Image of a lovely pink hibiscus flower. Shakti Relationship Lore #2

Shakti Relationship Lore #2


The Beautiful Within


The Lore of the Mother and the Beloved of Naught


The Beautiful Within


The beautiful within

Is a foray of dream

That syncopates the revelry

Into a sprite of delight

In a sensual motion

Of the Beloved of the Beloved Within

In a momentous occasion

Of an inspiring happenstance

In which the two hearts ignite

Into a rhythm

Of a union Divine


Heart Mind Union


The theory of union is a sublime happenstance of the occasion of a divine expression of the two. The union divine is a motion that syncopates the rhythms of the two in a heart mind union of care. Care is a festive accolade that synergizes the heart mind union into a beautiful dream of shared union in a moment in time. Union fades between tantric encounters but remains always in the recollection of the heart. The heart recalls each rendezvous with another of heart mind accolade of self. Heart unions are not only amongst tantric beloveds but also between friends, family, children and sometimes other experiences in life.


Heart mind union is not as commonplace as it once was long ago. Long ago, there was a time when heart mind union prevailed in most happenstances between humans. Humans danced in a foray of eternal now in the momentous occasion of a heart mind accolade that syncopated the dream into beautiful synergized forays of life. Life was a joyous happenstance akin to the concept of heaven. Most long for an experience of heaven through union in the ancestral remembrance of such a time upon Earth.


Polarity as it is will swing the extremes into opposing happenstance. Even in the times of life in heaven, there were times of struggle akin to what you might consider hell. The opposites are extreme and they denote a need to unify the opposites into a new syncopation of self. Self has swung from heaven to hell and back again in its accolades of understanding light and darker myths of union. Self achieves primarily through union within or without in the spiritual mastery foray of dream.


Earth is a happenstance of extremes. The extreme poles ignite a foray of dark to light and light to dark dream that can only be offset through forgiveness. In forgiveness of the darker happenstance, the dream enlightens. Enlightenment is an achievement of tantric waves that cause flight out of dark happenstance. Tantric waves enlighten the forensics notion at cause of why a darker happenstance occurs. Some dark happenstances occur in union and this is the primary focus of mastery for Shakti lore understanding.


Synergy of Mind Waves


Union is a precious experience of the two. The two accolade a journey of love together in a union divine. Love is a forensic experience that causes a state of well-being and fulfillment to emerge. Forensic motion is a nervous system response of motion that causes the mindset of the two to align in common understanding that causes synergy of mind waves. Synergy of mind waves causes two who understand one another to flow together in the life dream.


Synergy is a lost derivation of expression today. Some discover a state of synergy with nature and far away from human interests. Others discover synergy through yoga or meditation. Rarely do two master a state of synergy together. Forensic motions today are precariously distraught by electromagnetic impulses from cities and media focus. It is difficult to sustain a state of synergy without focus and the right environment to support the forensic motions. Two who focus upon synergy together in a spiritual context will create a happenstance of greater unity and happiness in relationship when achieved.


Not all ancestries are suited to synergy between the two. Those who cause dis-synergy create a hyper- motion of waves through the forensics of the nervous response. Anxiety, depression, anger, turmoil, suicidal feelings, disease and other states of discord are all examples of dis-synergized nervous system responses of mindset. Nervous system responses are the cause of all states of disease. Disease first begins with a nervous system that fails to sustain renewal of the cells. Partnerships that fail to synergize are difficult upon the nervous system leading to disease or emotional strife of one partner.


Choose for A Life Happenstance That Serves the Choice to Self Realize


Today’s electrical environment fails to accolade a journey of peace, joy or synergy within the nervous system response. Those mastering self may discover that it is necessary to give up the media focus and attune inward or with the natural world to sustain mastery in health. For mastery of union the two must choose a life happenstance outside of today’s discord in order to sustain a state of synergy. Most humans are not focused enough or in the right happenstance to cause a union of mastery at this time. Those who are willing to approach union as another level of spiritual mastery shall be in a special existence that can accolade a new rendition of truth into the forensic motions of the two.


The forensics motions of the two were designed to harmonize the tribe, region and planet. The discord of the two today only adds another difficult repose upon a planetary circuitry of light waves that are not well due to human ecological substance abuse. In time, Earth may rendition herself into a state of health again. Those choosing for mastery within or in a union will rendition themselves into health of mindset and life that will forensic a motion that sustains love and fulfillment within.


Fulfillment is a forensics motion of an ongoing synergy of self of the self within. Self accolades sedations of love to the body and life dream causing magical happenstance to occur along with mastery over difficult circumstance that require forgiveness. Union in mastery offers two who are willing to go deep inward and discover the forgiveness of one another and all others in the life to cause deeper synergy together.


Two in synergy weave magical moments together in the dreams that they sustain. Two in discord weave difficult dreams that sometimes happenstance strife of emotional ill states of being or physical ailments or disease. Each walking the path of mastery must choose between the happenstance that serves the choice to self-realize and choose for partnerships that synergize rather than dis-synergize the circuitry within. The choice to realize may limit friendships, workmates as well as partnership choices if mastered greatly in the life.


The following two stories are dedicated to those choosing for a path of union in mastering the spiritual foray of dreaming possible today. For those dedicated to the journey of mastery of union, we bless you. May you become the one of the one that masters the beloved of a union divine within.


The Mother         


Samuel arrived in a special circumference of friends at a wedding Sydney attended. Sydney caught the bouquet and Samuel accoladed to her that she would be married next. Samuel seemed like a nice guy but was rather boring in his expression. Sydney was vibrant and alive and enjoyed the splendor of her single existence. Samuel moved closer and closer to Sydney and in time moved into her small apartment. The apartment was delicately furnished and Samuel was a bit like a bull in a china shop; breaking her fine dishes and laundering her beautiful white lingerie with his red tee shirts turning them pink.


Sydney was at first gentle about all of the blunders of Samuel. Samuel was just a “typical guy” that was more interested in football and beer than life, Sydney introspected. It was nice to have the comfort of a strong male presence in bed each night although the sex was a little too frequent for Sydney. She failed to say anything as she did not wish the relationship to clash or end.


Samuel reposed a dream of a transfer to Detroit. Sydney lived in a beautiful suburban town with many natural world wonders nearby. The job would pay well and so she quit her nursing position and found a new position at a large but rather daunting hospital in the downtown Detroit region. Samuel appeared to aplomb at his job and soon he was promoted making enough to support the two. Samuel wanted to marry and have children. Although Sydney was not entirely pleased with the relationship, she chose for convenience over her heart’s desire.


The wedding was sweet and held in Sydney’s home town which she preferred. The honeymoon was nice but daunted by a difficult experience of a hurricane in the island dream of the romantic interlude. The hurricane was a reflection of Sydney’s own turbulence about the union and the region that she would return to. The flight was delayed but eventually the two returned “home” to a normal pre-marital life with only the wedding rings as a sign that there was any change.


Sydney disliked her workmates and happenstance at a hospital that was unkind to her. Samuel claimed he made enough for her to quit as soon as she became pregnant. They tried and tried to conceive and Sydney failed. She sought the professional realm of doctors to understand her conception difficulties. The doctors put her on fertility medication. Soon she conceived and gave birth to quadruplets. Four children at once was more than Sydney had ever anticipated let alone life in Detroit. She fell into a state of exhaustion over time.


Motherhood was a day and night feat for the first six years of child rearing. Grandparents abounded to support and this was useful. As the children went to school, Sydney finally had a bit of time to herself. She pondered deeply why she had chosen this particular life recalling another time when something else was more important and inspired her as a spiritual focus of existence.


Samuel was unhappy with his family life and Samuel’s corporate career took him on more extravaganzas of travel. Samuel felt far freer than Sydney in many ways. He had many lovers over time and set up a peculiar beloved in another region he traveled unto frequently. Soon Samuel chose to spend most weekends in this region claiming that the workload required his presence. Sydney did not think anything of it much but was burdened with taking care of the four children on her own without any support.


Over time Samuel became more greatly inspired by his peculiar beloved and chose to divorce Sydney. Sydney was overwhelmed with the underlying cause of why he failed to desire her or the family life. The family life of so many children was forensically disturbing to Samuel causing him to retract going his separate way. The alimony was good. Sydney did not require to work and carried on in raising four children. Samuel spent little time with any of the kids and Sydney felt pressed to manage it all. As the four grew into teenage years, Sydney found great truth in their shared time and relationship. The family became a beautiful forensic display of synergy, and Sydney felt she could not ask for anything more.


The reverie lasted for two years until two of the girls met their first boyfriends. One boyfriend, Daniel, was a lovely young man who cared for his family and loved her daughter, Lilah. Daniel and Lilah were a nice match and Sydney was happy for them and enjoyed the time with the two. The other boyfriend, Logan, of her daughter, Juniper, was a black sheep from hell who was bent upon destroying every possibility for his own life. Juniper and Logan fell into drug reverie and dealership leading to an arrest and youth prison sentence for Logan. Although Logan was sent away to prison, Sydney was relieved and knew she had at least a year to help her daughter understand why the union was not a wise choice.


Sydney’s two boys Owen and Xander were very unique but different. Owen was sensitive and chose a gay lifestyle. Although this upset Sydney at first, she liked his first boyfriend River for his gentle and kind nature. Xander much like Logan was a real handful and chose a darker path of gang happenstance. Xander was killed in a gang fight and the entire family bereaved his death with deep introspection. The experience caused Daniel and Lilah to choose marriage out of the love that they felt for one another and the feeling that life could be short. Sydney embraced the union with a small but beautiful wedding for the two. The two went off to college on scholarship and Sydney was pleased.


Logan completed his prison sentence, and Juniper chose not to return into the union. Instead, she chose another difficult partner, Tobias, who struggled with dyslexia and had trouble sustaining himself in school or in a job. Tobias was beautiful but not equipped to support Juniper. Tobias’s family chose to move and soon Sydney discovered that he had moved into Juniper’s room. Sydney had begun to work again as a nurse for some added income beyond her alimony and discovered the funds lost in the added expense of feeding a hungry young man who devoured everything in the refrigerator each week.


Owen and River had parted company, but soon another boyfriend of some age and financial acquisition of happenstance chose for Owen. Owen moved into a small mansion with his sugar daddy that he did not really love as deeply as River, but it offered a nice and comfortable lifestyle to share. Sydney longed for a space of her own. She finally chose to move far away and back to her family home town where she wished to have never departed. Tobias and Juniper were left to fend on their own. Juniper departed the union, manifesting a scholarship for college which relieved Sydney.


Sydney’s parents had each perished over the years. She found herself once again where she felt comfortable within her homeland. She returned to the hospital she had worked within long ago and this felt comfortable too. Soon a doctor of her own age range caught her attention. He was kind and of greater wealth and recently divorced. She was disappointed when he chose a bride half his age instead of creating a more mature partnership of deeper accolades of understanding. Sydney felt that union was not a foray she could manifest again but enjoyed her unique aptitude for a renewed spiritual focus that had been lost in her life foray.


Analysis: The Lore of the Mother


The lore of the mother is a script that often interferes with the possibility of creating a beloved in a union divine. The mother fable is of one who is present to serve others rather than self. In the service to others, there is little happenstance for fulfillment within. The mother sacrifices of her life force, her dreams and her happiness in order to happenstance synergy of the two or the family. She stretches herself in all ways possible to cause union of the many.


The mother rarely feels nourished or cared for. She is the one that others depend upon and few if any look after her. Even the potential of a beloved is often lost as he may synergize with another who does not play the tale of the mother. Romance and sexuality are rarely a part of the foray of the happenstance of the mother fable. The mother fable is one of the delusions that to be happy, others must first become happy in happenstance. Causing others happiness requires the sacrifice of self on a deep level and to a point of loss of life hopes, desires and the capacity to dream in joy of self. The mother is a fable devoid of tantric enticement as the tantric swing is placed in the family or group rather than the beloved within her fable.


The partners search elsewhere for a happenstance of the beloved as the mother is too busy with the children to be present in the union. The mother is a fable that can change. Moving beyond the script of the mother requires the choice to forgive a nature that denies the beloved of the beloved within. The mother denies her own beloved within and then denies the beloved without as the spouse. She mistakes the children for the beloved and this is not their role. Children are a happenstance of creation of another self. The beloved is a self that accolades to a shared journey of partnership. The child will never be the partner; nor will the partner be the child.


The resolution to the mother script is to acknowledge the beloved within. In the acknowledgement of the beloved within, one may depart the choice to raise the family and be there first for oneself. The beloved within is an internal expression that first must be kindled inside. As the beloved within is rekindled, then the beloved without in a happenstance of sincere union may manifest.


The Beloved of Naught


Angela was a simple person of deep introspection about the dreams of life. She was tiny and beautiful like a fairy; and equally sensitive unto the happenstance of the environment. She chose a remote ski village in the Alps as her place of residence and this resonated. Angela managed the store of a chocolate factory of delicate delights that tourists and locals enjoyed. She was shy and spent much of her time focused upon her spiritual path.


A beautiful man, Kaspar, of some wealth arrived in the village for a work happenstance. He ventured to the chocolate store and fell in love with more than the chocolate. Angela appeared as the fairy of his delight. He asked for a rendezvous and soon the two discovered themselves walking by a beautiful Swiss lake. Kaspar was married but failed to share this truth with Angela. The two enjoyed a beautiful picnic and then befell the midnight romance succumbing to tantric delights of the moment.


Angela was pulled into Kaspar’s heart and this was the beloved she had never experienced before. The romance continued and Kaspar returned to the region many times per year. Angela longed for a long-term union but failed to share of her heart’s desire out of her longing and the fear that the relationship might eclipse otherwise. A local interview revealed that Kaspar was married and Angela was heartbroken. Kaspar swore that he loved her deeply but due to children could not deny his marriage. He set Angela up in a beautiful home purchased out of his personal proceeds and with this chose to enjoy her more frequently.


Angela was not comfortable with the arrangement although she moved into the lofty lakeside mansion and no longer required work happenstance to sustain herself. She pondered her truth deep within. Why could the beloved not be with her forever? What was it about her that would only create a romance with a married man? Although the foray of time together was special, she longed for something else. Kaspar longed deeply for Angela as a union as it was the sweetest experience he had ever known with a woman.


The communication between the two was naught. Angela felt rejected in the marital foray of Kaspar. The rejection caused Angela to withdraw internally from the self of Kaspar rendering the deep sensation of synergy between the two. Kaspar could not understand what had transpired. He continued to happenstance recurrent visits to reclaim the beloved he had cared for so deeply. Angela retreated so deeply that Kaspar could not remain in the union. He gifted the mansion to her out of the remembrance of the love that they shared but departed the union.


Years later and after much introspection, Angela discovered that Kaspar’s wife had died suddenly and unexpectedly. She attempted a reunion but the flame could not be reignited between the two. Kaspar felt sad as he departed that day knowing he would never see Angela again. Angela befell a lonely life as an unmarried woman.


Analysis: The Lore of the Beloved of Naught     


The beloved is an experiential happenstance of deep synergy and joy. The happenstance is a congruent expression that occurs due to deep aplomb of the two to unite in a foray of delights that happenstances synergy and love. The two may or may not sustain a state of love or synergy over time. Often the beloved of naught lore is the one who can only be the beloved in a non-happenstance of marriage or the permanence of a real union. The beloved only remains as the union appears unavailable in the long term.


The beloved is a beautiful foray that should be experienced for however long the synergy can be sustained. Most unions cannot sustain synergy forever. Those that happenstance synergy of union can relish the experience for however long it may last. There is a belief prevalent in union today that synergy can only occur in the beginning of the romance and until the honeymoon fades; or can occur as an extramarital or hidden experience that is unavailable as a long-term expression of union.


The heightened forensics of a new romance or a non-permanent union causes synergy and tantric rush to heighten as a motion of sensation. The motion carries the two into an accolade of sojourn that is beautiful to experience and magical to express. The two delight in the rendezvous only to return to the dis-synergy of boredom or depression in the life happenstance. The union is sought after repeatedly for the magic caused. Romance is a beautiful foray and should not be denied as an experience to understand and relish in the moment as it occurs. The truth of a union divine is to manifest the synergy of the tantric rush recurrently in a long-term escapade of adventures.




The love of the love within is a beautiful foray of happenstance that precedes the development of the beloved within. The love of the love within is the love between spirit and matter. Matter is self and spirit accolades a sojourn of experience that causes the two to ignite into an expression of the love of the love within. The love of the love within is not to be underestimated in its potency to accolade a journey divine through self-realization. The love of the love within must develop within each before a union divine can be sustained between the two.


Self-realization is an introspective path that requires yourself first and foremost. Partnerships of naught are only a reflection of the condition of the internal state of self. Self that rejects will cause a partner who rejects; or will reject the partnership out of a belief in some state other than a union divine. The union divine requires not marriage or children; only self as a reflection of Dao and Tao united within in a forensic mission to sustain the love of the love within.


The love of the love within requires nothing other than self. Self is prepared to love itself. In the union divine, the issues of self that fail to allow self to love itself are reflected for the possibility of forgiveness and momentum into deeper accolades of love. Love is forever and forever in the Tao; and in the union of the Dao cannot be lost. In attuning inward into the love of the Dao and Tao united into a forensics motion of truth, the union is restored again and again and forever in the forever of the Tao.


This is the first of many chapters of Shakti lore of relationship as a pathway to mastering the self of the self within through realization. The path of the two is a reflection of the honor of the masculine or Tao and feminine or Dao systems of self. The healing of the Dao and Tao within is an attribute of realization of self. We bless each choosing to realize self in the reflection offered as the lessons of the lore of union are presented.


The Beautiful Within


The beautiful within

Is a foray of dream

That syncopates the revelry

Into a sprite of delight

In a sensual motion

Of the Beloved of the Beloved Within

In a momentous occasion

Of an inspiring happenstance

In which the two hearts ignite

Into a rhythm

Of a union Divine


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Pure Love


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