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Section 1: Introduction To Shakti Relationship Lore


This section offers articles or essays on relationship lore theory from Shakti. Shakti translates into Dao, the feminine attribute of creation. The articles explore the nature of creation of a union divine within and in partnership through addressing the difficult fables or lore humanity currently dreams. Each dream of union is a fable that can be forgiven and replaced with lore that causes divinity within to be experienced and expressed in partnership through self-realization.


Shakti Lore


The dream of the union

Is a beautiful foray

To ignite the passion

In the freedom to express

The sublime synergy of Self

In a tantric rush of delight

Of the notion of Love

In a sacred path

Of a Union Divine

In the momentous occasion

Of the heart


Shakti lore of relationship is an exploration into the meaning of union. Union is a delightful dance of the two in the heart accolade of synergy. Synergy of the heart is a motion divine that ignites the flame of the beautiful within. The beautiful within is a symposium of sound that reposes in the dream calling a magical dance of unison of the two to witness. The two dances in a foray of the forever of the Tao.


Tao is masculine and languages prose into beautiful poetic dream accolades that synergize the moment in a divine foray of the two. Prose are a melody cast with language. The Tao ignites the language and the Dao composes the music. The Dao is a feminine force within. Shakti translates into Dao in many Tao derivative languages from numerous creations. Tao and Dao unite within to create divine union of self through an ignition of flame of the beloved within. The stories of Shakti are the experiences of those mastering the beloved of the beloved within.


Tantric Rush and Tantric Florescence


The beloved within can be experienced in a spiritual dream of mastery. Dao and Tao first ignite within leading to the experience of tantric rush. Tantric rush is a serendipitous moment in which the flame ignites in the heart center of the divine chalice of love. As the divine chalice of love synergizes within, a rush is caused that sometimes leads to a flush of the chest and head along with the sensation of sweat between the breasts.


Tantric rush is a sought-after occasion within as well as between the two. Tantric lore is a synergy of motion that causes a potion that leads to a resolution of the divine between the two as a dream of relationship lore. Divinity of the two is a forensic motion between the nervous system repose of the male and female or two of the same gender in union. The mindset of the two ignites into quotients of thoughts that exemplify unity, love, honor, beauty and freedom in a context of divine partnership.


Divine partnership has been caused in many time periods of realization of self. The purpose of partnership of the two is to accolade the union into a synergy of motion that causes the twins or counterparts of theory to find one another and parallel in mindset development through mastery in union of self. Union of self is not to be confused with sexuality or lust. Sexuality is not necessarily present in tantric lore aspiration. Tantra is a union of fusion that includes all chakra systems and is an energetic foray of deep ecstatic sensations of self. (Please see Light Wave 3: Divine Counterpart and Twin Relationship for more information on twins and counterparts’ partnership theory.)


Sensuality precludes sex in mindset theory of tantra. Sex is a matter-based function of procreation. Sensuality is the delight of the forensics of love in motion between the two selves. Union of self is a notion that the self of the self within must discover divinity in the mutual essence of Spirit. Self is of matter and spirit of soul and each contains a point of unison in which the symposium of sound and light can unite and ignite into a foray of synergy known as tantric florescence.


Age of Enlightenment


Tantric florescence is a display of light synergy that rarely occurs except in the vast mountain ranges of Earth in present time through natural world wonderment. The last time that tantric florescence was experienced between two humans was pre-Atlantean time period. The devastation of the end of Atlantean era devastated the possibility of union until the age of enlightenment would unfold. Atlantean era concluded in a nuclear holocaust that was global and defeated the possibility of mindset evolution beyond a certain foray of possibility.


The age of enlightenment about to unfold must first transcend the level of mindset mastered in Atlantis and then move forth beyond into an eternal accolade of love. Eternal mindset of love offsets the possibility of mass destruction if mastered by enough. As enough attain such a state, the world will be set free of the devastating history that could repeat again in this era.


Divine Partnership and Self Realization


This section is devoted to the two who choose to become as one in an accolade of achievement of relationship in the path of the divine twin or counterpart theory of self. Divine twin and counterpart lore is one of deep ignition of self of the self within. The path is not for those devoted just to partnership. Divine partnership is a foray for a dream of self-realization in a path of the two. Self-realization is not to be confused with ascension or any other journey of evolutionary fulfillment. Self-Realization is the path of understanding the nature of existence from the realization of accolades of forgiveness through love.


Forgiveness requires deep commitment to understanding the dark happenstance of the present circumstance of life. Dark happenstance is an accolade of dis-synergy that symposiums difficulties and emotional strife amongst current humans in relationship lore. Relationship lore has fallen into a standard of one dis-synergizing the other. Relationship lore of dis-synergistic nature must be transformed into a path in which the love of the two is sustained rather than defeated. It is in the defeat of love that all forensics of hate, war, strife and disease occurs. Those mastering in partnership of self will rise above the difficult conditions of mindset at cause of all strife in life.


Mastering Synergy to Overcome Mind Bend


This section is devoted to those choosing to rise above strife in all accolades of dis-achievement of self. Strife is another mindset that is the result of mind bend. Mind bend is an occasion in which the mind waves of the cortex is de-syncopated in a manner in which strife is experienced. Strife is not a natural pattern when synergy occurs within. Synergy is first mastered within as a union divine of Dao and Tao within. As synergy is sustained within, strife in the dream of self vaporizes into a new day of caring, reposes of unity and love and a forensic motion that is divine occurs.


Divinity is a wonderment of self in its accolades of achievement. Achievement occurs as octaves of light synthesis mastered over time. Each octave has a mindset. Some octaves cause mind bend for a time until transfused beyond. Mind bend is the result of forensic motions that dis-synergize self from matter. Self that is separated off causes a sensation of strife in the mindset. Strife can be equated with fear or depression or accolades of deep grief in the experience of those self-realizing.


Synergy of self requires continued focus upon the path of self-realization. Those mastering must master beyond the dis-synergized moments into a restored synergy of self and matter in a foray of achievement over times of strife in the inheritance. Synergy of self within is an achievement all of its own in the vast foray of devastation since Atlantean time periods. We accolade those choosing to achieve synergy of self in this time period and support each upon the path towards mastery through realization.


In the love of the heart within.

Dao (Source) of Shakti




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Asur’Ana. Light Wave 4: Divine Partnership. Aligning With Earth, 2020. Digital.

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