Image of a forest with trees swaying in the wind. Shakti Relationship Lore #6

Shakti Relationship Lore #6


The Forensics Mismatch


The Lore of the Loss of Magic


Estuary Within

The forensics of Spirit

Are a mismatch of truth

Of an estuary

Of the non-divine

In which the feminine reposes

In insincerity of Self

Leading to a falsification of union

Causing a cessation of life

Of the masculine

Until the one of the one

Is mastered

In a postulation of magic

Of the Beloved Within


Estuary of Self


The estuary of self is a sacred space that the one of the one within manifests. The one of the one is a union divine of Dao (feminine or yin) and Tao (masculine or yang) ignites a flame of union in which the experience of oneness unfolds. Oneness is experienced as a motion of communion between body, mind and spirit. Communion in partnership creates a sensation of synergy of love and care between the two due to a forensics match. A forensics match requires sustaining a state of oneness within each. Oneness within is an adroit equation leading to the experience of the love of the love within. Oneness between the two allows the love of the love to be expressed without and with another.


Sustaining oneness within is a precarious journey if the union of the two does not foster each in a repose of love within. The love will diminish within in a forensics mismatch of partnership. Love of the love within is a sacred act of divinity amongst those mastering spiritual forays of dreams in this time period. Oneness is easily lost as a flavor of self in a difficult union of partnership with someone insincere to the synergy of the two. Oneness within fades as the estuary of self ceases to thrive within. It is the estuary of self that sustains the seat of the forensics motion of internal formations of love in the chalice of the divine. The chalice of the divine is a heart motion that opens as one masters oneness within.


Mastery versus False Synergy


Insincerity of synergy is a postulation of non-truth that augments the flavor of union without the real accomplishment of oneness or communion within. Oneness and communion is a notion that love flourishes as a light synthesis occurs due to mastery of realization of the spiritual pursuit in life. Mastery is not a foray of dream for most. Those mastering know the undercurrent of understanding that leads to forgiveness of life happenstance within.


Those mastering are few and far between in the current human drama of life. Human mastery may include one out of six hundred current incarnate in the human marketplace. Those choosing for mastery generally foray for dreams with those who are not mastering to understand the journey of the non-divine in order to forgive and renunciate difficult patterns of non-love within. Most unions are far from divine today due to difficult karmic happenstance to be renditioned through to forgive.


Synergy is a state of being in which the two inaugurate a heart syncopation and rhythm with the divine aspirations of self and spirit. Self and spirit must first repose unto one another in each to foster the union within in order to augment synergy between the two. Many attempt a union with someone who falsifies synergy of the two. False synergy is not a repose of self of the self within. False synergy is a state of being in which mirrors are utilized to cause synergy without mastery of anything in a spiritual foray of dream.


Mastery of the spiritual foray is an oscillation of unity that can only be born within. Unity within is a notion that there is a love to be fostered in the heart that causes the yin and yang or Dao and Tao to manifest a sincerity of repose of truth of the divine existence of self. As two of divine existence of self flourish together, another repose forms in which the love of the love within can be expressed and experienced without.


Misdemeanors of Love


Love is not a consistent pattern in the current human foray of dream. Most humans do not repose love but rather augment lust and a variety of patterns of control or misdemeanors of love. Misdemeanors of love include seduction patterns that mirror one’s own love of the love within with a partner or friend. The love is not sincere and fails to repose over time in a sincere state of friendship or partnership of care. Misdemeanors of love are more commonplace in the current human foray of relationship lore of self. Relationship lore of self is case specific to anthologies. One anthology of a lore of oneness is not necessarily so for another. Most lore of partnership is karmic in which the one who masters oneness aligns with another who misdemeanors love.


Understanding Dis-Synergy


Understanding dis-synergy is a part of the spiritual journey upon Earth. Dis-synergy is a common happenstance amongst humans along with nature in the toxic mayhem of the planet. Toxins cause dis-synergy in nature. Toxic thoughts cause dis-synergy amongst humans. Toxins are reposes of self that dis-inaugurate the self of the self within leading to a dis-synergized state or being in which love is lost. Self is required for synergy. If self striations of self are missing in a human field or region upon Earth, dis-synergy becomes the norm.


Dis-synergy causes dysentery of self in humans. Dysentery of self is an affliction in which the consciousness is overrun by the media pursuits of human happenstance. Most humans dream dreams that are associated with mass level consciousness. Mass consciousness forms dysentery of self that overloads the consciousness of each leading to dreams that are pushed and shoved in a variety of directions not necessarily associated with spirit. Spirit forays for dreaming with humans infused with self that does not preoccupy itself with mass level consciousness. Those fostering a separation from mass consciousness live simple and introspective lives dreaming the dreams of spirit and soul. Spirit and soul cause beautiful dreams to unfold amongst those mastering self-realization.


Authentic Love and the Blossoming of the Divine Chalice


Love is a state of synergy mastered in the divine chalice of self. The divine chalice must blossom within in order to foster the love of the love as an ignition of self. Those who mimic love mirror the love of the divine chalice of one to another to foster the appearance of synergy when one is incapable of authentically understanding love. Most humans fail to understand how to love. Most humans give and incarcerate others in a debt for the false love of seduction offered. Authentic love is without incarceration to a karmic debt. Incarceration to karma in trade for love is one sign of a failure to authentically love. Love is eternal and dharmic happenstance of existence that is a gift of life.


Dharma is a non-karmic state of happenstance. Love cannot flourish if karma abounds. Karma must be forfeited if love is to be fostered within or between the two. Dharma is a perception of life that all is a gift of one another or the Earth. As one perceives all happenstance as a gift, karma fades and dharma abounds in the life.


Most partnerships are founded upon karma. Karma calls the union for a settlement of a debt of a prior incarnation of one or more ancestors. Karmic unions sometimes foray for a dream of enchantment. Spells abound to cause enchantment of the two. Enchantment is a karmic repose of a prelude to love. Unions that are karmic generally do not foster sincere love unless two master the love of the love within. As the love of the love within unfolds, a sincere state of love of the two can be fostered that is dharmic in nature. The gift of the love of the two is a sincere union of the heart and the possibility of experiencing the beloved within expressed without outside of karmic debt.


Two that spiritually master must take the time to cause the love to flow within and then inaugurate the love between the two through tantric flavor of self. Tantra is an aspiration of spirit and self to ignite a flame of the divine between the two to cause sincere synergy of love to flow in partnership. Tantra that is sincere to the heart is not a lust-based happenstance. Tantra that is sincere to the origins of the yoga of self is a sensual expression often devoid of sexual habituation of life. Sexuality often leads to deprivation of self and spirit if lust is the undercurrent of the experience. Spirit longs for love and synergy and this requires sensual flavor to ignite the divine into light synergy between the self of the self within outside of a happenstance of lust.


Tantra and Magic


Tantra is an ancient modality of expression of care between beloveds. Tantra consists of many systems of self that include yoga postures that cause union to flow and harmonize the two. Yoga is an ancient system of repose that causes the nervous system to realign into peace, gentleness leading to the experience of love of the love within through gentle stretches. Yoga between the two causes partnerships to realign into beautiful contexts of synergy of the two hearts if there is a forensics match present. Those mastering spiritually together may find the study of tantra helpful to sustain the love of the two.


Magic is a momentous occasion sustained by the love of a union divine. Magic between the two is inaugurated into a repose of the love of the divine ignited in two hearts. Divine love is a beautiful system of self that leads to magical moments in time. Magical moments repose a sincerity of the sublime in which humor and the forensics of care can flow. Magic is an adroit equation produced as the love flows in and out in a state of synergy.


Synergy is required for magic to be sustainable within. Magic aligns the dreams to flow in superfluous moments in time in which the experience is a heightened dharmic moment of deep aplomb of mutual care and joy. Those experiencing heightened magical moments feel the deep synergy of soul and self in the one, two or group, and seek to cause more experiences of parallel superfluous nature over time. There is a deep flavor of fulfillment of love and care as magical moments unfold.


The Forensics Flavor of Love Naught      


The union of the two appears sublime. All in a small town in Denmark know of the beloveds who appeared as twins. Drina and Dieter are the supreme pair in heightened motions of apparent love. The two slow dance the night away in a local pub and the owners bequeath a marriage happenstance upon the two. The wedding is superlative and expensive with Danish tradition in motion. The town celebrates the union with weeks of festivities before and after that aide the shop keepers and townspeople’s in uniting in a time in joy. The beloved pair are the son and daughter of ancient families that had often been in delicate imbalance of strife together. Now the two families can augment a healing between the two tribes to foster something beautiful in the region and in the marriage of the two.


Drina and Dieter each are proprietors of family businesses. Drina is the daughter of a gifted artisan who hosts art galleries in three towns nearby. Each gallery is celebrated with unique Danish art that is of ancient vestibules of myth and understanding of local legends. Drina is a gifted artist but not as gifted as many exhibiting works in the three galleries. She tends to the shops with the aplomb of a magistrate of self. Dieter is of the sublime motion of a gifted family of the restaurant and catering flair of self. The family is known for their delicious productions of chef designed orchestrations of taste bud delights unto the forensic motions of the region. Many awards have been fostered in the famous recipes of the talents of Dieter’s family restaurant and catering business.


Dieter desires to augment an orchestration of the family history of food flavor of self. A beautiful manuscript for a cookbook is produced of adroit menus along with the history of the region. The book is published in four color flair with scenic pictures of the woods and lakes nearby. Dieter is delighted in the fulfillment of his vision of a regional cookbook of heritage for each to enjoy. Many locals purchase the cookbook but not many outside the region. Dieter is disappointed as he fails to win the cookbook of the year in many competitions in Denmark. Dieter desires for himself a national perception of the gifts and talents of himself.


Drina also desires to display parallel gifts and talents of herself. She knows that her personal art is marginal in comparison to the work of others. A local artisan creates a statue so adroit and happenstanced on the beauty of Danish national flavor that the art is entered into a national competition. The statue wins first place and suddenly the galleries of Drina’s family is launched into national interest. The statue is consigned as a national monument and relocated to a new complex in the capital. Drina feels fulfilled in her family inheritance in the experience. Dieter feels diminished as his cookbook fails to be acknowledged in another cookbook competition.


Dieter loves Drina in a forensics motion of the two founded upon defeat. She wins and he is defeated endlessly within himself. A child is conceived shortly after the international acknowledgement of her family’s artistic interests. The child draws national interest due to Drina’s success and of the union of the two. The two are depicted in many magazines for a year as the supreme Danish couple who depicts a life of great accomplishment. The two appear on many morning talk shows of both television and radio flair of self. Dieter’s book receives more focus and sales escalate. The publicity takes Dieter into a national cooking competition in which the recipe offered wins fifth place. The award fails to allow for the approval of the Danish crowned prince. Dieter is vastly disappointed and befalls a deep depression of self.


Drina and Dieter’s first child is born, a beautiful girl of blond and blue-eyed Danish myth. The child, Gesine, is featured upon the covers of several magazines as the love of the Danish people reborn through the nuance of the mother who is the favored one of the pair. Once again Dieter’s cookbook is featured and the sales are re-inaugurated as the nation delights in a beautiful and successful couple that reflects Danish tradition. Dieter is invited to demonstrate his cooking capabilities upon a local Danish television show. He chooses four historical recipes and is applauded in his televised presentation.


The Danish network desires to interview the couple given all their accomplishments and endeavors of the flavors of artistic development of self. The interview flows unwell as Drina fades from the scene due to a difficult case of the flu. Dieter chooses to appear alone rather than postpone the interview. Drina is disappointed. Dieter appears flat and non-interesting by himself and the film producers chose to re-interview the two again ahead when Drina is available to be present.


The second interview of the two is magnificent. The interview is a beautification of self of Drina who strips all the glory of Dieter in himself. The media is delighted in her presence and appearance with Dieter as a steadfast backdrop to her flirtatious and engaging demeanor. The two are invited to create a celebration in their home region upon their eighth anniversary. The event is to celebrate the local gifts and talents of artisans of variant flavors of interest of their home town. The event takes more time to create and substantiate than the businesses of either Drina or Dieter can afford. Each business suffers as a result in a loss of income.


The event is not the personal success that Drina and Dieter hoped for. The two businesses create no more than before after the event concludes. The time away and expenses to foster the experience detriment the year’s profit overall. Drina and Dieter find that they must take a loan to meet their needs into the year to follow. The businesses continue to diminish due to an economic crisis in Denmark. Over time the superfluous moment of heightened interest of the country is forgotten due to the financial distress of the two families. The two families had over extended into too many investments due to the appearance of a larger dream of the moment that later vaporized. They fail to sell some and fall into foreclosure upon several properties including a major restaurant and art gallery location.


The financial stress takes a toll on the marriage. Dieter forays for an affair feeling disenchanted in his home life and ongoing financial struggles of the two businesses. The affair is carefully crafted with someone that knows not who Dieter is and in a neighboring town in which neither business is present. The affair is delicious and Dieter finds himself thinking of his new beloved endlessly through the day. The sensual flavor is beautiful and the union and honor of the two that is sustainable within. Undine does not know that Dieter is married but suspects due to his need to depart following beautiful sensual encounters into the night.


The owner of a local restaurant recognizes Dieter and Undine as the two dine by fireside one romantic evening. Dieter is disturbed at his own recognition and turns red as the owner asks about his wife and child along with cookbook of local flair. Undine is sad and shocked at the turn of events and chooses to end the union. Dieter finds himself in crisis over his life. The love of Undine is deeper than the fulfillment of the cookbook, marriage, child or other successes of his wife. Dieter chooses to divorce and move in with his beloved. He follows his heart as the guiding force of his life.


Drina becomes satiated in vindictiveness over the life change. She chooses to publicly denounce her now former spouse in a heightened and drunken moment at a local event in one of her galleries. The divorce has become a public display of interest with national attention and two attorneys competing over the assets of the two. The families find themselves polarized against each other. An ancient dream of strife between the two tribes recurs. Dieter’s parents are upset and fail to endorse or accept Undine as anything but a marital destroyer. Undine is heartbroken following a sad Christmas gathering in which Dieter’s father denounces her as unsupportive or useful unto the family businesses.


Dieter’s family continues to embrace Drina and the granddaughter; and Dieter and Undine fade into the backdrop of their own union that soon loses its luster and joy. Dieter doubts that he has made the correct choice for his life and seeks counseling to mend his distraught family happenstance. Undine fades from his life moving to a region far away in deep depression. Dieter goes into deep despair and takes antidepressant medicine to carry on in his life. He attempts to re-inaugurate the marriage with Drina who spits on him at the suggestion. She is worthy of someone far more sublime than Dieter.


Dieter has a massive heart attack at an early age of forty-three. The doctors are concerned. He survives but requires open heart surgery to mend. The surgery is not a success, and Dieter dies upon the operating table. Drina feels relieved as the life insurance provides a large sum of money that aids in the loss of sustenance of business in her two galleries. Drina goes on to win the heart of a Spanish ambassador to Denmark who enchants her. She hires managers for the two businesses and a nanny taking off into the highlight of Alvaro’s life and travels. The two marry in a quiet ceremony with a large press release with photos to follow.


The daughter, Gesine, grows into a disturbed teenager who becomes addicted to drugs, sex and rock and roll. Her mother is rarely home and no one appears to care. Her grandmother and grandfather are old and quiet and do not see into her adolescent behavior of drugs and nights out on the town acting far older than she really is. Gesine conceives a child in a robust affair with a young man who is most entertaining. She chooses to have the child without marriage and causes a media distress due to the nature of her step father’s public interests.


Drina returns home hoping to cause her daughter to abort. Gesine is unwilling and the young man evasive after Drina offers him a large sum of money to disappear. He takes the money and runs. Gesine is heartbroken having deeply loved the father of her future child. She aborts and fades into a deep depression committing suicide a year later. The public attention is not favorable unto Drina or her spouse as the suicide is announced. The two are perceived as less than beautiful in their family happenstance as the beloved of Gesine is interviewed upon a national television station. He confesses that he was bribed to disappear and is sad as he sincerely loved Gesine and now she is dead.


The national letters of complaints towards Drina’s spouse causes Spain to withdraw Alvaro as the Danish ambassador. Alvaro divorces Drina and goes on to become the ambassador of another nation. Drina returns to attending to her art galleries but is not perceived in the delight of the townspeople any longer. She is often avoided or not invited to special events of the local people or her family. Drina is dejected by her parents along with Dieter’s.


She takes the remaining fortune from Dieter’s life insurance and moves to a small town in France where no one knows her. Drina aplombs once again as an entertaining and interesting person and marries a local shop keeper. She helps tend to another art gallery and does not allow her new husband to meet her real family or townspeople. Drina learns to fake appreciation of her new spouse and her two step children age nine and sixteen. Although Drina appears to love, she does not.


The Cat and Mouse of Self


Llanquipan is a beautiful female of Brazilian delight. She is a gifted samba dancer and spends her weekend nights upon the dance floor of a local club. Her beauty and beaded dresses catch the attention of a handsome stock broker Elvan who also enjoys Samba. He woos Llanquipan not so easily as her Hispanic background causes her to restrain in her sensual and sexual encounters, or so Elvan believes. The cross between her breasts often sparkles in the light of the fine restaurants as Elvan wines and dines Llanquipan into the bedroom of his fantasies of lust. Llanquipan chooses not to allow the love making until he proposes unto her with an engagement ring in tow.


The ring is beautiful but not expensive and Llanquipan knows it; as Elvan is unclear he is to follow through with the marriage. The sex is sublime however, and he soon decided that Llanquipan is indeed the perfect mate of his sensual fantasies of self. Llanquipan had learned many sexual gifts and talents having once been a high paid prostitute in Rio. She does not confess of her background unto Elvan. It was a millionaire, Marley, that she attended sexually unto that moved her to the US and helped to support her for periodic sensual favors. Llanquipan disappears from Marley once wed.


Elvan is delighted upon his wedding day and in his honeymoon. Llanquipan is a sublime love making experience. Her luscious appearance causes his best man to express his desire of her. The wedding gown is sublime, expensive and cut adroitly to expose Llanquipan’s beautiful bosom and figure. The two sail across the sea into the Caribbean for their honeymoon. Llanquipan purchases many new seductive clothes along with lingerie at the expense of Elvan prior to the journey. Upon the cruise line appears a former client of Llanquipan from several tourist prostitute experiences in Rio. She pretends that he is a stranger. The former client corners Llanquipan in the bathroom and attempts to rape her. She screams and escapes, and the man forced to depart the ship at the next port.


Llanquipan claims that she has had to have been misidentified and that her former life was one of a dance teacher of Samba in Rio. Elvan desires to meet Llanquipan’s parents and see the studio in another vacation ahead. Llanquipan knows that her parents knew little of her prostitute adventures or how she was capable of supporting the family both in Rio and later in her life in the states. She takes her new husband home to meet the family and they treat the two with extra special care of deep love Hispanic style. Elvan feels welcomed and chooses to help support the family at Llanquipan’s request. He sends monthly funds that do not equate to much at his income level. Llanquipan avoids the regions that she once prostituted herself within and all goes well with the visit.


Llanquipan is unable to conceive. Elvan asks her to visit a doctor of the specialty of conception. The examination and blood tests cause the doctors to diagnose her as infertile. Llanquipan suggests the adoption of a Hispanic child from Rio thinking that this would be sublime. An adoption is arranged and a beautiful baby boy is offered through an underground agency. Elvan signs the papers and the child returns to live with the two at a large cost unto Elvan. The boy is named Elvan in honor of his father. Llanquipan is far from happy with the role of parenting a young child who is very difficult in nature. Llanquipan longs for the freedom of her former prostitute life.


Elvan goes off for a week of business travel. Llanquipan hires a baby sitter and adventures to the Samba club. She dances the night away meeting up with another client of her former prostitute days. She entertains him for a large cash payment. The excitement of the experience causes Llanquipan to decide to enjoy her former preoccupation. In seven nights, she earns more than Elvan fosters in a month as a stock broker. Elvan knows nothing about the baby sitter or her adventures upon his return.


Llanquipan longs to return to the club and her former associations. Neither the child nor the marriage brings her joy. She tells Elvan that she longs for a night or two a week at the Samba club to dance. He suggests that maybe she teaches Samba again if she wishes too. Llanquipan creates a position at a local dance studio teaching Samba three nights a week. She adventures to the club thereafter and sometimes solicits a client or two as a prostitute. Elvan has no idea about the truth except that he develops a case of a difficult venereal disease. The doctor prescribes the appropriate antibiotic but asks Elvan if he is seeing prostitutes. He confesses that he is not. The doctor tells him quite frankly that this is only a disease that is generally witnessed in prostitutes or their clientele.


Elvan is unclear as to how to approach Llanquipan about what the doctor has said. He asks that she return home earlier each night that she teaches as he is concerned about her. She refuses and carries on in her prostitute happenstance. One night she is arrested by the police as a cop pretending to be a potential client catches her. Elvan’s worst fears about Llanquipan are exposed. He chooses to divorce Llanquipan and she is happy to agree. She returns to her former life of night time sublime adventures of sexuality of self.


Elvan finds himself with a child who is now age four along with a deep sadness and disrespect for the feminine. Elvan dates many women in an attempt to find the right partner but his distrust of their nighttime preoccupations or desire to enjoy dance clubs end many a union. He approaches a dating agency and confesses his former marital experience. The agency introduces Elvan unto many potential partners but none have the gloss or beauty of Llanquipan. Eventually Elvan meets a ballerina from a local dance school. Keilani is beautiful and glistens in a mystical beauty that fosters young people in classic and modern dance. Elvan is struck with Keilani’s delicate beauty and woos her into an engagement six months later. Keilani is interested in the arts and not in a dance club happenstance.


The two marry and Keilani takes responsibility for the six-year old son also named Elvan. She introduces her new protégée unto the arts and educates him into the role of a male ballerina. Young Elvan is not graceful but develops a certain power and strength useful to certain maneuvers upon stage, finding himself capable of lifting many a ballerina easily. Over time, young Elvan performs in many theatrical happenstances and enjoys the enthusiasm fostered on stage. He goes on to attend special schooling that fosters dance, theater and art skills. Young Elvan aplombs, and Keilani is delighted with her adopted son.


Big Elvan and Keilani do not have the best of sexual encounters. Keilani chooses to sleep in another room most nights and feigns disinterest in Elvan’s lustful nature. Elvan longs for the expertise of Llanquipan in bed. He adventures to the Samba club late one night when Keilani is preoccupied with a post-performance party. He finds Llanquipan in her element and chooses to pay her for a sexual encounter. Llanquipan is not willing and fears he will have her arrested. She tells him that she is married to another but still teaching Samba at a local dance studio. Elvan does not believe her and begs her to be with him as he misses her sensual and sexual nature. Llanquipan disappears going home leaving Elvan to himself at the club.


Elvan remains in his marriage with Keilani, claiming that she is the perfect mother and wife but not the perfect lover for him. He consigns many a prostitute for favorable sexual pleasure and pays liberally for their services. Occasionally Elvan makes love to Keilani. She contracts a difficult venereal disease as does Elvan from his sexual exploitations. The doctor confidentially informs Keilani that the disease is generally only contracted by prostitutes or their clientele. Does she think that her spouse enjoys prostitutes? Keilani cannot possibly imagine this to be so but confesses the doctor’s diagnosis unto Elvan.


Elvan claims that he had contracted this disease once before through his former wife who was caught prostituting herself towards the end of their marriage. He feels that the disease is a relapse of a former exposure. The doctor tells Keilani that this is most likely impossible. Keilani chooses to believe Elvan and remain in the marriage. Elvan carries on in his prostitute encounters due to sexual need. Keilani remains in the fantasy that her spouse is faithful until Elvan is arrested in a sad prostitute encounter one day. Keilani is distraught and seeks counseling over her circumstance.


The counselor is gifted and the two enter many sessions in an attempt to save the marriage. Elvan’s prostitute desires must be relinquished in order for Keilani to remain with him. Young Elvan now age sixteen is devastated at a potential divorce of his step mother and father who he loves. Big Elvan agrees to never have a sexual encounter with a prostitute again, but carries on all the same but far more discreet. This time Elvan chooses for a recurrent lover that knows he is married and he supports her liberally in exchange for all the sexual favors that he desires. The extra marital affairs continue and Keilani never learns of them ahead. She remains in the delusion of the bond of a false union.


Young Elvan goes off to college and meets a beautiful partner Florence who is delicate like his step mother and yet delicious and enticing in sensual flavor. She is a beautiful dancer and the two falls in love and create a dance performance that wins them attention of the University happenstance. The dance is a celebration of love and is only of the two performed to music composed by another student. The two are delighted at the response and the performance is invited to go to New York for the summer by a theater that exposes new talent. The two are embraced and the show becomes the new performance of the year in New York.


Elvan and Florence are delighted and elated at the reception of their New York audience. They return to the university and work towards a second performance with their fellow composer and friend Ledger. Ledger is deeply attracted unto Florence and seduces her late one night after smoking a little marijuana together. The sensual flavor of Ledger is preferred by Florence and she chooses to divest herself of her relationship with Elvan. Elvan is devastated at the loss of his lover and cannot imagine performing with her again. He returns home over the holidays and shares of his heartbreak with Keilani.


Keilani advises Elvan to find someone more suited to his sensitive and talented nature as an artisan. Elvan returns to the university only to discover that Florence is interested in him again. Ledger has gone off with another she says. The two enter the union again but Elvan does not find it as heartwarming as before. He chooses to end the union as the performance between the two is not as gifted as the year before. Elvan seeks another dance partner equally talented as himself. Over time Elvan meets Taliyah who is a stunning redhead of Irish flair of dance. The two have an intoxicating union of sensual favor but the forensics upon the dance floor do not flow.


Taliyah is too tall for Elvan on stage and her flair of dance is not in sync with him. Elvan continues to enjoy Taliyah as a beloved and not as a dance partnership. Taliyah is invited to perform in Sydney the summer to follow, and Elvan adventures home to Keilani’s festivities of performances in her school. He decides to join Keilani as a school instructor following graduation and hopes that Taliyah will also join them. Taliyah meets a gorgeous Aussie, falls in love and marries, soon conceiving a child.


Elvan once again feels sad at the loss of yet another beloved. He graduates and chooses to become a dance teacher with Keilani. He sees that someone like Keilani would be the best partner for himself. Keilani and young Elvan remain good friends and co-dance teachers for years to come. Elvan has many affairs of the heart but does not choose to marry as none feel right to him over time as his step mother. Within himself, young Elvan is married to Keilani.


Analysis of Mismatch of Forensics


Forensics is a motion in the nervous system. Forensics must match in order to cause a caress of the two without. Forensics match occurs in anthropological patterns of parallel archetype of counterpart or twin lore of self. Counterparts and twins are of parallel forensics founded upon genetics that cause mindset to sway together. Swaying mindset leads to common understanding of the truth of each and the position each may take in the dance of life. In understanding one another, a forensics match occurs that leads to harmony, delight, sensual flavor and love of the two. Forensics involve the synapses of the brain along with the repose in the nerves of the spine and throughout the biology. Two who forensics together match mindset leading to understanding and harmony together.


Forensics that are mismatched cause the opposite to recur. The two forensics against one another polarizing the pair into a dis-union of self. As union ceases, the marital happenstance departs the sphere of influence of the dream. Those that remain in a union of mismatch of forensics rarely have intimate moments. Intimate moments cause a despondency of self in which one dislikes the sensual flavor of the other. Sensual flavor is a forensic motion that allows synergy between the body, mind and soul to occur between the two. Synergy of body, mind and spirit leads to a forensics pattern of love of the two.


The love of the two can occur if each is a forensics match of self. Forensics matches are a repose of counterpart and twin lore of self. Counterparts and twins align due to common ancestries of forensics of the nervous repose. The nervous repose that matches causes a consistent sensation of love between the two. Love of the two is an adroit equation of self to align two biology’s for the common purpose of partnership that is divine. Divine partnership is not a common happenstance today as there is karma for the non-divine to be cleared in most anthologies. As those mastering spiritually choose to complete karma with those who are forensic mismatches, another type of union may develop and unfold of counterpart or twin phenomenon of self in which the love of the love can manifest as a divine partnership.


There is no manner to educate another to become a forensics match of self. Forensics are a programming of the brain and nervous system that cannot be edited. Forensics either match or do not match and it is easy to perceive when this is so and when this is not if one is honest with oneself. Many are not honest due to the desire to remain in a partnership for other causes and remain in a forensics mismatch of self. Other causes do not rendition the loss of the love of the love within inherent in a forensic mismatch of field. Forensic mismatches cause the heart to close and the chalice of the divine to cease to repose. It is best to remedy a difficult forensic mismatched partnership by concluding the experience before disease or other sad fates occurs.


Life is filled with twins and counterparts in each region upon Earth. There is never a time that a cross age twin or counterpart is unavailable for a potential relationship happenstance of self. Karma for non-counterpart or twin lore must first conclude in order for a counterpart or twin lore union to unfold. Counterparts and twins are naturally attracted causing harmonious unions that are sublime to divine to experience. Intend the divine to the sublime to unfold in the dreams of love and it has the opportunity to flourish within and then without.


Divine partnership is a case specific rendition of choice of dream. Most are not born with the opportunity to fulfill upon a partnership divine. Divine partnership is a spiritual choice to master into. Mastering divine partnership is an entirely different subject of which will be spoken unto in the chapters to follow. Intend to rendition the dream into the possibility of manifesting a divine partnership ahead and see what unfolds in the life dream.


Divine partnership leads to a state of magic between the two. Magic is a sensation of flavor of fulfillment and beautification of the divine. Fulfillment is a series of sequences of dreams that can only unfold as magic is present. Magical states require synergy of self and spirit or of the two or group. Magical states are a beautiful dream to unfold and witness within and without as they occur. Intend the restoration of magic within and see what unfolds ahead.


Estuary Within

The forensics of Spirit

Are a mismatch of truth

Of an estuary

Of the non-divine

In which the feminine reposes

In insincerity of Self

Leading to a falsification of union

Causing a cessation of life

Of the masculine

Until the one of the one

Is mastered

In a postulation of magic

Of the Beloved Within


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For Per, the Love of My Life.

Pure Love


My dream became a reality because of your unconditional love.



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Asur’Ana. Light Wave 4: Divine Partnership. Aligning With Earth, 2020. Digital.

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