Image of colorful chalks, paintbrushes and paints of an artist's studio. Pursuing Your Dream Career - Key Takeaways

Pursuing Your Dream Career: Key Takeaways


Maybe you work in the performing arts or pursue any creative activities that do not pay much or hardly anything. The hard work in this scenario is finding a way to make money while you continue to pursue your fulfillment.


Here Are the Ways Some People Have Done It:


  1. Work as a substitute teacher
  2. Work at fast food
  3. Be a tutor
  4. Produce films
  5. Work as an investor by day and act by night
  6. Tour guide
  7. Work tech on shows
  8. Manage theater company
  9. Provide services to other production company
  10. Do consulting


Key Takeaways:


  1. Pursue whatever is the perfect 10 for you. Your head is not good at setting long term directions because your heart has to be in it, so let your heart set the direction. Once your heart has set the direction, your head has an important role in figuring out how to get there. If you’re pursuing fulfillment and then finding money, your heart will show you where the fulfillment is.


  1. There is hard work involved. The hard work for those on the path that choose success first is doing 20 years at the wrong job. For those on the path that choose fulfillment, the hard work is figuring out the monetization factor, so that you can continue to do what you love, but also monetize it. We do not believe that if you do what you love, the money will necessarily follow. You still have to apply yourself to making sure it follows.


  1. It’s not the goals that matter, but the journeys that matter. Adhering too closely to your goals can actually blind you to opportunities that aren’t part of that goal. So, you continue to pursue a boring goal even when better things come along because you’re so blinded to the other things. Instead of thinking of a goal as the thing you have to accomplish. Think of a goal as a compass that motivates the journey. A goal tells you in which direction to walk in at any given moment. You can change the goal and it will change the journey.


  1. Choose fulfillment first, then money. Make your own luck but make it by choosing people and places to spend time that result in luck.


  1. A traditional job in a traditional path is easier. Our society is set up to help you get a job, but it’s less extraordinary. It’s predictable. It feels predictable; it’s comfortable and what you’re doing is swapping money stress for the possibility of not having an extraordinary life.


If you’re living an extraordinary life, the journey is really the reward.



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