Image of an enchanting mermaid in the magical underwater city of Aquafaria. How Is Seeing Inner Earth Related To DNA Activation?

How Is Seeing Inner Earth Related To DNA Activation?


Image Credit: Dr. Angela Barnett at Crystal Magic Orchestra


The DNA is like a microchip carrying data inside of a computer, only the DNA microchip is in the body. If the body only has two DNA activated, the body computer screen will only project the limited scenery and knowledge that is stored in those two DNA. If the DNA is expanded to four or five DNA, the information in the computer chip is expanded greatly.


We are not just getting a few more DNA, we are connecting each DNA strand to the 12 sub harmonics of the entire Human Race Line of knowledge. There are now 24 sub harmonics connected to the first DNA strand alone. Now, we are going to turn on each DNA strand by connecting each of the double helix of each DNA strand to the 12 sub harmonics. By the time we have activated 4 DNA strands, we have also activated 24 sub harmonics four times for a total of 96 sub harmonics.


DNA Accretion Levels


Everyone on Earth has at least four DNA activated at this time. The majority has 4.25, many have 4.5, and a few have 5 at this time. There are a few Indigo Children who already have 6 and 8 activated.


It takes a 4 accretion level (frequency activation level) to see a 3D reality field. Those who have a 4.25 accretion level are still mostly seeing a 3D reality field with a few more layers of anti particles and light energy than they did before. However, they are able to understand more than when they were only at the 4 accretion level. They are able to visualize possibilities easier than before.


Those who have 4.5 accretion level have the same frequencies as Inner Earth. They can begin to learn to see the same realities as Inner Earth and eventually transmute their existence into that reality. 


When we gain 5 DNA, we will be perceiving the complete Astral 4D reality field. That reality field is anti particle in nature. It is purely spiritual. It is etheric. We are being given the opportunity to grow into that invisible reality field gradually by moving into the 4.5 semi etheric reality of Inner Earth before we orb on over to Tara.


Dream State and Manifestation


The reason that some have worked on the teachings of entering the dream state to activate the Astral realm is because it is this dream state that is our new reality. We can dream anything and it will become our reality. Unfortunately, most people who have learned to activate lucid dreams lucid dreams have not learned how to control them or understand them. Every dream we have is created by our own subconscious. The more our subconscious is connected to our Soul Matrix, which is Dimensions 4,5,6 the more of that consciousness will begin to filter into the dreams and make that manifest reality appear in our lives.


The dream state must become more important than the waking state while learning to manifest. Manifesting is basically the same as dreaming. We must be completely in the Mid Brain frequency specific subconscious realm that is detached from the Thinking Brain. We must use imagination. We must get involved emotionally and energetically in the Reality of that dream manifesting. Most importantly, we must learn that everything that we see in our reality field is something that we did manifest from our subconscious. The reality that we each live in was created by our own thoughts.


Planting New Cellular Memory into DNA


Just because our DNA expands to 4.5 doesn’t mean that we automatically see a new reality. We see the reality that we have imprinted on our cellular memory. We are just now getting clear of the cellular memory that the Invader Races and Fallen Angelics printed into our DNA. That old cellular memory is getting transmuted out of us one way or another. Some of the pain and dark dreams are a part of this old cellular memory that was implanted in our cells.


We have the responsibility of planting new cellular memory into our DNA. If we do not use our imagination and find the magic that lies in the invisible reality, we will never experience it. Even though the Earth is moving into the accretion level of Inner Earth, we will only perceive of it if we begin teaching our DNA to see the elemental fairies and magical Aquafarians who live in the elemental level of Inner Earth.


We must learn to see and feel the magical resonance of the ionization of the water particles. These are the water fairies bringing magic into our atmosphere. We must teach our DNA to see Inner Earth before it will appear before us. We must see ourselves living in Cities of Light, walking on water, playing with fairies, Orbing through time. We must visualize it. We must tune in to the mind of a child to see the reality that lies within.


Children can see the water fairies because those images of the water fairies are still in their cellular memory. Adults made the choice to stop believing and so that reality was washed out of our cellular memory.


Imagination and Frequencies


How do we actually expand the DNA so that we are allowed to create and manifest a more interesting and fabulous scenery in our lives?


We use our imagination. It is the imagination creating visual images that writes those images into the DNA cellular memory. Those images project from the DNA onto the movie screen around the body. That is the truth. That is how reality works.


So, we are thinking, I have these images in my mind, but the world around me doesn’t look like my images. We have to take a few more steps. We have to hold those visionary images in our past. We have to see ourselves living in that crystal palace, or cosmic wonderland, or underwater city of light ever since we were born. It has to become our only reality.


We have a long history of visionary images already painted in the cellular memory of the DNA. We improve those images and increase the data imprinted on the DNA by raising our frequencies into higher dimensions of reality. We can do this with Frequencies and Imagination if we wanted to manifest quickly. Focusing and repeating an idea in the mind continuously for a very long time will also work over a long period of time.


Either way, nothing new is going to manifest until we transmute the old frequencies into higher frequencies with new data in them. The frequencies that Crystal Magic Orchestra creates as frequency music will connect the DNA into the 12 sub harmonics. This is a result of taking you in consciousness into the morphogenetic field of frequencies of the entire 12 DNA Christic race line that is in the Sphere of Amenti in the Cosmic Etheric Inner Earth. (This is much deeper than the 4.5 Inner Earth. We’re referring to 14 dimensional reality.)


The more often the body is drenched in the frequencies of 14D Inner Earth through the Frequencies, the faster the DNA will activate as the 12 sub harmonics awaken each DNA.


It is during this process of DNA strand activation that the new realities must be printed into the DNA. If a new DNA strand becomes activated it will carry the memories that you had before it was activated. We must plant the future memory into our DNA now. We must spend all of our time visualizing, feeling, knowing the fifth dimension reality within our DNA cellular memory, or it will never become perceivable.


Lucky for us, there have been some higher dimensional beings on Earth showing us what this magical reality looks like. Many artists have seen it and drawn it; children see it often. Dr. Barnett states: “I see it through the frequencies and the music that the Aquafarians send through my consciousness.”


See Yourself Living in Inner Earth


Through Imagination, Visualization, focus on seeing yourself in the past, present and future living where and how you want to be. See yourself living in the Cities of Light of Inner Earth. See yourself as being eternally young and healthy, very wealthy with continuous instant manifestation abilities.


We recommend that you paint the picture of the entire reality. If you create realities making a list of things there will not be a complete movie for you to move into.


Those of you who are artists have a huge gift. If you paint the reality that you want to live in and then repaint it into your cells through your imagination of your thymus gland, and put yourself into that picture as a child. Know that you have always lived in that reality. Now paint the same picture with you in the future. The reality of the past will bring that picture into your present. The picture of the future will be waiting for you to move into it. We must always remember to transmute our entire reality in past, present and future.


If you are not an artist, try to describe the vision verbally, by poem, by song, or just scribble as well as you can. Whatever it takes to help you remember to make your visualization COMPLETE when you do it in your imagination.




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