Image of a lovely sunrise at an ocean beach. Remember God in All Aspects of Life.

Remember God In All Aspects Of Life


We live to contact the Source and realize God within us. This is the most important goal in life. All else are secondary, whether they be career or social life.


Meditation and Prayer


Meditation means prayer; it’s the same. If we don’t know how to meditate, then we pray. Meditation is the best way to pray. If we don’t meditate or pray, then we can’t know our God, our Self. Then we are lost. You might earn a lot of money, are married to the love of your life, have a great career or have plenty of children, but it’s for nothing. After you depart the earth plane, it’s finished! All the money, your spouse or partner, career and children mean nothing. They don’t help at the time you go, when you leave this planet – not at all.


Meditation is more important than anything else in life. To improve spiritually, we must practice, practice, practice. Make meditation your priority in life.


Please click here for a meditation to contact the Source and realize God within: Inner Light Meditation


Daily Spiritual Practice


Every day, we should make sure to fill ourselves with all the best possible for us, just like every day we try to select the best nutrition for our body. Every time you eat some good thing, you have to remember: “I have to also put some good things into my soul, into my spiritual development.” So, even while you’re eating, you can practice.


When you put some nice clothes on, you should remember, “I must also adorn myself with spiritual splendor.”


Every time you see some beautiful flowers, you can say, “I must also cultivate my spiritual  garden.”


With similar things, always remind yourself. When we hear the birds singing and we feel so nice and comfortable, we must also remember. We should never forget the Word of God.


When you are deeply in love in a romantic relationship and you’re happy, you should also say: “I must also remember the love of God, which is everlasting, which is the true love.” But if you cannot separate that, then you have to remind yourself: “Yes, I will try to remember; I will do something so that I can also make the relationship between me and God more flourishing, more romantic and more intimate.”


Every time you love your children, you have to remember how God-Source really loves us. This is the truest and greatest love for everyone.


Every time your pets love you and you love your pets, or you caress your pets or your pets caress you, you should also remind yourself that this is part of the love of God, and that only God’s love is really true and pervasive.


As you can see from the above examples, we can use every situation to remind ourselves not to forget the spiritual path that we have chosen to walk. In this way, we constantly reinforce ourselves during this mundane existence on Earth, to always be in the remembrance of God.


We just have to be sincere on our spiritual path and practice all the time.


God Can Be Experienced Everyday Everywhere


God is to be experienced not only through meditation but also every day with everything – with your breath, with your body, with your feelings, with your intellect, with your emotions, with your mental attitude and also with the people around you. Because God is everywhere, (S)He brings you experiences and wonders every day, all the time. You just have to notice it.


We usually don’t notice God’s manifestations in our mundane life. We usually wait for God to appear in meditation, but God isn’t like that. During meditation, we usually have quiet experiences with Hirm.


Nevertheless, many times and every day, (S)He blesses us everywhere. However, sometimes you don’t know it. For example, it looks like you’re almost having a car accident, but who is veering your car away or veering some other car away so that you remain safe?


These are the times when we notice God is there. But then we just think, “Oh, it’s a coincidence.” Or sometimes we happen to find a good job that we never expected and we think, “Oh, it’s another coincidence.” But no – God is everywhere and (S)He always protects us and helps us. (S)He appears all the time and everywhere, whether during meditation or in ordinary life.




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