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What is reincarnation? How many times do we have to reincarnate? Why do we reincarnate at all? Do we have any choice in the matter?


From the perspective of our Spirit or Infinite Divine Self/Being (who resides in Eternity and Infinity), there is in reality no such state as ‘past’ lives, ‘future’ lives or even ‘lives’. All those experiences we know as lives are in fact the continuum of a single collective experience of the Infinite Self, simultaneously experienced across all what we know as time periods or time tracks relative to the human concept of what we call time.


In the level of consciousness of the Divine Self, time does not exist and is not experienced. Time is a human construct. The human mind/consciousness is not capable of processing/experiencing all of its simultaneous incarnations concurrently. Instead, our mind orders experiences into a linear series—that time has a Past, a Present and a Future.


Therefore from the perspective of our Divine Self and those individuals who have attained that high level of consciousness (or enlightenment), there is no such concept as reincarnation. Once we are enlightened, we would understand that the Spirit never reincarnates. It is just our habitual thinking, our desires, our attachments that reincarnate. If we know the Spirit, if we are enlightened, we would understand that we are not reincarnated anywhere. We are never born and never die.


Starting from Level 3 of Consciousness and beyond, there is no karma and no reincarnation. However, since we are living on the space-time continuum of Earth, and having a physical body as well as a mind, there is a process known as reincarnation, which is addressed below.


[Please refer to the article The Levels Of Creation According To The Masters for more information about the Levels of Consciousness and the multidimensional universes of the Cosmos.]


Ultimate Destiny of Humankind


In order to understand reincarnation, we first need to understand the ultimate destiny of humankind. Each of us from the moment of our very first physical incarnation on Earth, has the most sacred mission to ultimately reunite with God-Source or the process known as Ascension. Upon reaching this most exalted stage in our Spiritual evolution, we would have the option of either relinquishing our individuality and merging with Source or retaining our individuality for as long as we wish to do so.


Those who choose to retain their individualities at these highest and most exalted of levels are Ascended Masters or God-People residing in the very highest, most glorious levels of consciousness or spheres of life. They usually concern themselves with the ongoing evolution of other Beings throughout the Cosmos, and provide service to those who are not so far along the path.


How does reincarnation fit into this process? Planet Earth or any physical world can be compared to first year at kindergarten; the very highest levels or spheres of reality can be compared to post-graduate University. To attain the necessary levels of achievement, no one (except for geniuses) can even think about attending University without first having progressed through all necessary levels of primary and higher education.


Physical World Challenges to Progress on the Path


The higher worlds beyond the physical planet Earth are spheres where anything desired can become an instant reality through the powers of thought, imagination, emotion and other powers of the Mind. Although they are wonderful worlds, they are not an environment where important lessons can be easily learned due to the lack of physical world type challenges. Living on Earth or any physical planet provides the rigors, with the need for food and shelter as well as the trials, tribulations and temptations, thus spurring many to seek spiritual understanding or enlightenment, so that they can progress on the journey back to God-Source.


Most often inhabitants of the low heavens (Level 1 to Level 2 of Consciousness) have such easy and happy lives that they do not take the time to develop and to realize God within. Therefore, after many eons of experiencing bliss, peace and love, they will be required to incarnate on Earth or another physical planet, so that they can attain enlightenment and progress further on the path back to Source.


The Process of Reincarnation


When people experience a transition called death, their karmic accounts go with them. If their accounts are not settled before they die, they must return to this physical world for the settlement. The individual must return to this life, again and again in order that (s)he may answer the demands of the universal law of karma. This constitutes the round of births and deaths which we call reincarnation, or the wheel of birth and death.


No soul can ever detach itself from its accounts until they are settled. Stored up the causal body, is the seed of all its karma, an infallible record, in which the recorder never makes a mistake. (S)He can neither leave this record behind him/her nor can (s)he conceal it. Wherever (s)he goes his/her record goes with him/her.


Some (but not all) karma will be worked out on the subtle planes (Astral and Causal/Mental Planes) after one dies. Why is another life on Earth necessary? Why cannot all accounts be settled on the subtle planes to which one goes after death? The answer is that everyone must return to earthly life in order that (s)he may reap what (s)he has sown, and make all payments under identical conditions of life, which ensures perfect justice; also, to permit the individual to improve his/her karma to the point where (s)he may eventually escape or graduate from the karmic wheel of birth and death.


Laws of Love, Grace and Forgiveness


The process of reincarnation could take eons upon eons as measured in the linear concept of Earth time. Is there any way to shorten this process? How can we graduate from the karmic wheel of birth and death without going through countless physical lives on Earth? As long as the individual lives and operates under the law of karma, it would take him/her eons upon eons to escape the karmic wheel. However, there is a way in which the spiritual path can be accelerated: receive initiation from the living Master. Of course, this is not the only way. There are other ways. But since I was initiated by a living Master and am practicing the Inner Light and Sound Meditation, this article is based on my personal experience.


The Law of Karma or the Law of Cause and Effect is appointed by God to regulate the Universe, but there are higher laws above this, such as the Laws of Love, Grace and Forgiveness. The Laws of Love, Grace and Forgiveness come directly from God-Source. This is what Jesus, a living Master during his time, brought down to us when he was in the physical body. Any living Master of other religions, such as Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, etc. in other historical periods and in the current era could do this. Actuality, there was no religion until the living Master passed away. For example, Christianity was formed after Jesus Christ departed the physical plane. Followers of Shakyamuni Buddha formed Buddhism; followers of Prophet Muhammad formed Islam, etc.


A living Master can erase the disciples’ past karma through the Laws of Love, Grace and Forgiveness, so that they can graduate from the karmic wheel, attain enlightenment, and return or ascend Home to Source.


Some of us voluntarily chose to come here out of service and adventure, but that’s before we realized the limitations and restrictions of matter, space and time. Many can get lost here for eons upon eons. There is so much suffering and misery that God-Source sends down the Masters out of Hiers Love and Grace to liberate those ready for the Homeward journey.


Meditation on Inner Light and Sound


Geniuses can skip grades. There are well-known cases of geniuses attending University at ages 4 and 9, doing surgery at age 7, obtaining a PhD at age 15 or graduate from medical school at age 21.


Likewise, the process of progressing from kindergarten to post-graduate University on the path back to Source can be accelerated by those who are initiated by a living Master and meditating on the Inner Light and Sound. The initiates can be compared to geniuses. Those who are initiated on this method would be liberated in one lifetime; this would be their last life on Earth.


Meditation on the Inner Light and Sound daily helps the initiates to develop very fast. When they meditate, they enter eternity (and infinity); time stops. It’s not just two hours that they’ve invested daily that they get out of meditation. It’s thousands of years, eons of evolution, of development. This way they don’t have to keep coming back another lifetime to continue to develop and to attain enlightenment, which is to fully realize God within. Along with this realization is the realization of the Oneness of All and the realization of the most powerful force in the Universe—LOVE.


Meditation time is very precious. We earn so much more merit, blessings and progress very fast on the journey to Source in this physical world with its trials, tribulations and misery than in any of the higher worlds. Inhabitants on the higher worlds who meditate do not progress as fast or receive as much benefit because everything there is so happy and easy. Therefore, they want to come down here when they’re ready to realize God within.




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