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Shakti Relationship Lore #13


False Twin Love of Not


The Lore of Beauty and the Beast


The Not Two

The journey of not two

Is a repose of

A Divine Twin of care

Who fakes the union

In superlative motions

Of the real twin

Who dies in the plight

Of saving a union

With a false twin

Of the non-self

In a sad fate of hate

Of the two


Beauty and the Beast Fable


The Beauty and the Beast fable is one of the beautiful one who fosters a care for one who is ugly or in mesomorph systems of self. Mesomorph systems are transfigurative keys that distort, bloat, damage and disturb the consciousness of the life. The damaged or distorted consciousness often leads to a distortion or damage in the physical. The “Beast” has been badly mesodorphed through time leading to a transfigurative system of ugliness or darkness that plagues the field, the physical and dreams of the life. The “Beast” is saved by the “Beauty” in the fable of Disney philosophy of self. The “Beast” is not saved in the sincere lore of Shakti fables of partnership. The “Beast” either perishes or destroys others due to false twin repose of self.


Sometimes the “Beast” works his or her way out of the difficult karma of a false twin repose. If this occurs, the patterns lift and the darkness abates surrounding the one in the “Beast” position of self. Those mastering ascension or self-realization sometimes work their way through difficult karma of false twin repose of self that would lead to disease, accident or death by suicide otherwise. The darkness in a false twin repose of self is overwhelming, often triggering a vastly difficult life dream to unfold if the lore fails to be transfused through in mastery of self. The “Beast” is destined for an ill fate in most cases in present time recurrences of the false twin union fable.


The wife or partner of the “Beast” generally has deep compassion for the false twin. The partner is sincere to the union and wonders why their spouse or beloved is haunted by such darkness. The darkness may be equivocal unto alcoholism or drug addiction or mafia like dramas through time. The darkness may also be the suffering of one who has not enough food and fosters a starvation and impoverished happenstance through time. The darkness plaguing false twin repose of self can also be associated with suicidal thoughts that in time lead to the outcome associated.


Real Twins and False Twins


Sincere twins span the globe in incarnations that foster the life sustenance of each through time and during dream time hours of respite. The false twin takes the twin accolade of self that is sincere to the adjoining of common ancestries in life. The real twin then falls into the repercussions of the “Beast” with very dark and difficult dreams of fate that befall their life. Because twins often span continents, the one befalling the role of the “Beast” often does not know who is dispelling such dark incantations and fate dreams upon themselves. The fate can be transfused through in sincere mastery of self through time. Otherwise generally, the fate manifests as a sad travesty in the tale of Beauty and the Beast. Sometimes the one in the role of the “Beauty” can dispel the dark incantations if it is their fate.


The role of the one in the position of the “Beauty” loves the “Beast” if he or she is a sincere twin flame of the heart. Real twins often find the means to heal afflictions of false twins due to the sincerity of care oscillating between the two. Sometimes the false twin is in the position of a real twin in a union of the two. If one is married to a false twin, the repose mimics the sincere union of the two that is shared by twins of the heart. The false twin may repose the real care of the two for an entire lifetime. The real twin perishes in the dishevelment of the “Beast” position of dark dreams through time. As the real twin perishes, the position of the “Beast” oscillates back upon the false twin damaging his or her existence to follow.


False twins are often gifted partnerships that appear in unison with one another. Upon death, false twins are devastating unto the one who remains behind. There is always a test in twin repose upon death. The test is a truth serum of “Are you really twins?” “Or are you false twins together?” The serum is an adroit equation of death that speaks the truth of the happenstance of fate of the two. False twins repose death upon the one remaining following a death of either. The death of the other can be transfused through in real mastery only. Generally, the partner unto the false twin dies within six years in a lore cycle of death fostered in the passing of the false twin.


The Beauty of Nothing   


Ursina and Boden appear as the adroit equation of twins. The two flies together as pilot and co-pilot fostering a union of the skies. Sometimes the craft is put on autopilot while the two seduce one another into an orgasmic fate while the stewards and stewardesses convene in the back of the plane. Ursina and Boden are notorious for dressing and appearing alike as they pass through customs in their international flights together.


Each host short red hair and blue eyes with common size and stature of build. As Ursina and Boden marry, the last names are confused on passports and transit systems. Ursina eventually becomes a pilot in her own right and takes on flight paths of her own truth adventuring to other countries yet. Boden tends to follow her flight once every other week so that the two can meet up in an adroit international hotel to make love until the sun rises the next day.


Ursina is not happenstanced or willing to have a child having tied her ovarian tubes earlier in life. She loves the freedom of the friendly skies and her airline preoccupation. Boden wants a child and the two choose to adopt a baby hiring a nanny to nurse the child while on the road. The child is Hispanic and the two name him Mateo. Mateo is a beautiful boy of deep will of fate. Mateo fosters many new nannies as one quits the job only for Ursina and Boden to hire another as each cannot cope with a very difficult and willful child.


Mateo grows up spoiled and well fed becoming a happy and obese pre-teen. Ursina is concerned about Mateo’s weight and takes him to a nutritionist to edit his diet to foster a more handsome body for his teenage and adult years. She inquires if he is concerned about popularity and the desire to have sex with girls in time? No one would desire someone so fat, Ursina claims. Mateo appears uninterested and fosters temper tantrums as the new diet is offered. Ursina puts her foot down with the latest nanny who is forced to follow a strict diet for Mateo to downsize him into a handsome young man.


One nanny after another quits as Mateo becomes violent with them over time due to his dietary restrictions. One nanny calls 9-11 going to the hospital with broken ribs. Ursina is appalled and chooses to put Mateo into an adroit equation of a military academy and in a year-round dorm happenstance abroad. The foreign culture and people and strict regimen of a military system somehow soothe Mateo into a subtle teenager who loses eighty pounds, and grows to be quite handsome in himself, but still temperamental with others. The academy punishes him regularly, triggering a repressed status of rage underlying his persona that fails to flux any more.


Ursina appreciates the academy and visits Mateo often in her travels as does Boden. They are proud when Mateo wins the leading role in a school play about Adolf Hitler. Mateo plays Adolf in sincere sinister delight of the fate of an SS following who will do whatever he wishes on stage. The play is a comedy of sorts and Mateo laughs at what the cast of characters will do for his role as Hitler both in the play and later on as he carries on in the production in himself. The persona of Hitler is seated in a fate of himself in a false twin repose of self.


Mateo graduates with a B- average which is not pleasing to Ursina but Boden is fine with it. Mateo applies to universities of prestige and is dejected; but fosters an acceptance at an adroit military university in Germany. Mateo feels he will be more at home in Germany given his Adolf Hitler persona than anywhere else and expresses this to Boden and Ursina as he is accepted. Mateo relocates to Germany to foster his university years, happy with his choices in life to date.


Ursina and Boden are not well in their union through time. Boden is becoming increasing gray and sallow in skin tone. Finally, Ursina convinces Boden to foster some medical leave and rest to uncover what may be wrong with his biology. The doctors are adroit and Swiss in stature. They perceive that his kidneys are beginning to fail and his liver is not well either. Ursina is a bouncy and slight sized female of striking youthful appearance looking half Boden’s age. Boden appears as an old man and the two no longer align in the mirror or in life. Ursina divorces Boden to allow him to find his way to retirement and ill health to follow. Ursina has no desire to be with someone who is sick.


Boden fosters a rapid development of liver cancer and perishes in less than three years following the divorce. He is heartbroken at the loss of his supposed twin who no longer cares for him. Mateo is little interested in his father’s difficulties but spends his last Christmas alive with him. Boden fades dying less than eight days following Mateo’s visit. Ursina is not interested much in Mateo once Boden departs the physical. Ursina and Mateo spend little time together after the settlement of the estate. Mateo is provided for through school and a little beyond and this is all.


Ursina and Boden lived the high life and did not save much over the years as gifted pilots of the air. Ursina states she is unwilling to support Mateo now that he is grown and that he is on his own. She will aid him through college but encourages him to work on campus to sustain himself. Mateo finds a good job in the bookstore but blows up at his boss leading to a loss of job. He is hired for a night shift alone and this works out better for him as a security officer for the office buildings on campus.


Mateo completes his university system of military acknowledgement. The academy feels he will make a good drill sergeant. Mateo chooses for this goal in a German system. He chooses to become a German citizen and don a Nazi stature of life in himself. Mateo is good in a military context but not in life. He fluxes through many girlfriends who depart often feeling emotionally abused. Mateo enjoys prostitutes instead and when he can afford them for the liberty of his abusive sex. Some prostitutes disappear forever in an alley way after Mateo kills them.


Jocelyn arrives as a slight prostitute and is in need financially. Mateo takes her in making her his wife in a short time to follow. Jocelyn feels secure for a time until Mateo abuses her to an extreme. Suddenly she is in need of a visit to the hospital due to a broken arm. She is rushed off to emergency but fails to claim why the arm broke desiring to protect the safety of a man who will support her and keep her off the streets. She returns home and Mateo is more subdued due to her injured presence.


Jocelyn is good in bed and Mateo is non-abusive as long as he has adequate sex. Jocelyn learns that he requires good sex every three days to prevent emotional or physical abuse. She fosters this with extreme wear of self donning lingerie of a stunning strip model flair of life. Mateo is intrigued for about three years. After three years and in spite of all the sexual fostering, Mateo’s emotions rise into another fitful abusive tantrum that lands Jocelyn in the hospital for eight days. This time she has had enough and confesses to the authorities about Mateo’s abusiveness. Mateo is exposed in his military flair of life and embarrassed. Jocelyn chooses for divorce and Mateo claims he will kill her before she ever departs. Jocelyn moves into a shelter protected by the police.


Mateo fosters a hatred for Jocelyn that is unbelievable within himself. He stalks her and eventually kills her in an alleyway late at night and before she can be found to be saved. Jocelyn is not found in time and died as a wounded heart of a female who attempted to love someone who was excessively vicious towards her.


Mateo is not uncovered as the murderer ever. He goes on to marry three other women who each depart the union through time. Two foster children that he also abuses until social services provide enough for the tender family to depart. Mateo attempts to kill his son who escapes and calls the police. He is imprisoned in German sentencing for eight years to follow. Mateo departs prison determined not to kill again. He retires in life fostering more sex with prostitutes on his pension. The prostitutes are well paid and unharmed through time.


The Twins of Death       


Ulrik and Beatrice meet at an adroit concoction of a spiritual gathering of beloveds in a tantric foray of dream. Ulrik is large in stature, allowing Beatrice to feel tiny and cared for, as his arms wrap around her in a tantric clutch of the two. Soon the two are drawn to make love in the beautiful mansion of an event host of a tantric foray of delight. Ulrik and Beatrice swoon until the sun rises and are late for the class failing to foster breakfast. The group giggles as they enter the room at ten in the morning, and after more than an hour of teaching on the part of the tantric hosts. The hickies on the necks and the flushed face of each speak for itself.


Ulrik and Beatrice depart the event knowing that they will see one another soon. The two live half way across the continent from one another. Ulrik has a good paying job in textiles and Beatrice is a spiritual healer and massage therapist. She chooses to release her practice and attempt to create a new following in Ulrik’s home town in a Midwestern province of himself. At first, Beatrice is delighted by the new home life of a pseudo house wife cooking and taking care of Ulrik to no end. Ulrik works long hours for his income. Beatrice cooks, cleans and decorates the home into a temple of the two. In a few months, she attempts to foster her massage to little interest in a town of primarily blue-collar workers who have less than enough income to nurture their bodies or lives.


Beatrice grows into a state of despair by the end of the first year with Ulrik. She suggests that he find another job in a region more suitable to her own spiritual needs and massage interests. Soon she finds many job possibilities and submits Ulrik’s resume. He is soon interviewed for a position in the west and is hired due to Beatrice’s capacity to dream new dreams for herself and himself together. The new job takes Ulrik away from the region that he is familiar with and he is often nervous and uncomfortable in his new life. Over time, he develops a severe case of shingles and is bedridden for six months in extreme pain covered in sores and swollen skin.


Beatrice is distraught at having to nurse Ulrik although his medical leave is almost as much as his income through time. She chooses to hire additional help for cooking and cleaning and tending to him as her practice is picking up as a healer and massage therapist. In time, Ulrik recovers but appears half of himself within. Beatrice is not clear what to do in order to support Ulrik in his recovery back into the fullness of life. She hires other healers to work upon Ulrik many times per month. Ulrik recovers some but is still half the presence of the man she married. He often retires to bed early and sleeps long hours or the entire weekend away. Beatrice feels lonely and in despair in spite of a good income in her healing venue of work.


Beatrice chooses to take other alternative therapy courses attracting a twin of the heart as a teacher. Reid is married but falls in love with Beatrice. Now the two face the difficult choice to purge their two marriages to be together. For Beatrice, it is an easier choice as she has no children. For Reid, he loves his little boy, Tanner, age five and has a hard time conceptualizing departing the family life. Beatrice presents many positive scenarios in which Tanner could have two beautiful families and not just one. Reid opts for the divorce and soon the two are flying high into the day and night in the breath of life of a false twin repose of care.


Ulrik is devastated at Beatrice’s choice to depart the union. He returns back to his Midwestern upbringing finding some solace in counseling. In time he meets a very nice woman who is an old high school friend of his own class. The two foster a union of the two and he marries for the second time adopting her two children. Ulrik feels more at home in his new life than he ever felt with Beatrice. He recovers his stamina in full. He wishes Beatrice well but chooses not to foster any further contact as he is content in his new marriage and family life.


Beatrice is far from content. Tanner now age fourteen has become a handful as he is very aware and also manipulative in his countenance of life. Tanner steals of the cash in her purse and the devices that she needs, such as her iPod for music, for her massage practice. Tanner finds his way into her credit card bin and charges up thousands of dollars of merchandise that later Beatrice must claim is due to the theft of her purse. All the devices in Tanner’s room speak the truth to her and Reid. Soon Beatrice learns to lock her personal belongings in a safe and also move her sacred massage room to a high rental office space so that Tanner cannot disturb her practice.


Tanner is an ongoing problem for Beatrice. For his father Reid, Tanner is the highlight of his life and heart. For Beatrice, Tanner is a fake and one who lacks spiritual consideration for anything in life other than himself. The pair argue over the troubles of Tanner endlessly until Beatrice finally moves on to another habitat that better serves her. Reid is upset at the loss of Beatrice and strives to date her after the divorce. Beatrice cannot embrace Reid again and rejects the possibility of a continuation of the union.


Reid fails to acknowledge Tanner’s deception of self or foster ministering or counseling that could foster him in a new direction in life. Soon Tanner is caught robbing a neighborhood home and is imprisoned for a weekend by the local police. Tanner is jittery due to the court hearing to follow. He is to spend nine weeks in juvenile detention as a result of the break in and attempted robbery. Instead of a metamorphosis into a law-abiding citizen, Tanner finds new friends who are better thieves than himself. The group of four intend as they are released to foster a gang of robberies in the region to acquire much money and fail to be caught. The four band together and foster three armed robberies successfully and also steal eight cars before being arrested.


Tanner now is old enough to face adult prison systems and not juvenile detention. Reid is upset and hires the best attorney he can afford. The attorney can only aid in the lowering of the conviction as there is too much evidence to prove anything else. The conviction is reduced to four years of prison followed by three years of probation if he is on good behavior. Tanner does succeed at flowing with good behavior while planning an exodus of escape from the prison with one other. The two do succeed and find their way to Reid’s home after their escape.


Reid is unclear as to what to do with two jailbirds in his nest. He cannot bring himself to reporting the truth to the local police. He chooses to withdraw some cash and suggest that the two make their way into another state to foster a new life prison free. The two talk about their choices extensively for four days and choose to murder Reid in his sleep taking everything that he has, bank accounts and credit cards for their own needs. The two escape to another state only to disappear as they each obtain a new identity. Reid’s body is found by his house cleaner about three weeks following his murder.


Tanner and his friend, Marco, now function under the new names of Cody Smith and Lane Jones. The new names have no record and the two find their way to fostering legitimate jobs. The jobs are not exciting enough, and so the two thinks about creating another life of crime that is more astute and less possible to be caught by the local police authorities. They choose to vandalize neighborhoods with working families and somewhat wealthy inhabitants that fail to foster an alarm system. They learn to poison the dogs temporarily with a stun gun and foster an added income of some means from the sales of items procured in their thievery.


The thievery carries on for many years unannounced. Neighborhoods robbed foster alarm systems to prevent another recurrence of the problem. There are many neighborhoods to rob that keep the two busy for many years. Each fosters unions, and soon Cody desires to wed as his girlfriend Carmen is pregnant. Carmen is a Hispanic immigrant who feels uncomfortable in the thief energy of Cody within. Cody gives Carmen a new “nickname” and soon she is calling her husband Tanner instead. On his honeymoon, Tanner confesses that he murdered his father. Somehow Carmen expresses that she understands but is also concerned about her own well-being in the exchange. Carmen miscarries in the wake of her fears and concerns about her spouse and her own safety in life.


Carmen returns to her large Hispanic family and confesses to her father that Tanner has potentially murdered his own father. Neither the brother, father or anyone else in her family appreciates this truth. They consider calling the police but choose not to. They enforce an annulment of the marriage. Carmen is relieved as she did not wish to marry a murderer. Tanner is angry and thinks also about murdering Carmen or her other family members. The family is close and lives in proximity to one another. Two family members disappear within a month following the annulment of the marriage. Carmen is upset and feels that Tanner is the cause. As the third family member disappears Carmen calls the police and confesses her truth.


The police are unable to stop yet another family member, a young child, from disappearing following school. Carmen is so upset; she is unclear as to what to do for herself let alone her sister who’s only child is now not there. No one finds the bodies, but the family chooses to relocate to another province as a result of all the interference. Tanner does not follow as he is caught in a petrol station with blood upon his hands and clothes. The petrol station workers call the police and he is cited for murder of Carmen’s family and also of his father. Tanner is imprisoned again for life. Carmen is relieved but is unable to forgive herself or him for all the travesty he caused in her life and for her family.


Analysis of the False Twin Repose


The love of a twin is mellifluous in nature. Mellifluous nature is an adroit equation of recurrent care of the heart. Mellifluous nature rarely flows through two humans unless a twin-ship is involved. Twin-ships trigger a variety of patterns that allow mellifluous dreams of love of the two to flow in a relationship. Not all twins are meant for marriage or partnership. Only key twins are destined to foster unions in any era. Many twins find one another as kind friends that support one another for a short period of time. There are eighteen branches of twins incarnate all over the world born within five years of one another. There are also cross age twins that sometimes meet and cavort a friendship or union. Unions of twins need to be honored as they can be heart wrenching if they fail to absolve into marriage or a long-term commitment of the heart.


Twin flames of false repose of self mimic the flavor of care of the heart of real twins for a time. Generally, the union fluxes for approximately one lore cycle of seven years to two cycles of fourteen years and then diminishes. The conclusion of a false twin union triggers a lot of hatred within that can lead to defilement of their partner in life. Sometimes the false twin repose triggers hatred that is nonphysical rather than physical. The nonphysical hatred can lead to dark dreams that foster a life of strife to follow the conclusion of a false twin union. If diminishment of the false twin repose occurs in younger years of partnership, the union diversifies into a travesty of some sort as the hatred consumes the physical dreams of life.


Twin repose destroys the real twin through time. If the real twin is a child, the life of the offspring can be dandered to an extreme. If the twin is elsewhere, the outcome of the life may not be known until post death. The flavor of false twins is one of extreme attraction that diminishes over time leading to extreme ill will or hatred that then can trigger death of one or the incarceration unto a life of imprisonment through time. When love is great and the twin is not, the extreme love fluxes into extreme hatred in counter polarity as the wheels of fate spin in lore fables of union through time.


Those fostering a false twin union are best to dissipate the flavor of partnership as soon as the truth is recognized within. False twins are notorious for destroying one another in the physical or nonphysical as the union disengages. The hatred may be more than either can surmount in a given life. False twin unions are on the rise and should be watched for carefully before commitment is made to a long-term twin flame cause. Sincere twins are obvious only in the context of the heart. False twins mirror the care of a real twin through the heart accolade of self. Real twins care for one another in the heart accolade together and through time.


The Not Two

The journey of not two

Is a repose of

A Divine Twin of care

Who fakes the union

In superlative motions

Of the real twin

Who dies in the plight

Of saving a union

With a false twin

Of the non-self

In a sad fate of hate

Of the two


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For Per, the Love of My Life.

Pure Love


My dream became a reality because of your unconditional love.



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