Image of blades of wet grass during the winter. Shakti Relationship Lore #12

Shakti Relationship Lore #12


Twin Flame Care of the Heart


The Lore of Pinocchio


The Two

The journey of two

Is of a twin relay

Of care of the heart

To stabilize the union

Into a divine oscillation

Of light wave synthesis

Of beauty and truth

Sincere unto the heart

In an accolade

Of the Self

Of a partnership



The Care of Twins


Pinocchio is a twin lore fable of one who is fostered in a non-existence only to enliven and rebirth as the twin cares from the heart in the life. In the Pinocchio fable, the boy is of stone or wood, is not alive and cannot feel or love. He lies and his nose grows as he deceives. Deception is a concept of irreverence of the heart. The irreverent heart fails to care but takes or strips the truth of another. The twin arrives in the life, the nose ceases to grow as the love triggers reverence to flux from synergy of the truth within between the two. Truth within fosters love and care. Irreverence of the heart triggers a loss of sincerity and the flavor of dejection in life.


The love of twin flames is notorious for becoming disheveled through others through time. Sometimes twins adventure together in deep care only to be split apart through the rejection through another. The rejection of one twin reposes upon the other twin triggering him or her to depart due to loss of the heart. The loss of the heart is a difficult stance for any partner when a twin leaves the union. Sometimes the one remaining commits suicide. Sometimes the one remaining reposes a new life and rebirths through deep transformative action within. Rejection of the heart is a common fable of twin flame lore through time.


Pinocchio Lore of Gay Twin Flames


The lore of Pinocchio is a common fable for twin flames that are gay. Gay heart accolade is often disheveled as twins of one age range or another cross the path of those who are intimate with many. The heart will cascade into trauma following an intimate encounter with a twin that rejects leading to immune deficiencies such as AIDS. The heart accolade is the center of the fabric of self. Self sustains the immune system to foster continued life and stealth. Self that is shattered in the heart accolade can transfuse into difficult physical ailments associated with immune dysfunction or heart disease. Gay people are often impervious to the repercussions of many unions that can shatter the heart until disease unfolds.


Not all twin unions are gay in stature in life. The lore of Pinocchio is fostered in both homosexual and heterosexual encounters through time. Twins of the heart foster deep unions as long as the partnership is sustained. Sustainable twin partnership requires a commitment to the union through time. Twin unions that are brief or fail to foster a commitment generally wound the heart of one. The one dejected by the other is generally the one who loses their heart in the dream of life. Loss of heart is a difficult pattern to surmount within. Heart breach can be healed through the intent to forgive the un fortuitous experience.


Sometimes the one dejected by a twin loses the will to live. The will to live is an oscillation of the heart accolade of self. If the heart is rendered badly in a sad twin occasion, the heart accolade ceases. The heart accolade is a repose of sound and light that synthesizes self into the estuary of the field. Self is the consciousness that formulates the dreams of the existence. Self that is lost ceases to formulate continued dreams and the life ceases either by accident, suicide or a travesty of disconnection that leads to a stroke or heart attack through time. Self is inaugurated within in seven-year cycles. If self fails to be inaugurated in the cycle to follow a twin breach of the heart, death is fulfilled upon in the following seven years.


The Beauty of the Two  


Quinton and Wesley are a beautiful pair of care. The two foster a long-term gay union of the heart. Quinton and Wesley marry and purchase an adroit suburban home of a mausoleum of architectural design with an interior flair of the business preoccupation of Quinton. The two frequently entertain business clients and friends with gorgeous and delicious meals prepared by Wesley. The two flourishes in an exotic manner of twin repose of self that delights in flair of Quinton’s business clients.


Quinton attracts many other gay people to rendezvous with over time. Wesley is more monogamous but has occasional affairs too. Quinton cheats on Wesley in many late night encounters with other gay men in night clubs fostering intimate pleasure due to his sexual needs. Quinton has a sincere encounter with a twin of birth known as Axton. Axton is foreign and erotic and exotic unto Quinton. The two rendezvous seven times in deep passionate care sustained in adroit hotels not far away from the suburban life of Wesley.


Wesley witnesses Quinton and Axton at a local café fostering a humorous and delightful moment in time. Wesley fails to perceive Axton as a beloved of the heart for Quinton. In his truth, Wesley joins the two supping on his partner’s glass of wine while putting his arm around Quinton’s shoulder announcing their marriage with a wave of his hand. The large diamond of his wedding ring shimmers in the sunlight catching Axton’s eye. Quinton is upset as he has not fostered an understanding that he is in a gay marriage with his beloved Axton. Wesley toys with Quinton’s hair and invites Axton over for dinner to be fostered from his lush day of shopping at the local farmers markets of the region. Axton accepts hoping for a triad of sensual delight to unfold into the night in the plight of his own fantasy.


Quinton arrives home long before Wesley is to dine closing his design studio early that day. He is rude and upset claiming that he does not wish Axton to have dinner with the two of them at this time. He invites Wesley to call Axton and cancel the date dialing his number on his cell phone. Wesley chats up a hilarious conversation with Axton who flirts heavily with him out of his own sensual desire. Wesley completes the conversation confirming the date of fate of the three.


Quinton is livid with Wesley following the conversation’s conclusion. Wesley is exacerbated now with preparing a delightful meal for the three of them. He invites Quinton to have a drink and a smoke and relax as the evening will unfold in deep interest of this flirtatious new foreign friend who is gay. Quinton retreats and sulks in the bedroom choosing a more than astute level of clothing than usual. Wesley is surprised at the silk pajama style of wear chosen. That is an exotic choice of wear he thinks. As the meal is prepared prior to their guest’s arrival, he too retreats dressing himself in compatible design and flair as his mate. The two matches in the colors of the eve.


The table is dressed with eloquent wear of a unique design. The candles are lit and the flowers scent the room. A fire burns in the adroit living room of fashionable design. Many mirrors upon the walls refract a gentle ambiance of the sincerity of the two. Axton arrives also in a unique style of self and blends with the two in delight of his life. The dinner is scrumptious and the wine is eloquent. Axton personally tasted the wine from an eloquent cellar nearby. Another bottle is opened of parallel collection of the two. Drugs of sensual pleasure adorn the dessert cart along with exotic liquors of choice.


Axton fosters a unique moment of twin care with Quinton who graciously invites him to conclude the eve and meet up with him at another time. The two embrace and kiss, but Wesley is intoxicated with Axton’s presence. He invites Axton instead to spend the night with the two with a wave of his hand. Axton accepts and the three experience a triad of union that delights the senses and tickles each into a fruition of bliss. Axton departs the next morn with rosy checks and glassy eyes having fostered a moment of ecstasy together.


Axton returns to his foreign land of birth. Quinton grieves the loss of his twin. Wesley fails to understand the remorse and longing, along with strife of Quinton following his encounter of the three. Axton visits recurrently through the following year in his business travel across continents. Sometimes he adventures to be with the pair; sometimes only with Quinton. Over time, Axton voices his preference for a triad experience and not just a union of the two. The trio is far more exotic and intoxicating for him, he shares. Quinton longs for time with Axton alone and feels disappointed at his preference.


Quinton feels trapped between one he loves who does not long for him alone and one he is married unto that cares. Soon Quinton plans an exodus of the partnership to be with Axton forever. He returns quietly and unhappy from his foreign experience as Axton is not interested in a long-term partnership with him. Wesley senses the desire to depart and feels lost within. He corners Quinton who confesses his desire for a long-term partnership with his beloved twin Axton. Wesley is upset but stands by his mate who shares that Axton appears uninterested at this time.


Seven years later, Quinton dies suddenly of an aneurysm. Wesley is left deeply distraught and unable to cope. The business is sold along with the home to allow for enough to provide for Wesley in his most lavish lifestyle. He motions to find a superlative condo that is paid for leaving the insurance funds and remaining money from the sale of everything to draw upon through the end of his life. He invites Axton for a visit and is graced with the presence of an old dear friend to cry upon the shoulder of. Axton plays the role beautifully. Wesley desires a potential and future partnership with Axton. He declines and chooses not to visit again. Axton prefers triads of union that are less subject to intimate issues of the heart surfacing that he is unwilling to witness.


Wesley loses his flavor of magic in the bedroom home and kitchen over time. He adventures into the gay bars only to return home late in the eve lonely and broken hearted. The drugs of the heart help some but he is unable to recover his loss of heart within. He chooses to overdose on a known and lethal drug over a weekend of a blustery and rainy storm of himself. He succeeds at passing and joining his beloved post death. For all that Quinton cared for Wesley in life, he does not care for him post death. Wesley is saddened as the love he desired to foster in his death fails to develop. Twin lore death is precarious for fostering a hatred that follows deep love of the two in life.


The Twins of Possibility


Eleanor and Quillian are beautiful and youthful into middle age. The two meet and carry on in a beautiful relationship of dating and love making late into the night and into a dawn of fate of twin lore union. The possibility of marital happenstance is ignited but Eleanor does not desire a long-term union. She is determined to have a child and desires to do so by herself. Quillian offers to be a partner to aid in the care and raising of a child together.


Eleanor is less sure about the partnership but uses it to foster a pregnancy through an incubation service that specializes in gay relationship home births. The two live in a known gay community of high standards of living. The joint income affords the two a kind home with a yard for the incoming child to play within. The child is fostered to birth by a midwife in an adroit equation of a water happenstance of forgiveness of self in the entrance of life.


Little Leilani is born early due to a propensity for Eleanor to diet during pregnancy to retain her luscious figure. Although premature, Leilani survives and bounces back into a healthy weight in less than a year due to the support of the midwife. Eleanor breast feeds for a time and then finds an adroit combination of substances to feed little Leilani from a bottle. Leilani is a bouncing baby girl in lavish clothes gifted by the many friends of Quillian.


Quillian is a professional coach of counseling measure of self. Those attuning to Quillian are happy with their sessions and pay amply for her flair of fostering of their lives. Quillian provides more income than Eleanor who chooses to remain home for a year to witness young Leilani grow. Eleanor remains home for many years enjoying the role of a parent fostering a child and caring for Quillian in many ways as a surrogate housewife stature of self. Quillian appreciates the home cooked meals and other fosterings of a wife at home for herself.


Quillian juggles her sessions with the needs of the baby for a time after Eleanor returns to work as Leilani turns age five and enters kindergarten. Eleanor is an actress and model and sometimes performs in local theater. She sings, dances and is beautifully provided for in designer flair by Quillian. Eleanor enjoys her nights of the eve fostered as she spends time with other singers or musicians or sometimes actors performing in parallel with herself. The group delights in Eleanor’s talent and beauty. Quillian is jealous and desires something else.


Quillian longs for marriage and presents a lovely gift of a ring over the holidays and as Leilani turns age seven. Eleanor accepts if for no other cause than the need to share in the raising of a child and the income necessary for the delight of the lifestyle that the two fosters together. She feels trapped, however, but finds her way into feeling single in her night time enterprises of self. Eleanor fosters many gay beloveds in a stance of remaining herself through time. Quillian fails to acknowledge her love affairs of the night of delight of herself.


The theater fosters a stage presentation that wins Eleanor a performance on national television talent systems of life. She sings and dances but does not win the competition. The hope for the limelight is a long-term desire on her part. Quillian coaches her post competition to aid her in recovering her flavor of self. Eleanor is deeply wounded in the exchange with the talent agents following her performance who depict her as an aging night club singer. She feels too wounded to continue to perform in the local clubs or theater she once enjoyed the experience of.


Quillian is concerned at her partner’s preoccupation of focus over the talent agencies equation of her life fostering little if nothing of value. She finds a specialist for wounded actresses that works with famous people in the industry. The specialist, Xena, presents herself as a kind and considerate psychotherapist and also fosters an understanding of the competitive and judgmental stance of the talent industry for Eleanor to comprehend. In time, Eleanor recovers and returns to her performances on stage and in night clubs but feels numb within, failing to enjoy herself as she once had through time.


Those close to Eleanor notice her loss of heart in the industry that she is gifted within. Each encourages her to sing her favored songs to recover her gifts and talent and vie for her favorite part in the upcoming play nearby. Eleanor wins the lead actress position for a gifted and talented singer that takes their life following a sad encounter with a talent show audition and on stage. She plays the part in deep care due to her own experience in life.


The audience notices, and she takes time to present her case of experience to those attending each event. Soon she is invited to a local radio show to share also of her experience and to promote the play. The radio show fosters another production of the play in the year to follow due to the applause of the community. Eleanor continues to aplomb through the local community and due to the play into the following year.


A talent agency chooses to take Eleanor on for bigger production possibilities. Eleanor fosters enough courage to attempt an interview for a low budget film about a parallel concept of life as an actress that is judged and commits suicide. She shares of her personal experience and of the play she had been the leading character within. The talent agency promotes her as aware and a good possible choice as a lead actress of the movie due to life experience that could also be fostered to promote the film. She fails to win the leading role but is invited as a support manager for the team and to promote the film due to her life experience. Eleanor feels not unwelcome in the role and is happy to support others who may feel dejected in the talent industry in life.


Quillian witnesses a shift in Eleanor over time. Soon she is drooping at the end of the day of work with the film production rather than blossoming within. Quillian suggests that perhaps the role of counseling on set is not really for her as it appears to really wear her down and triggers deep depression within. Eleanor loses her heart to a twin flame taking the lead role as the lover of the lead actor of the low budget film. She pines and longs for her twin who is not gay. The dejection is deep and grave for Eleanor. She never confesses her heartfelt love for the beautiful actress that she cares for but can never be with. Seven years later Eleanor perishes in a difficult train accident.


Quillian feels a sincere loss of her mate and partner as does little Leilani who is now age twelve. Leilani fosters talent show contests winning a prize for her poetic performance from her heart at age sixteen. The poetry is about the loss of her mother Eleanor, a fabulous singer and actress fostering many gifts and talents for others to delight within. Leilani’s deep sadness fosters tears as she weeps at the deep loss of care in her life during the poetry contest. She wins the contest following by a talent agency audition to foster her work as an actress ahead. She wins the agency audition to promote her heavily as a new and upcoming actress of delight. Quillian coaches Leilani to find her center and truth following many an audition. A talent agency finds many positions for Leilani over the coming year triggering, a moderate level of fame.


Leilani catches her mother’s dream and fosters a famous position on a cable network show about young and upcoming talented and youthful actors and actresses that struggle within in their performances on stage. The story lines are dramatic and often Leilani over emotes each role leading to care of the audience and talent agencies alike. She aplombs at causing the development of parallel symptoms of emotional strife in life. Quillian coaches her to find her center following each production televised to be more at peace. Leilani’s popularity triggers others to recognize her on the street. The recognition bothers Quillian who worries about Leilani’s safety through life.


Leilani meets a twin flame who is an actor of larger fame than herself. She falls in love. Roman seduces her one night, and the glory of the dawn meets the light in herself and not himself. He departs with a yearning for someone else. Leilani recognizes the loss within in the months to follow. Roman will not return her calls or text her back on her cell phone. She grieves the loss of her first lover immensely. Quillian provides a resource of understanding and care for her daughter who is not to become a newlywed or young mother as she previously thought.


Leilani bounces back and begins to date many. Quillian worries about her safety when Leilani is out late at night. Quillian frequently calls her cell phone only to discover her daughter’s disdain at the inquiry over her whereabouts. Soon Leilani earns enough to rent an adroit apartment of her own. She fosters many lovers over time to understand the masculine that she failed to grow up with at home due to two gay parents. Men come and go and in time an older but lofty man of some years fosters a beautiful friendship and tantric partnership with Leilani. She is less attracted than with many other lovers but finds the fatherly approach of Ikaika a much needed measure of herself for her own sustenance of self.


Leilani and Ikaika move in together. Ikaika is handsome and in his forties while Leilani is a sensual twenty-six years old inside and out with a figure of a goddess. Quillian appreciates the approach that Ikaika takes with Leilani feeling it is safer for her daughter to be in this union than the many others she dated over time. Ikaika is intrigued and proposes one Christmas shortly after the two moves in together. Leilani does not accept but instead takes the ring letting him know she needs to “think about it”. She conceives a child in the spring to follow and chooses not to abort. She wears the engagement ring but Ikaika is unclear he wishes to become a father again. He has raised four children and does not wish to do so again. Leilani is stricken with fear in his choice to depart the union and foster a child by herself.


Leilani moves back in with her mother who is excited about the prospect of becoming a grandmother. The child is born and Ikaika does adventure to experience his newborn son. The little boy Nakoa is gorgeous and the twin of Leilani. Leilani feels the love of the two cascades upon her through her son as she breast feeds her newborn child. Ikaika is enticed by the love flowing through the pair but cannot succumb to the thought of marriage or a continued partnership with them due to his desire to not raise another child. Leilani is disappointed but carries on in the life due to the love of her twin and son Nakoa. The love of the two provides a beautiful foray of dream for her grandmother too ahead.


Ikaika eventually departs the region due to prospects of work elsewhere. Leilani fosters another union of a man who desires to aid in the raising of Nakoa. The three romance together and witness a wedding divine together that is intimate to experience with family. Quillian is in love with life as a grandmother witnessing a four-way twin union lore wedding of the heart. Ikaika is not invited as it is not necessary unto him or them to create a divine dream of the union of a family of twins. Quillian and the new spouse Lopaka are twins as are Leilani and her son Nakoa. The foursome causes a love divine of the quad nature of self to emerge. The four represent the deep love and care of a quad of twins sharing a life together through time.


Analysis of Twin Flame Care of the Heart  


The love of twin flames is a deep experience when two inaugurate twin repose of self. Twins who love deeply find a means of healing the heart and fostering the life ahead. Twins who deject one or the other repose the opposite leading to the loss of heart along with the will to live. Twins who care can foster a union that lasts a lifetime. Sincere twins share biological ancestry of parallel genetic formations through time. Twins share heart space triggering beautiful relationships and union lore of self together.


Twin lore of self is a sacred motion that is inaugurated only in eras of development of self realizing itself through time. Twin lore is so precarious in stature that it requires those mastering to foster in health and sustenance of self. Many twins may be born and cross the path of one another through time spanning age ranges from birth to death. Crossing the path of a twin who dejects can be fatal if intimate happenstance unfolds without a commitment to partnership. Intimacy launches twin circumstance into the foray of dream triggering a need to commit and care for one another through time rising above the patterns at cause of dejection. Twins who deject one or the other generally lead to death through time.


Twin lore of Pinocchio is an adroit equation that one only lives if the love of the twin is shared. The wooden boy fails to foster sincere expression of care in life until the twin shows to support the journey of the two. As the twin arrives, a deep heart accolade forms between the two triggering a new and beautiful dream to unfold of deep care leading to a new day for each.


Only rarely do twins meet and augment a partnership. When twin flames do meet and augment a partnership, divine realization of the two may unfold. Many desire twin flame unions but do not understand the difficult life happenstance that can unfold if partnership cannot be fostered in the life. It is best perhaps to intend to not meet one’s twin in an intimate happenstance unless it is for the purposes of divine partnership.


The Two

The journey of two

Is of a twin relay

Of care of the heart

To stabilize the union

Into a divine oscillation

Of light wave synthesis

Of beauty and truth

Sincere unto the heart

In an accolade

Of the Self

Of a partnership



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Pure Love


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