Image of a couple's silhouette underneath the soft moonlight in a field of stars of the nighttime sky. Shakti Relationship Lore #14

Shakti Relationship Lore #14


Twins in Care


The Lore of Cinderella


Care of the Two

The love of the twins

Fosters a repose

Of care

That desires one another

Above all else

In soporiferous notions

That sustains the two

In a beautiful partnership

Of a repose of truth

Of the Self of the Self

Through time

In a union Divine


The Fable of Cinderella


The fable of Cinderella is one of the twins who find one another in diverse circumstances of economic or cultural variances of a theme of affluence. The two find the way to one another regardless of the barriers presented in life. The two generally must overcome many obstacles to be together. Often there are parents or other affiliations in objection over the union. Sometimes there are difficult cultural obligations to overcome in order to consummate the marriage of the two.


The twin formations foster a resolution to the strife over time in order to be as one together. The longing to be as one is a common phenomenon only of twin flame union. Twins are biological opposites in repose that is molecular and attracts in a forensic motion like no other couple if the hypothesis is for marriage. Twins can be straight or gay, fostering long term marriages together.


Twins long for the physical presence of one another more greatly than most other couples through time. The physical presence of a twin calms the mind and fosters the spirit of each throughout the life. Twins are notorious for never departing one another except in death. The death of a twin is a difficult fate at the end of a long-term marriage for the one remaining. The other longs to pass to be with their twin who has died. The death of the second twin is often an occurrence of present-day unions of Cinderella fate of dream. The truth of Cinderella is to be with her twin no matter what others say or the obstacles to be overcome. The truth of Cinderella can be deterred into failure. The failure often breaches the hearts of both leading to a loss of the flavor of love within.


Marriage Is Recommended for Twin Flames Union


Cinderella is a difficult lore if the variances in the life habitat are too great to overcome for the two to marry. Marriage is a prerequisite for twin union to flourish. The failure to marry will trigger a departure of the union through time if consummated. Twin unions require marriage to trigger another lore cycle of seven years to follow the first seven-year dream of the two. If marriage is not fostered, the union will abort following the first seven years generally breaching the heart of both. The breach of heart will lead to disease of many disorders including heart attacks, lung disease, auto immune strife or other afflictions of the thymus gland. Twins are not a happenstance to be toyed with if the yearning for marriage is small within as it can destroy each.


If marriage occurs, another seven years of union is fostered as long as the two are harmonious. Sometimes twins begin in harmony and depart in disharmony following seven to fourteen years of union. The disharmony is the result of a polarity reversal in the forensics of field of each. If the two fail to depart, one generally becomes ill through time and later perishes departing the union through death. It is often difficult for twins to depart in time to save the other. Twin repose is one of sincere care of the other that is forever within. The forever sometimes translates into the two remaining together forever when the forensics motions are better in lives lived apart of one another for the sake of the health of one.


Health Issues for Twins


Health is a nervous system issue to begin with in all happenstance of fate of disease. As the nerves fail to repose in harmony over time, the region afflicted within fails to motion and one becomes sick. Disease between twins often manifests in the third cycle of lore between the two and in twenty-one to twenty-six years together. Disease can afflict many regions of the biology sometimes leading to recurrent ailments of one sort or another and not disease or death. If the ailment afflicts a major organ, sooner or later the twin dies. The other twin then longs to pass too leading to a fable of deep depression to overcome if the life is to continue ahead.


There are many nutrients and healing instruments in today’s world of increasing nutritional and healer foray of dream. Twins in strife over ailments that are not critical to life may suspend the body in better balance through altering the nutritional aspects of diet or fostering motions of field and form that balance the forensics better through time. Swimming and walking or dance along with yoga and massage or acupuncture strive to balance the forensics and if fostered may overcome many ailments generated through twin mismatched forensics. Certain nutrients will shore up weakened nerves too. Many twin unions can benefit from proper care of the body to foster a longer-term union in the care of the heart of a partnership divine.


The Fairy Princess        


Little Wyndilyn is an adorable child who was a princess within herself. She rises into a position of head cheerleader in her teenage years. Wyndilyn’s long hair and silhouette are a rapturous beauty in her ball gown of presentation at the annual dance. Her partner and twin flame is equally stunning in his tux and boyish façade. The two dance the night away mesmerizing their friends with the aplomb of the mambo. Leandro and Wyndilyn have taken Latin dance lessons in preparation of the gala event. Their friends and many others applaud their beautiful and stunning attire and smooth and sensual moves upon the ballroom floor.


The high school the two attended is in part Hispanic in self. Wyndilyn is not Hispanic in origins but Leandro is. The two are twins and in care of the heart. Wyndilyn’s father Waylon is an adroit businessman of affluence in the local region and is concerned about Wyndilyn’s dating habits. He views the local Hispanics as incompetent in the arena of fostering an income to a level that he desires his daughter to witness in life. Waylon has Wyndilyn apply for universities far too expensive for Leandro to ever attend and far enough away that he will no longer influence her life ahead.


Wyndilyn is accepted at a major and expensive university enough north that Waylon feels she will be fine. Leandro applies also for a scholarship to the same university but is unable to qualify to the higher standards required, although he is a straight A student. He reapplies as an ethnic polarity of self and is accepted not at the expensive university but another within two hour’s drive. Wyndilyn’s father is not happy about the circumstance and chooses not to foster a car for her. Instead, Wyndilyn can ride her bike on campus. Wyndilyn is unhappy about her father’s choice but embraces it as an expense too great given the tuition of the expensive university she is to attend and that the family must muster each year to afford.


Wyndilyn is happy in her adroit happenstance of dorm life. The food is nutritious and kindly presented. Leandro lives in a dorm that is also kind but obviously not as luxurious due to many causes. Wyndilyn feels uncomfortable having him stay with her given her three other roommates; and his roommates are piggish in nature leaving the room often smelling of old beer or locker room perfume of themselves. The two attempts to foster time together but studies interrupt the presence of one another in each other’s lives. Leandro is a handsome and an athletic young man choosing to study law. His goals are of becoming a lawyer of affluence one day, aiding those of multicultural origins who are deprived.


Soon another female, Concepcion, who is of Cuban descent is attracted to Leandro. The two dance the night away at a local tavern of salsa review of style. They embrace but do not have sex as Concepcion’s upbringing is Catholic and she wishes to await marriage. Leandro is intrigued by her to a greater degree than Wyndilyn due to Concepcion’s seductive motions on the dance floor that are native to her inheritance. He feels more at home as she prepares delightful Hispanic cuisine in an apartment that she shares with many others as a student on a budget. Her Hispanic girlfriends bunk up but embrace Leandro as one of the family or tribe.


Wyndilyn is unaware of Leandro’s other interest for over a year. The two see one another about once per month as Wyndilyn borrows a car from a fellow student as she flies home to see her parents. The two rendezvous at an inexpensive hotel somewhere nearby. Leandro finds Wyndilyn very beautiful in his eyes and in the bed. He also is better entertained by Concepcion due to the shared Hispanic cultural habitat of life that the two shares. Concepcion is unaware of where Leandro goes one weekend per month until she witnesses him climb into a car with another female with his luggage in tow. Concepcion calls Leandro’s cell phone instantly for an explanation. The cell phone shut off for the entire weekend until he returns to his dorm.


Concepcion is waiting at Leandro’s dorm upon his return late Sunday night. She has complained heavily to his roommates all weekend. The roommates know about Wyndilyn and confess that Leandro has a high school’s sweetheart at an expensive university that he sees once per month. Concepcion chooses to break off the relationship with Leandro.


Leandro is not surprised but later finds himself upset and missing her and his former tribe more greatly than Wyndilyn. He chooses to break off the union with Wyndilyn and propose to Concepcion to restore the relationship. Concepcion accepts and joyously returns into the union. Wyndilyn is heartbroken at Leandro’s choice. Her father on the other hand is relieved. Leandro consummates the union prior to marriage, conceiving a child. The two adventure to Las Vegas for a rapid wedding and foster new housing on campus for couples with children.


Leandro is never as happy with Concepcion in bed but enjoys her more in life. Her nurturing nature fosters a tight Hispanic family nuance of self. The child is born slightly premature and a beautiful dark-haired boy that resembles Leandro. Although Leandro is not really ready for fatherhood, he steps into the role out of the wisdom of his fate. Leandro carries on in his studies fulfilling upon his goal of becoming a lawyer that later earns a larger income than Wyndilyn’s father. Leandro intends to marry for life although in his spare time longs for Wyndilyn, the twin of his heart accolade. The two do not communicate for a long time.


Wyndilyn fosters a marriage with a graduate student of non-Hispanic origins of life. Her father Waylon accepts her new engagement unto Brody with a warm smile. Brody is tall, blond, good looking and studying law also. His parents can afford to purchase the two a new home in the region following the wedding. Waylon feels that Wyndilyn made the right choice in terms of fulfillment of the finer things life can provide due to her beauty.


Brody studies hard causing straight A’s throughout his education; and later fosters an aplombed thesis for a PhD in law. He chooses to become a professor rather than tackle the law arena as a profession. Brody is more theosophical about law within himself. His work is admired, and his students appreciate his willingness to support their endeavors and theses. Wyndilyn admires Brody’s wit and mind but feels unloved in her heart.


The two foster one child, a little girl who is as beautiful as Wyndilyn. Wyndilyn finds much love with her daughter that is not present in her marriage. Little Daphne is the blossom of her heart as a twin flame of herself. Wyndilyn’s heart mends and she chooses to foster a profession as a teacher of a special and unique school system as her daughter reaches preschool age. She passes her classes easily and fosters a full-time job as Daphne enters first grade. Brody is pleased with his little family as a professor and with a wife who is a teacher of special young people. Although the income is low, Brody’s family kindly provides loads of extras needed along the way, including paid for holidays each year.


Wyndilyn’s mother in law, Phoebe, is astute at her costume of self. She is often awarded as one of the best dressed females of the year in national magazines. Her designer flair of life is far from the budget Wyndilyn could ever keep up with, although her appearance is far more beautiful than Phoebe.


Phoebe chooses to introduce her and Daphne into the social highlight of the community she thrives within. She flies the family out for a special inauguration dressing all three in expensive designer wear for the trip and gala events in the region. The clothes cost more than the entire year’s income of Brody. Wyndilyn receives much attention for her grace and beauty and is presented in a major magazine spread along with Phoebe for her aplomb of clothing along with Daphne. The trio are featured as mother, daughter and grandmother of beauty, care and a gift of the designer dressing system.


Leandro witnesses the magazine spread as Concepcion brings the posh designer magazine home each month from the hair salon that she is working within. Concepcion cut her education short, choosing for beauty school, so that Leandro could go to graduate school and she could aid in supporting the little family. Concepcion is a gifted hair stylist with a regular clientele in a small shop not far from campus.


Leandro is upset at the spread, recognizing Wyndilyn  instantly. He is most upset about a boudoir shot of her in fine lingerie siting on the bed with her beautiful daughter. He thinks about contacting her again and hires an expert available through the adroit law firm that he works within to find her personal information. Leandro calls Wyndilyn unexpectedly as he receives her personal cell phone number. She chooses not to respond to three messages left by him on her voice mail. Wyndilyn leaves him one message in return threatening to call the police for invading her privacy. Leandro ceases to attempt to contact her further.


Leandro is a busy attorney making a six-figure income after a decade in the practice. He is known for his gifted cases in support of the cause of those who are ethnic and somehow unfairly treated in the workplace. Often large amounts are offered as compensation of certain corporations who do not abide by the law of equality in the workplace.


Soon a case emerges that involves Wyndilyn’s father’s company. Waylon works for a notarized hospital and care provider. Over time, he has worked his way into the role of CEO with a massive bonus plan and large income. His company is being sued for fifteen accounts of failing to hire or firing those of Hispanic ethnic background without cause. The case reaches the public attention presenting Waylon in his anti-Hispanic stance in life. The attention embarrasses Waylon and his quiet wife, Tatum.


Leandro wins his case and the corporation must pay out several millions in compensation, potentially dimming their profits ahead for years. Waylon’s bonus is cut to almost nothing as a result. He chooses to vie for another job in another leading corporation of parallel interests in the medical field. He fosters a job through Brody’s family interests in their community of origin. Waylon and Tatum relocate as the attention has dimmed some of the friendships that they had each fostered over time. Wyndilyn’s mother, Tatum, is a quiet and reclusive person who is vastly embarrassed about Waylon’s position having had many Hispanic friends of the heart through time.


Phoebe attempts to foster Tatum into her network of celebrity and wealth-based friends. Tatum feels far from accepted or at home in Waylon’s new social network. Waylon is most impressed with each contact and flourishes in Phoebe’s circle. Tatum dies within equal to Waylon’s emerging aplomb of fate. She chooses to separate from her spouse and fosters a quaint place to live not far from her beloved daughter Wyndilyn and granddaughter Daphne. Tatum and Wyndilyn always have found care of the heart more important than most other aspects of life. Tatum chooses to take care of Daphne as Wyndilyn has become very busy in her adroit school career. Wyndilyn adores fostering many children in each class that she works with.


The school system Wyndilyn works for is in need of a good attorney to settle a conflict with a group of parents suing the school for emotional causes. Leandro is hired by the group of parents. The attorney hired by the school is adroit but loses. Leandro wins the case and four schools must foster more income than they earn to pay the settlement. Wyndilyn is sad and upset at Leandro’s stance as the suicide of one child was not anything but drug and alcohol overload due to a boyfriend of his sister. She does not believe that the school is at fault. The case is appealed and retried. This time Leandro does win something, but the settlement offered is only the tuition paid over time in the attendance of the child in the school and no more. Leandro loses income over the settlement. Leandro attempts to appeal again but is denied in the court system.


Wyndilyn attends an annual ball of Brody’s law department. Leandro is an honorary guest for Brody and his associates. Leandro is an honored celebrity for winning a special class action suit on behalf of the university itself. Land that had been confiscated from the university now is to be retrieved so that another building can be constructed to expand the law department. Brody and Leandro have become closer acquaintances unknown to Wyndilyn. Concepcion is also present in an evening gown looking quite upset at the presence of Wyndilyn again in their lives.


Leandro asks Wyndilyn to dance, as the music begins to a Latin beat, and after Concepcion chooses to retire early for the evening due to a headache. Wyndilyn refuses at first until Brody encourages her to dance with Leandro for his own sake. The two salsa and mambo to a local Hispanic ensemble. Brody is unaware of Wyndilyn’s former and youth-based love affair with Leandro. The music and motion bring the two together again as they once knew in their youth. A heart accolade is ignited again between the two. Time stands still for the moment and the two foster a restoration of the twin-ship of themselves.


Leandro begins to court Wyndilyn on the side. The two meet four times and make a sudden choice to divorce and move in together. Concepcion is stunned as is Brody at the choice of the two. Brody regrets asking Wyndilyn to dance with Leandro at that fateful eve and party of his divorce. Brody’s parents are equally stunned. They choose to hire an attorney to remove custody of Daphne from Wyndilyn.


Concepcion claims she would never prevent Leandro from witnessing or enjoying his children regardless of other life choices and cannot understand Brody or her family’s stance in life. Concepcion understands the care of the heart and the import of fostering children always on the part of both parents. Brody and his parents along with Waylon are far from understanding. Tatum feels trapped in the middle of an explosive experience.


Leandro hires another attorney to foster the custody case for Wyndilyn. Brody moves closer to his mother, Phoebe, and his father in law, Waylon, choosing to motion into another position at another adroit and expensive university and in the law department. The courts award custody of Daphne to Brody given his aplomb as a university professor. He moves Daphne back with him much to her own fear. Wyndilyn has summer and holiday visitation rights.


Daphne begins to go insane due the life changes and withdraws increasingly from life. She misses the love and care of her mother and grandmother. She begs Tatum to move back with her. Tatum is torn between the needs of her granddaughter and herself. She prefers the region near Wyndilyn for many causes. Daphne is now thirteen and soon will mature enough make her own life choices ahead. Tatum chooses to remain in the favored region.


Daphne commits suicide successfully. Tatum regrets not having motioned to move in support of her. Wyndilyn is upset at her daughter’s life choice of death. Leandro and Wyndilyn remain married and overcome the strife and wounds of the heart through time. Brody goes on to marry another professor of the psychology department who aids him in understanding the loss of his daughter. Concepcion meets another Hispanic gentleman who she marries fostering another child Antonia.


Wyndilyn and Leandro choose to conceive also fostering a partnership of the three through time. The baby boy Edvin aids Wyndilyn in healing her heart from the suicide of her daughter. Antonia and Edvin become kind playmates. Concepcion and Wyndilyn find their way to deep appreciation and friendship with one another through time. Tatum chooses to aid each family as a nanny to her two beloved grandchildren of fate. Leandro appreciates his new tribe always and forever within himself.


I Am that You Are        


Anh and Chandler meet later in life. Each have been married, divorced and dreamed of meeting their twin flame. The two falls in love at first sight at a local Asian restaurant meeting of fate. It is twin love and care of the heart. The two are far from alike in background, work orientation, culture or life experience. Anh is a Vietnamese refugee who has raised one child in a marriage that was arranged and not of the heart. Her partner finally passed of cancer. Her son is grown and attending a university nearby. Anh works in a kind business for friends who pay her well given her skills and language issues. Her English is improving but not the best. Her gentle beauty glows however as she meets her twin, Chandler.


Chandler is a wise entrepreneur of some means. He is not wealthy but understands the investment systems well enough to have retired early and in his fifties. He is seeking the love of his life but prefers someone with more income for the purposes of travel. Anh is so beautiful to Chandler. The cultural nuances are gentle and kind to his heart and spirits. The two make love one night and Chandler finds himself happier than he had ever been within. The glow does not wear off for days after which he seeks out Anh’s company once again. The cultural differences however are an embarrassment unto Chandler’s lifestyle. He has many adroit friends that he does not wish to introduce Anh unto given her income and life script.


Chandler continues to date in an attempt to meet the one that could be the perfect partner to match his desires. He fosters his potential mate while continuing to enjoy Anh’s company. Anh senses his distraction but is too shy to confront him with her gut feelings. Chandler proposes to Idette. Idette is German and quite stunning in her style and wealth if not beautiful. Idette refuses as she does not deem Chandler interesting in her boudoir. Chandler is surprised at first but resumes his interest in Anh thereafter. Anh feels a shift but finds herself untrustworthy having found a loving note card from Idette in Chandler’s notebook. She chooses to break from the relationship as a result.


Chandler is distressed at the loss of his twin. Anh requests marriage given their sexuality if they are to continue the union. She also thinks that maybe she has conceived a child. Chandler is torn between his delight in Anh, her potential pregnancy and his own life. He chooses to marry Anh as she says she is pregnant. Within a month following the wedding, the child aborts itself. Anh goes to the hospital due to heavy bleeding. The doctors feel she may be too old to have another child. Chandler is relieved not desiring to raise another child. Over time, Chandler makes internal peace with his life choice as he finds himself forever happy in Anh’s gentle company.


Chandler chooses to introduce Anh to a few friends who accept her, although they find the two an odd couple. Anh is beautiful, gracious, gentle and peaceful and not the powerful affluence of the feminine that his friends would have expected Chandler to marry. Chandler’s daughter cannot accept his new wife at all and chooses to retract preventing Chandler from witnessing his grandchildren. Anh’s friends also find Chandler odd given their Asian cultural interests. The pair find themselves alone much of the time as a result but not unhappy in life.


Chandler fosters another job for Anh in his own business and she quits working for her friends. He finds her adept at handling many simple tasks for his investment planning system. Chandler is happier with her at his office than off to work elsewhere. He feels possessive and protective towards Anh in all ways. The two rarely depart one another’s side. They shop, travel and dine together in the grace of a twin union. Others occasionally flux into their presence and are sometimes blessed by the love of the two. Those who cannot receive the blessings of the care of the twins fail to spend much time with them.


Chandler is saddened at a sudden stroke that overtakes Anh. She is hospitalized and recovers gradually over the year to follow. Chandler witnesses the deep care he feels for her and is afraid of life beyond her grave. Chandler fosters nutritionists and aids Anh in altering her eating and nutritional habitat of life to extend her life some. She fasts and juices and changes her diet recovering her health for a time. Chandler fails to participate in the cleansing and later befalls a difficult heart attack. Surgery is suggested and he fosters a bypass. The bypass weakens the body thereafter, and Chandler is nursed by Anh who has fully recovered from her strokes.


Chandler attempts to recover his health with nutrients to foster the healing of the heart which is somewhat successful. Four years later, Chandler passes kindly in his sleep as his heart ceases to beat. Anh is devastated, although well taken care of in her inheritance, and the life insurance policy to follow. She moves to a new home in the country and near a few Asian friends of some means. Although in a beautiful place, her heart is heavy in the death of her twin. She carries on for a time but dies of strokes one snowy New Year’s Eve. She is embraced by the arms of her twin in her crossing once again, finding her way home.


Analysis of the Twins of Care


Twins of care foster soporiferous unions through time. Soporiferous union is an oscillation of light wave motion that ignites the two into twin flame repose of self of deep care. Twin flame repose of self fosters a union of deep love through time. The twin union of the two often dejects others in close circumference of affluence due to the strong bond of the heart in the partnership. Strong bonds of the heart require others who can embrace the two in the union. Most humans vie to break up partnership of strong heart bonds. The two repel others who do not honor the union. Sometimes the loss of a twin flame bond causes deep dejection within that can lead to suicide or death through disease.


Twin flames can be parent and child bonds in addition to a bond of the beloveds. Sometimes three twin flames enter the world as mother, father and child causing a unique family bond. The care of the heart motion is not about triads in life. The care of the heart incantation is two only who become as one and foster a union above and beyond all else in life. Others that honor the union may be present in a form of tribe orientation of fate. Twin care of the heart is the story of Cinderella who meets and marries her prince in spite of her life as an impoverished and orphaned child who is a chamber maid. Such is the nature of twin flames if they find one another through time as they overcome all objectives in order to be together.


Twin flames are difficult in the death or separation of the partnership. Most twins would prefer to die together if possible. Often one fosters a near death only to recover if the other is not ready to pass. If a twin heals from the loss of their partner post death, another life may unfold after deep introspection over the loss of the heart accolade of the two. If the one remaining is not spiritually adept, often they too pass the physical within a few years of the death of one twin. Twins are a beautiful repose through time of care of the two. Twin motions heal the body of each and also of the land upon which the two may reside.


Twin flame marriages are fate driven life experiences. In times of non-light motion upon Earth, twins rarely meet and marry. As light motions take flight, twins foster beautiful incantations of non-plight together. Twin lives flux into dreams that are sustainable and foster each through time. Sometimes twins assume the lime light for others to witness. Most twins are private and share little with others outside of their union through time. Twin flames are a beautiful repose of self. Soul, Spirit and Self adore twins for the care of the two that fosters divine oscillations of self. Divine oscillations trigger deep care of the heart fostered by soul and spirit in union with self.


Twin mastery is a sought after resource of postulation in light motion eras. Twin mastery is known for its flavor of deep witnessing of divine union within and together. Divine union is augmented when two repose the love of spirit and soul within in a heart accolade that is shared. Those mastering through twin flame fostering are fate key driven through time. Mastery of the two can reach higher octaves of achievement in self realizing itself than can often be attained alone. The difficulties for twin mastery are often fostered as the union departs through death. Those mastering beyond a twin flame death are rare. It is often a very difficult sojourn to discover the care of the heart in the singular to follow. If mastered, the life of the other twin carries on into new heights in a single context of continued self-realization.


Twin flame love is a nuance of self. Nuance of self fosters a gentle motion between the hearts of the two. The gentle motion wafts over the pair leading to contentment in life and a flux to continue to see one another without separation through time. Twin flame love can foster a tribe of others who honor the union of the two. Children born to twins are often cantankerous to the pair or foster a deeper union in a trilogy of family. Family is important to twins who care as long as it fosters honor of the union in life.


Care of the Two

The love of the twins

Fosters a repose

Of care

That desires one another

Above all else

In soporiferous notions

That sustains the two

In a beautiful partnership

Of a repose of truth

Of the Self of the Self

Through time

In a union Divine


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Pure Love


My dream became a reality because of your unconditional love.



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