in a fortuitous moment in time. Genesis is relieved and carries on in her spiritual foray of healing classes. The money comes and goes. The savings diminishes but Genesis’s work takes off anew as a book is published. The book fosters more attendees to her classes and workshops. The money is enough and Reuben does continue in his investment strategy of life. The funds between the two work but life does not.


Genesis chooses for another child hoping that the baby will be healthy. Reuben desires another child to make up for the daughter who is unwell and due to the lack of personal care of Genesis. Genesis succumbs to guilt and conceives. The second child is a boy and appears healthy. She attends to him endlessly. Little Reuben is a handful and later is diagnosed with ADD. Genesis’s work diminishes due to the requirement for so much care of little Reuben.


Little Reuben and his dad do not get along. Soon big Reuben chooses for divorce departing the union and family life. Genesis finds herself with a home and child that are troublesome to her. She chooses for a live-in student who helps to care for little Reuben. Little Reuben is such a troublesome kid that the student moves out after three months. Another student moves in that is more gifted with children. Juliet is younger and gifted at attuning to little Reuben, playing with him endlessly with her mind and causing him to enter a parallel fantasy. In the fantasy little Reuben is well and behaves better at home and at school.


Juliet meets the love of her life and departs the care of little Reuben. Genesis chooses for another student and nanny to her son. Maggie moves in and is a thief. Soon checks disappear along with the money in the bank account. Genesis is left strapped for the mortgage but in time the bank and police report allow the funds to be restored. She feels unsafe having anyone else live in the house thereafter. Little Reuben now age nine is put into a special after school and summer program to offset the lack of a nanny at home. The program throws him out for misbehavior and Genesis feels lost as to what to do next.


Genesis chooses for drugs over natural remedies that failed to rendition little Reuben’s behavior. The drugs cause little Reuben to become suicidal in his teenage years. He attempts suicide once and does not succeed. In the hospital Genesis questions her spiritual moral. Counselors are sought to aid little Reuben in understanding his predicament in life. He appears unable to understand much outside of video arcades of violent themed games. Genesis relents and allows little Reuben to play the game so that he will not attempt suicide again.


Big Reuben takes little Reuben for a vacation. Little Reuben shoots and hits big Reuben with a bee bee gun causing an injury to his leg. Big Reuben is overcome with anger and hits little Reuben a bit too aggressively. Little Reuben returns bruised and quiet for the first time possibly in his life. Genesis attempts to understand and big Reuben simply claims he will not see his son ever again. Genesis is sad and little Reuben claims that his dad really hurt him this time. Genesis takes little Reuben to counseling but to no avail. He succeeds at committing suicide in the forest where he is not found for many days.


Following little Reuben’s death, Genesis’s heart is shell shocked. The eclipse gives her a minor heart attack and many issues to ponder within in her spiritual journey of self. Post death, the child renders her spirit and soul. She is left in a hellacious happenstance of self. In foraying for another dream, she renunciates her life and dies in an auto wreck a year later. Genesis departs the sad fates of the seduction of self that is lost unto itself in death.


Analysis of the Heightened Motion


The heightened motion is a forensics rush that catches upon the field of one or the many. If the motion catches upon the one, it causes a system of seduction to unfold. Seduction does elicit lust in an interaction that is sensual to sexual. Seduction can cause friendships to unfold that are non-sexual but not necessarily of kindred spirits. Friendships of seduction can last a long time but generally deplete the self of the self of the one seduced. Those seduced will lose resources of self over time in lengthy life associations.


Seduction is an adroit equation of dream through time. Seduction of spirit depletes spirit through one or several until there is no desire to live intrinsic unto self. Seduction depletes life through public forays of dreams of apparent wealth or fame. Seduction depletes life through personal associations. Seduction depletes the will to live leading to suicide attempts, accidents and death through disease.


The dreams of fame are sustained in a group rush that is fostered by the one at cause who generally is the author or star. The motions can ripple back into disease over time. For those who do not catch a dream of fame, disease can be the outcome of the loss of life in the act of a heightened motion of self. Often ADD is a diagnosis of one who sustains a heightened motion of self as a child or teenager. Heightened motions cause difficult behavior in young people and fame in adults. Adult mindset can handle the motions sometimes more greatly; but not necessarily in association with sustainable health.


The heightened motion is often enacted as a non-subordination of self. The one seduced feels elated in the happenstance of union with the one seducing. The one seducing can be a public foray of repose to information or products generated. Seduction is such a commonplace action that it prevails extensively in the human marketplace. Those discovering that they are in a union of seduction are best to depart and foray for a dream of sincerity of the heart. Sincere heart accolades cause a motion of the divine in sincerity of care of the partnership that elicits renewal of self and health. Seduction kills.


Care is often misinterpreted as seduction in present day lore of partnership. Partnership for seduction is a case specific circumstance that does not foster care in the long haul of the union. Care in a union is expressed as the needs of each partner being met in the dream of the union. Care of the needs of each is often a missing happenstance of many unions today. One meets the needs while the other is precariously afflicted with the needs not met syndrome. The needs not met syndrome is a happenstance to be mastered through in partnerships gone wrong.


Unions today are often founded upon mismatches of forensics leading to seduction as well as other precarious notions of partnership. Sincere notions of partnership can be defined as a union in which the needs of each along with the two or family are met. Those discovering that the needs in partnership or family are not met are best to foray for a dream in which the intrinsic requirements of self can occur. The lack of the intrinsic requirements of self met often lead to disease or disaster over time.



The forensics of truth

Is a loss of hope

Of a seduction of the sublime

In which the masculine reposes

In a heightened motion of Self

Leading to a false union

Causing a cessation of sincerity

In the core of the heart

Of the feminine

Until the unity within is mastered

In a postulation of care

Of the Beloved Within


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For Per, the Love of My Life.

Pure Love


My dream became a reality because of your unconditional love.



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