Image of a lively blue flower with dew drops. Pursue Success, Fulfillment Or Both

Pursue Success, Fulfillment Or Both?


In the next four articles, I will analyze two choices that most of us take with our career path. You might fit in one of the two scenarios. If you do, this will help you to see where you are now, and to make the transition to where you want to be.


And if you’re just starting out with your career, then great! You will see the advantages and disadvantages of both and choose the path you’re comfortable with.


Two Strategies


The two strategies that we can choose with our career path are to either pursue success or to pursue fulfillment.


In our society, we’re taught to pursue success first. Once we’re successful, then we can find fulfillment. So, we pursue success and we either find fulfillment or we don’t. If we do find fulfillment, then we’re successful and fulfilled. Wonderful! But if we don’t find fulfillment, at least we’re still successful.


The other strategy is to pursue fulfillment first. If we pursue fulfillment then maybe we’ll also find success, which is awesome! But maybe we won’t, in which case we have no money. But of course, we are fulfilled. This is the starving artist strategy.


So, you can choose whether you want to make success your primary pursuit or fulfillment your primary pursuit. In our society, we have tremendous structural support for pursuing success first, and we have very little societal support for pursuing fulfillment first.



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