Image of a huge green leaf dugged into the sand at a beach. Shakti Relationship Lore #4

Shakti Relationship Lore #4


The Black Widow


The Lore of Deformity of Self


Love Within

The Love within

Ignites in a foray

Of the emancipation

Of the feminine

That syncopates with the Dao

And dances with the Tao

Causing a flame to ignite

Of passion within

That launches the truth

Of the Love of the Beloved

In a memorable sojourn

Of the flower essence of life

In an immortal union Divine


Lore Fables and Cycles


This is the first of four articles to explore very dark happenstance of union fables of self. Unions are founded upon fables that have a cast of characters that explores the spiritual lessons of life through dreaming together. All fables are stories yet to unfold in their inception. Fables begin at birth and last seven to eight years each cycle. Self is infused into the field and body in the bones and bone marrow in the physical at the beginning of each lore cycle. The changes of self often denote large life changes as each lore completes and a new lore is born.


Lore cycles have karmic sequences of dreams that can be very difficult to experience. The black widow is one of the most difficult happenstance of lore fables to live. Karma can be forgiven and renditioned through, leading to another outcome other than disaster for those willing to walk the spiritual path within of forgiveness.


Lore cycles are not impervious to motions of ascension. Some cycles complete in shorter time spans if the spiritual path of mastery compresses time. Time compression is an adroit equation that allows humans to rendition through karma more rapidly to offset negative developments in the dreams of the life. Most evolving humans compress time leading to lore cycles that can complete in four to five years instead of seven to eight. Lore cycles of non-evolving humans remain always at the seven to eight year cycle due to lack of compression of time.


Lore fables are case specific to the genealogical fabric and ancestral karma that was lived through time. Karma causes lore dreams to repeat until they are forgiven. Genealogical fabric upon Earth is marred and scarred by many happenstance of destruction over time. The destruction repeats until the karmic sequences are renditioned out of the fabric of the lore. Lore fabric is a system of self that attracts a particular happenstance into the dreams of life. No one is able to escape the lore fables to be lived and the only means of altering the outcome is through deep introspection and finding the way to forgiveness of all happenstance that is dark.


Usurious Union and Loss of Self


The black widow is a lore fable of a usurious union in which one causes the other to dis-syncopate rhythms of the divine leading to deformity of self. Deformity of self causes the self of the self within to foster a fragmentation of loss. Loss of self is a collapse of the awareness to foster the dream for the biology and life. Deformity of spirit can occur as a non-inauguration of self at birth leading to mental retardation, down’s syndrome, brain damage or autism. Deformity of self can also occur over time in the experience of multiple sclerosis.


The black widow is a partner that fails to realize metamorphosis in a union. The failure to metamorphosize within causes the loss of inauguration of self in another. Metamorphosis is required for the lore fables to rendition from one to another at the end of each cycle. Self is infused at birth and in multiple time periods, and at each lore cycle conclusion in the life. If self fails to be inaugurated at birth, birth defects of many derivations of existence occur. If self fails to be inaugurated during the life, multiple sclerosis develops.


Others Taking of One’s Dreams Due to Failed Self Inauguration


The lore cycles are specific to archaeological sequences of self. Self is inaugurated into the field through the archetypal foray of self of the self within. The archetypal forays vary from human to human. Some humans fail to have an archetypal foray for self. Those expressing the foray of the black widow generally have no archetypal foray of self. The self is procured from another either prior to birth or in the life happenstance due to karma of the black widow lore.


The self is seated in the chalice of the divine in the heart accolade of the chakra motions. As the chalice of the divine buds prior to birth, the first infusion of self and the lore associated to be lived is caused. If the chalice of the divine fails to bud, the infusion of self can be renditioned into the life of another. The other then lives the life dreams of the child instead of the one destined for the happenstance. In adulthood, the chalice of the divine buds at the conclusion of each lore cycle. If the budding fails, the dreams for the next cycle will move to another. Dreams are case specific to archaeology and those living dreams of others are far greater than most may realize.


Black Widow Lore Fable


The black widow is a difficult journey for parents who experience a child born with birth defects, mental retardation or autism. Sometimes one parent plays the role of the black widow. Sometimes the role can be held in a grandparent or aunt or uncle associated with either side of the family tree of ancestry. Rarely is the black widow a non-family member or non-significant other. Sometimes the black widow lore fable can happenstance a lore of this nature as a priest or minister or guru. The spiritual pursuit of happiness is a lore fable that is associated with the nature of family. Karma is the underlying cause of how the fable of the black widow manifests in each case.


The black widow is not a subservient character. The dreams of the characters of each fable of lore is founded upon an equation for life. Life has equations that fosters continued existence in dream happenstance. Equations are numerical systems of encoding that are developed through genetic sequences of life. Genetics sequence dreams for the life founded upon the fabric of self. Self is a fabric that is attracted to particular genetic habitat of the field. The field is developed through a series of DNA associated with the energetic formations of the genealogy. The black widow lore fable plays out among those that lack the DNA associated with inauguration of self and procures the equations associated with another’s DNA happenstance of self for themselves.


The lore of the black widow is a development that is caused by condrian lore of self. Condrian lore is a fable that occurred in ancient times from archaeological happenstance from foreign creations that reincarnated upon Earth. (Please refer to “Light Wave Archive #7” of Light Wave 1: Transfusion for more information on condrian DNA and condrian lore theory of self.)


Archetypes are specific formations that are anchored in each creation due to genetic happenstance of self. Foreign archetypes fail to happenstance self and those reincarnating with associated genealogy fail to have self available to inaugurate the life dreams. The underlying cause of how and why humans of foreign genealogical sequences arrived upon Earth is another fable all of its own. Humans move and in times past; and when there was star craft available for it, they moved between planets in galaxies nearby.


The black widow is an essay all of its own in the sadness of a cause of something that cannot be resolved as the archetype needed to rendition self is unavailable upon Earth. The loss of self is an underlying cause of why so many difficulties are present in the human marketplace in this cycle and many cycles long come and gone. Humans are at a point of potential resolution through the choice to realize self and forgive the happenstance of the past. Many humans upon the spiritual path choose life happenstance to understand the nature of the karma in the inheritance in order to forgive. The birth of a child with defects or the development of MS as a postulation of self are examples of happenstance of forgiveness in the path of evolutionary fulfillment of self.


The lore of the fable of the black widow involves the loss of the Dao or feminine within. Inauguration of self is the result of the infusion of Dao to relay the possibility of the dreams for the life into the biology. The destruction of the feminine is a precarious notion upon Earth in all lore of human fables lived in this time period. The black widow lore is the first of such lore that describe the loss of the feminine as a relay of self to live or carry on in the life.


The Loss of the Love of the Twin


Pernille was a gorgeous model of some fame. Her photos appeared upon the cover of Vogue and many other auspicious magazines of the adroit happenstance of the designer industry of clothing. Pernille was considered delicious by the designers along with the photographers of each spread that appeared in the magazines. Her career began as a beautiful Swedish immigrant of Romania. Pernille had blond hair that was renditioned from brunette by a cunning hair dresser of Vidal Sasoon concepts of self. She was beautiful to all and knew it not in herself.


Pernille explored the worlds of the rich and famous in the search of love. Often, she was exposed to life upon the yacht of a multi-millionaire of one nation of origin or another. She was there to please and often happenstanced affairs of the explicitly and exploitatively luxurious and seductive nature of lust. Lustful encounters were Pernille’s expose of truth as she was gifted at producing the illusion of love and sensuality without a heart opening within herself. Pernille longed for love and forayed for a dream to fulfill upon her heart’s desires.


Pernille happenstanced a romantic Spanish twin flame named Miguel who was a delightful and loving partner to her. He was more gracious and sensual than any other man she had experienced with an aptitude of sexual flavor of self bordering upon the exquisite. She orgasmed like with no other, and felt the heart of himself. Miguel was a delightful count of royal family of distant nature or so he said. Pernille earned a moderately large income of a decadent nature due to the affluence of the elite. Little did Pernille recognize that Miguel was an impoverished side of the royal family of not.


Miguel dawdled in many precarious adventures of a drug nature of trade. The equinox of himself happenstanced a large income, and he was on a high in his life as he met and fell in love with Pernille. Her friends of the adroit happenstance of wealth knew little about Miguel and could not advise Pernille in either direction about their union of the foray of love of the love within. The journey of twins carried Pernille forward into the union due to the nature of attraction of hearts.


Miguel knew that his good times may fade into the bad in the downturn of the drug happenstance of self. And so, it did. Pernille knew nothing about the origins of his income and lent him money. Miguel was not unaware or un-adroit in nature. Miguel loved Pernille from the heart. She was beautiful and a happenstance not only of a financial gain of self but also was desirous unto him within. Miguel opened his heart as did Pernille in the long hours of love making of the two. Pernille married Miguel without consideration to the nature of his business.


The two romanced in a delicate place in Bora Bora where the wedding was held in confidence with only a few close friends of Pernille present. The foray was exquisite as she was beautiful and in love. Miguel was the most handsome and the two expended a small fortune upon a cruise to follow. Miguel’s credit card failed and Pernille picked up the tab of $20,000. She thought that this was a small expenditure for him given the pre-nuptial expenses of their romance and could not quite understand the financial problem.


Pernille continued to provide funds unto Miguel from time to time without questions and out of a deep love of the heart. Sometimes there was ample provisions and he paid the mortgages on the four adroit houses she owned in Paris, Rome, London and New York. The houses were posh and expensive but her career afforded the luxurious lifestyle. Miguel never explained unto Pernille the nature of his work and masked it with false identity as a pseudo count related to the royals of Spain of which she never met.


Miguel took off for South America for a business adventure and never returned. Pernille never could uncover what had occurred to cause him to disappear. She longed in her heart for him and wondered if he chose to leave her for some cause. Miguel failed to return as he was killed in a drug run but held another identity. Not one of the undercover agents hired could fulfill upon explaining this deep and painful mystery of his loss. Pernille faded into a sad case of MS. Her doctors prescribed many drugs but the pain was unbearable. Her heart was broken and she longed for her beloved Miguel to return. One by one the adroit houses were sold, and she retired to a small farm in Sweden. It took many years but Pernille finally passed of heart failure.


The Princess of Naught         


Celine was a gifted happenstance of a millionaire’s daughter. She aplombed at little including beauty or social occasions of self, although she was gifted at university. Celine was a shy semblance of a female who had little determination within herself to do anything much socially as she felt inadequate within. Oakley arrived as a Harvard equation seeking monetary gain and was drawn to Celine knowing of her family of inheritance. He desired to become the aplomb of wealth in himself and discovered that it was not difficult to woo Celine as she was not particularly beautiful or interesting to others. Soon he proposed and prior to graduation with a master’s degree in social science. The goal of Oakley was to become wealthy and Celine’s family would support his personal goals when most others would not.


Oakley’s mother and father welcomed anyone that would admire Celine feeling that she might not ever wed due to her ill grace of self and non-beautiful stance in life. Oakley was not legitimately attracted other than Celine’s family’s bank accounts. He wed her knowing that this was a choice for a social position and life goal and not a marriage of love. Celine failed to understand Oakley’s position and befell a strong attraction and delusion that he cared for her. After the first child was born, Oakley began a series of romances outside of his marital happenstance and this pleasured him far more than Celine could ever fulfill upon.


The first child was born with a birth defect of a cleft pallet. Surgery renditioned the face but the child was marred for life. After the second child was conceived, Oakley chose never to have sex with Celine again. The second child was born autistic. Celine busied herself with the struggles to raise two difficult children. Celine focused very hard upon healing her children and failed to notice the false happenstance of support of her spouse who spent more time at the country club than at home. He claimed he was perusing his clientele base as a sales manager for a local company in the home decor industry.


Oakley knew that he could not depart the union as he desired the wealth of the parents of Celine. He borrowed funds to purchase two homes one of which became a love nest for his foray of extra marital affairs. The affairs came and went in an adroit neighborhood where the neighbors were not unaware of the comings and goings of Oakley’s love affairs. Oakley was not wise enough to know that which might occur given his promiscuity. One of the neighbors knew Celine’s father, Hank, rather well as they were in associated business happenstance of life. In time, the friend spent time over a delicate lunch with Celine’s father expressing his concern for the son-in-law. Hank took Oakley aside and made a distinct choice to disinherit him from family fortune due to his philanderer’s ways. He renditioned an attorney and sued.


Oakley was shocked and denied any of the accusations of his affairs. Hank was not uncertain of the happenstance having hired a private detective for over a year. The photos were sublime in their accusations of the truth. Celine’s father broke the sad news to his family at a difficult Christmas time sojourn to the mountains of Colorado and for a ski vacation of an Aspen affair of aplomb.


Oakley was not invited and the truth was exposed unto Celine. Celine was heartbroken and could not imagine a more difficult plight than two children that were not well, and now a spouse who did not love her, and obviously lied to her about his sexual habits outside of their union. She chose with her father to divorce in a pre-marital agreement of non-inheritance of the family. The family stood by Celine in her odyssey of self. Oakley went his sad way but felt somehow exonerated within about the personal misfortune of being caught in his extramarital happenstance of life.


The attorneys renditioned on Oakley’s behalf and he won his half of the estate which was not near as much as he hoped to acquire in the union with someone so un-sublime within. He accused Celine of many difficult experiences of her less than adroit nature that he had observed over time in his absolute hatred of her now that the union would not provide for him. Celine cried and cried over his hateful stance. Her mother did not know what to do for Celine as she attempted suicide through medications that were meant for her rest.


The hospital was adroit and the doctors competent due to the family fortune. Celine was renditioned to many psychotherapists and counselors who aided her in perceiving through the difficult struggles of her inner journey with a man who failed to care. She chose to move on and acquire her PhD in psychology. Her work was not particularly astounding to the Harvard psychology department but she felt graced in being a part of the team of scientists looking at human behavior. Celine’s children failed to improve and received ongoing care as required due to her family’s fortune. Celine discovered that her life without a spouse was fulfilling enough, and she chose not to marry again or happenstance male interest due to her wisdom.


Oakley adventured into another happenstance of merciless union out of the pursuit of economic gain. He acquired a position in an adroit singles agency that thought he was a delicious and gorgeous catch for the bride of a millionaire’s daughter. The agency happenstanced a meeting with someone who was the heiress to a financial fortune of another industry far away from the awareness of Celine’s family. Leslie was much like Celine and not the catch of the ball. Oakley knew how to woo her into the sublime choice to marry. He chose not to agree to a prenuptial happenstance of disinheritance in the marriage. The family of fortune knew nothing of Celine or the former marital struggles.


Leslie had a difficult time conceiving. The marriage did not procure enough sexual or sensual interest to satisfy her or cause conception. One afternoon her father, Randall, spent the afternoon with Leslie where she confessed Oakley’s lack of sexual interest. She felt this prevented conception of a desired child and grandchild. Randall chose to rendition Oakley to cause a conception by pressuring him to create a child in the union. The child was conceived in a few months and Randall was pleased.


Leslie fell in love with her child who was a beautiful little boy of apparent health. Oakley had separated from his former children and Leslie knew little about their physical struggles. The child proved to be fine up until his first birthday where the lack of development of language appeared to be a problem for him. Specialists investigated the happenstance diagnosing the child with autism.


Oakley was unsurprised at another child with difficulties. He expanded into another extra marital happenstance and chose to divorce for his own sake. He had caused the family to purchase many homes in their two names over the short duration of the marriage. He acquired a small fortune in the divorce and departed into a new union with someone who was adroit and beautiful in nature. Leslie meets Celine only to discover the parallels of self and the sad happenstance of difficult children. The two become fast friends and learn to forgive Oakley for his sad rendezvous of self.


Analysis of Black Widow of Self


The black widow of self is a failure to be with the self of the self within except in an inauguration of self from another. The self of children is an easy self to procure as it has yet to be anchored within the field. The field of children is small and less obvious to the dance of dreams upon Earth. The dreams of the life of the child befall the parent or other who procures the self leading to a lore fable to be lived that is not suited to the black widow themselves.


The self of the black widow carries on in fables that are not of the life that was to be lived nor of the karmic happenstance of the archaeology. Many a happy life occurs for the black widow as a result of his or her capacity to rendition self and its dreams unto themselves. Black widow characters rarely are compassionate or interested in anything but their own gain. The black widow fails to develop a heart accolade of self and cannot love.


Drug use causes a black widow effect of self. Drugs will render self to a point that the formations cease to foray for the dream of the life in the field leading to death. Drug use causes self to cease to be present if used enough. Those losing self can choose to procure self of another at the end of a given lore cycle of life. MS is one of many diseases that arise out of a failure to inaugurate self as another procures self at the end of a lore cycle. Other diseases include auto immune dysfunction and heart disease.


The loss of self during an inauguration period can be restored if the karma is understood and forgiven. Self is infused into the cells amongst those developing through the forensics of ascension. Self renews the body for continued lore fables of evolutionary fulfillment. Loss of self can be inaugurated and re-infused as the karma of the black widow happenstance is forgiven leading to continued life or a recovery of a disease.


Inauguration of self is an adroit equation that is biochemical as well as etheric. The biochemistry knows when self has ceased to be present and begins a journey towards death. Death is the result of the retraction of self in a lore cycle of completion with the incarnation. Completion cycles are generally seven years and foster a diminishment in self in preparation for death. Death is a lore all of its own that is lived in the last lore cycle of any incarnation.


The black widow happenstance is a gruesome experience to witness or go through. The black widow utilizes extreme motions of forensics to harvest self for themselves as it buds. The forensics damage the nervous system leading to MS or other childhood experiences of non-presence of self. Nervous systems damaged due to black widow happenstance can be healed through nutrition that supports the body in its recovery.


The theory of forgiveness is an adroit equation that causes experiences to surface in the fables of life to cause a happenstance in which compassion for the self of the self within can occur. The self of the self within is the chalice of love that each seeks in any union. As the love within flourishes, one knows that there is nothing outside of self that can fulfill the life. Fulfillment within then fosters the capacity to forgive those who are lost in some difficult genealogical happenstance over time.


Forensics is a notion of motion of the nervous repose of self. Nervous repose of self is damaged in many types of encounters of the non-divine happenstance of self including the black widow fable. Forensics can be renditioned to heal and repair of any associated struggle to renew and manage the life dream. The loss of self will cause a loss of dream that is of physical plane happenstance along with the biology. Loss of dream can be retrieved and recast as the karma for a difficult foray of loss of self has been renditioned. Forgiveness is the key to the capacity to renew and carry on in the life happenstance in all circumstances of strife of self.


Love Within

The Love within

Ignites in a foray

Of the emancipation

Of the feminine

That syncopates with the Dao

And dances with the Tao

Causing a flame to ignite

Of passion within

That launches the truth

Of the Love of the Beloved

In a memorable sojourn

Of the flower essence of life

In an immortal union Divine


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