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Section 2: Introduction to the Hypothesis of Union with Shakti Studies


Self Realization through Divine Union Within


Union Lore


The dream of the dream

Of the union

Is a repose of enchantment

In a synergy of delight

Of the beauty of the two

Ignited as One

In the hope of the return

Of the Beloved Within

In a special moment

In a hypothesis

Of a Union Divine


There are many unconscious patterns that affect unions between partners in relationship. Union is a sought-after goal by many who are realizing self. Partnership aids in the opening of the heart and the understanding of the accolades of forgiveness and compassion of self-realization. Those in difficult unions struggle but open to the deeper possibility of a profound love within as the divine chalice in the heart opens. Love is a union within that blossoms into a lotus through spiritual focus upon the divine.


Chalice of the Divine


Divinity is a lost possibility in the current human marketplace except for those willing to open the chalice of the divine within. The chalice is a lotus of eighteen petals as it opens and expands to over a thousand in the heart chakra as compassionate action is embraced as a life anthem. Anthems are musical forays of repose that ignite within the chalice of the divine as the heart buds into striations of the lotus of self. Anthems change into verities of reposes of union as self is realized into greater levels of mastery.


The self of the self within is seated in the petals of the lotus or chalice of the divine. Self is the consciousness of the awareness of the spiritually attuned and gifted self. Most in the current human foray have no self or are self-less in expression. Loss of self is a deep wound in many ancestries that choose for a spiritual quest in life. As the wound of the loss of the self of the self within heals, the chalice opens and buds in feats of increasing awareness through spiritual aptitude of evolutionary fulfillment.


The union divine is an internal experience of accolades of love shared by self and spirit. Self and spirit ignite within the chalice of the divine to accolade the life into the quest of the fulfillment of a state of forgiveness and compassion. Mastery is measured by petals sustained in the chalice of the divine which number into the thousands with increasing awareness of self. Self-realization begins as the petals number about eight hundred within the heart accolade.


Mansion of the Self Within


The formation of self has many rooms within the mansion of the chalice of divine. The mansion is constructed as the eight hundredth petal is sustained. The mansion represents the seat of the self. The rooms are associated with each level of thoughtform realized as an evolutionary fulfillment foray of dream. The mansion within is sustained through archetypal driven accolades of self that sustain the consciousness of the life.


Many today are beginning the journey towards the construction of the mansion of the self within. The journey is not always an easy experience for those who are deeply emotional or sensitive in nature. Each level of union in the expansion of the chalice of the divine causes patterns and issues of self to become exposed such that the pain, loss or strife of the origins of the collapse of the heart are addressed and forgiven. Often life partnerships mirror the wounds of the heart in patterns of dis-synergy or other formations that create strife in the life dream. The strife is always a mirror for the loss of love through the loss of self in the ancestry. As the chalice of the divine is restored and self striated within, dreams are sustained in greater sweetness of repose accolading the end of strife.


Sweet Melodies of Divine Expression


Sweet dreams carry a melody and repose of the sacredness of self. A union divine is a sacred song between the Dao and Tao within. The Dao is the feminine attribute of self and the Tao the masculine. Tao understands the spiritual lessons and Dao realizes through application of the emotions associated with love and compassion. As Dao and Tao ignite in a flame of the divine, the melody reposes causing the life dreams to rearrange into beautiful forays reflecting the divinity of self of the self within. Divinity is mastered in expanding accolades of self of Dao and Tao union in a foray of beautification and purification of the life.


Purification is a sacred act of self. Self purifies as the mansion of the divine is filled with spirit in the ignition of the union of the Dao and Tao within into deeper accolades of truth. Self expands through evolutionary sequences of dreams and accolades its symphonies of divinity upon the dream of the life. As the life repose purifies to the sweeter divine melodies, the dreams shift into the sweetness of an expression of love of the love within. The sweetness of divine love within calls to the forefront of the dream others who are sweet and kind unto self. Those who cannot repose to the sweet melodies of the divine expression of self depart and sometimes a union will dissolve as a result of the mastery of self into sweeter octaves of itself.


Relationships Mirror the State of the Chalice of the Divine Within


Allowing partnerships to fade as the life lessons are complete is helpful in the choice to realize self. Relationships accolade in symphonies of sounds that cause a dream to create the union in life. Most unions today are not divine happenstance. Generally, unions are of one who chooses for realization with the other hosting a life of mundane preoccupations of a non-self variety of experience. Those realizing through partnerships with non-self expression will discover a beautiful mirror for how the self of the self within was lost.


All partnerships or relationships of any kind are a reflection of the state of the chalice of the divine within along with the level of self-realization mastered. Self-realization is about recovering a compassionate stance in all life choices and with all others. Finding compassion for a difficult partnership is perhaps one of the deepest lessons for those realizing self in this cycle. Life is filled with lessons with others that dream within the life happenstance. Each lesson serves in arranging an accolade of achievement of self as forgiveness and compassion takes flight.


Forgiveness and Compassionate Action


Forgiveness is an attribute of self that flows as the chalice first opens. Compassionate action becomes an attribute of self as the chalice sustains eight hundred petals of consciousness within. Mastery of compassionate action requires a deep understanding of the spiritual purpose of existence and the willingness to go inward to forgive. Forgiveness requires examination of the difficult happenstance in order to repose compassion and love as the response to the dream. As compassion is reposed into the dream of strife, the dream rearranges into one of a happenstance of release followed by joy.


Mastering partnership occurs as the two forays for a dream of compassionate action between the self of the self within. Compassion between two has many stages of development within. Those choosing for twin or counterpart lore unions are best suited for a partnership for mastery of union through compassionate action. Partnerships of divine order develop in stages and master deeper octaves of a union divine between the two. First, the union is mastered by each within in Dao and Tao accolades of achievement of self; and then the mastery can occur between the two in another level of union mastered in the partnership. (Please refer to Light Wave 3: Divine Counterpart and Twin Relationship for more information on partnership between twins and counterparts.)


Differences in Nature Between Male and Female in Self Realization


There are many variances between the male and female nature in self-realization. The male is most concerned with building the mansion of self. Often the requirement for the mansion is reflected in life happenstance of providing for the sustenance of life. This can translate into the belief that one must provide upon the physical plane in terms of possessions, housing, food or other requirements needed before the partnership can unfold. Partnership only requires one another, and if ignited between twins or counterparts, the dreams will foray easier accolading enough for the union to be sustained.


The male prefers to displace the female into his mansion of the divine. The female requires her own mansion to sustain herself and cannot thrive well in the male’s mansion within. Sometimes the feminine sacrifices herself for the expansion of the self of the self within of the male. Those that fall into lore scripts of sacrificing the chalice of the divine for another will discover that this pattern destroys one in the union who befalls a deep period of strife until the mansions of each can be sustained between the two.


Union lore is case specific. Each has a masculine or Tao and feminine or Dao within. Sometimes the patterns that are of male accolades of issues are manifest in the female in partnership due to distortion of the Tao within each. Sometimes feminine patterns manifest in the masculine due to distortion of the Dao within each. As the Dao and Tao release the patterns at cause of the relationship strife, the union recovers an accolade to a divine state and synergy between the two hearts. The synergy between two hearts restores the sensation of love between the two that may have eclipsed in the strife.


Divine Union of the Two


As two ignite into a divine foray of union, the chalice of the divine lotus formations embraces one another in a particular motion of union. Divine union between the two is created as the two lotuses form into a single lotus that is far larger than either alone. The union divine of this nature is not reposed forever but in moments of mastery of the two in a union divine. As the union fades, the two retreat into an individual lotus. The joint lotus represents the restoration of the beloved of the beloved within in a foray of expansion. The lotus and the expression of the beloved within expands as each level of mastery in partnership is achieved by self.


There is no end to the experience of mastery of the two in union of the beloved of the beloved within. Those who do not seek partnership and realize face in the singular parallel in issues forgiven within as the Dao and Tao must ignite to foster the expansion of the chalice divine. The issues of self realization will appear as male and female union dreams experienced in dream time rather than in the life for those choosing to master in the singular. Union of male and female attributes of self often occur as a nonphysical foray of partnership for those who have not a union in the physical.


Nonphysical and physical union is just as difficult to master and beautiful to experience when a state of synergy is caused. Love is love whether it expresses in the physical or a nonphysical foray. Those who are conscious dreamers may experience the nonphysical union while awake or in meditation. Love is love and requires the Dao and Tao within to ignite into a formation of synergy. As the synergy expands to include another, the union is realized within in deeper octaves of self.


The dreams of union surrounding those mastering allow for the issues requiring transformation to flow to consciousness such that they are addressed and forgiven such that a deeper state of love is mastered within. Mastery is a private experience that should not be shared except between beloveds who understand the path of divine union together.


The chalice of the divine is a beautiful foray of dream to choose for in mastery of self. Choosing for the development of the heart accolade of self will purify the body and dream for another expression and divine repose of purpose to unfold in the life dream. Divinity within is an expression of compassionate action without. Compassionate action accolades a union divine to manifest in the life if chosen for. The chapters in this section are written for those choosing to realize self into the love of the love within through examination of the masculine and feminine issues of self.


In the love of the love within.


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