Image of a pristine snow capped mountain with a lake nearby reflecting itself. Psychology of You #1

Psychology of You #1


The Wheel of Fables of You


The World Mirror of Yourself


I am a wheel of mirrors

That each reflects in my life dance

That is sincere unto me

In the synergy of myself

Or insincere in the dis-synergy of me

In the love of the two or three

Or not

In the sway of care for each other

Or not

I am that I am

A wheel of fables all of my own

To realize myself

Into a state of divine love within


The Wheel of Fables in You: The World Mirror of Yourself


Each human is an entire wheel of characters of the lore fables of your life. The wheel of characters is reflected and refracted in the relationships that you have at home, at school, at work, and in all other associations through time. The lore fables have their undulations of positives and negatives that are experienced as good, bad, welcome or difficult encounters with others through time. Each character that you know is a mirror of a character sustained inside your lore fable wheel within.


The wheel of characters you experience in your life is first and foremost internal to yourself. This may be a new concept for some to begin to digest. The difficult lore fables catch in your dreams of life due to difficult characters in the wheel of possibilities in your own scripts within yourself and not necessarily not in them either. What we mean by this is that it takes two with difficult lore characters within to ignite a sick fate dream in which the difficult or unhappy encounter occurs through time and in the experience of each in their lives.


The difficult lore fable characters are each founded upon non-care of you and non-care of one another in the scripts of life. Out of a state of non-care, the difficult lore fables give birth to those who pit themselves against you through time. Some of the strife of difficult lore fables in your wheel of fate is external in the behavior of ugly emotional exchanges through time. Some of the strife is caused by difficult characters that foster unconscious nuances of hatred that cause energetic attacks and not necessarily difficult behavioral exchanges. Those mastering self-realization learn to witness both conscious and unconscious difficulties with lore fable characters in order to forgive and offset potential strife in life or disease of the biology.


Conscious maliciousness is the result of difficult characteristics of behavior that is physical that fails to be forgiven before it manifests as an exchange of strife in the life experience. Unconscious maliciousness is an energetic system that fails to act as belligerence in the life but fosters motions that trigger diseases to form through time if the underlying cause fails to be forgiven. Both unconscious and conscious maliciousness is a lore fable system suspended within yourself that can be modified. The lore fables within can be modified to grow to be more harmonious as you forgive each character in your wheel of possibility that you have had difficult encounters with in this lifetime.


No human is without a lore fable system within. Each person in your life has a lore fable system that triggers a particular character to emerge in the exchanges of the two through time. As you forgive a particular character in your internal lore fable scripts, the fable alters to grow to be more benevolent. The real character in life then also emulates more benevolence towards you through time.


As each difficult character of either a conscious or unconscious position of maliciousness is fostered into a benevolent position within, the cast of characters in your life will reflect the internal shift you have realized through. Lore fable shifts occur in ascension levels of mastery too. Lore fable shifts can occur consciously through intention to relinquish the very difficult or unpleasant characters out of your life scripts to draw to you more positive interactions, friendships and partnerships ahead.


Group Associations


Group associations also have lore wheels of scripts that each participating also emulates through time within themselves and within the group. A group of self-realization fostered humans can alter the group script to cause divine community to emerge in each and in the clan itself in deep care of the heart. Group lore fables are an essay all of their own to explore at a future time. You can however reflect upon the group associations you have known and the lore fable scripts played out by others or yourself through time in order to forgive something else within yourself that may be useful to foster.


Each assumes a particular character in the group association including yourself. If the group position and character you assume is unpleasant, you can forgive the position and motion yourself into a different role that is more benevolent for you to experience in future associations of the same group or other groups that parallel in nature. This is the gift of the choice to modify your internal lore fable wheel of scripts through time and in mastering forgiveness into compassionate action within.


Soul Family


There is another possibility of a wheel of characters to be embraced ahead that is to be made available unto those who are destined to self-realize in this cycle. The new wheel of characters is known as soul family fostering. Soul family each hosts benevolent positions unto one another if you are a member of the clan. The difficult positions of scripts are motioned to flow outside the clan and into other associations that are non-soul family originated.


Soul family is not new unto Earth but is to be motioned towards mastery level humans of realization capability in this time period of emerging light. There are many causes of why soul family must emerge now. Soul family aids in the restoration of love thought-stream unto the planet. The planet is vastly in need of love thought-stream for many causes. Love thought-stream fosters succinct light waves that will renew the planet rather than detriment her overall health.


Soul family is to emerge in the coming thirty years. Soul family will gather themselves unto themselves in unique clans that may foster unique projects together. Soul family is self-originated and destined to self-realize together. Some may foster soul family communities along with businesses that flourish in light synthesis together. Soul family cares deeply from the heart for one another and all others too. Soul family projects shall emerge in care of the whole systems of self.


Soul family is already descending to infuse and emerge in families and adults destined to self-realize this cycle. Catch the wave of soul family and a new life will flourish and emerge for you ahead. Allow the changes that emerging into soul family will cause in your life. Before soul family takes flight in your life, you must emerge into soul family lore fable configurations within.


The wheel of characters within shifts into soul family configurations as self-realization takes flight in the life. In order for soul family configurations to grow to be so for you, each malicious character in your life from birth until present time needs to be forgiven completely and absolved within. As the malicious characters are each absolved within, the monadic soul family wheel of benevolent characters descends and is infused into the you of you.


The more of the soul family configurations enter the wheel of possibilities of you, the more likely soul family natured humans will be drawn into your life dance in the mirror of you. The soul family is a cast of characters of deep care of the heart through time. The soul family supports one another through thick and thin. The soul family provides for one another as they care. The soul family requires you to first love yourself enough to receive the love of others who will flow to you to be there for you in your life in deep care of you and you for them too.


Loving Yourself


Realizing yourself into the love of you is an entirely other topic to be discussed ahead in future articles. Learning to love yourself is not always an easy journey within. Those mastering ascension this cycle often love others before you love you. Loving others in lieu of yourself needs to be transcended within so that the heart accolade of self can blossom into soul family configurations. Love of you is also the love of spirit and soul for you in your life. Opening to love is personal and often very deeply emotional as it unfolds. Opening to love you and allow the love of spirit and soul to descend is necessary also to assure transfusion into health. Spirit and soul modulate the infusion of light into the biological systems. Love of you fosters the right dosage of light in each motion of infusion through time in accord with spirit and your soul.


The Tao of yourself also modulates the realization of you. The Tao of you is a backdrop of consciousness emulating from the archetype that you were born within. The Tao of you motions to foster a partnership of divine ordering to aid you in loving yourself. The Tao of you is a deep oscillation of care of your life path and purpose and all that you are present upon Earth to accomplish in this lifetime. The Tao of you is not unknown unto you although perhaps you called him something else. The Tao of you is a deep insurgence of truth of who you are that brings to your attention the details of what you need to witness in order to forgive, find compassion and allow the you of you to blossom into love of yourself and love of each in the life.


The Dao of yourself is what modulates your dreams of actualization through time. The Dao of you is also not unknown unto you and is a fostering of the archetype of your birth. The Dao of you is a caring resource that motions your dreams into sustainable notions so that you are not without and have time to foster your realization within. The Dao and Tao of you marry in a unison of self as the heart accolade of you blossoms into love of the love within. The marriage of your Dao and Tao is not anything other than the birth of the love of the love within; which is the love of you and the love of each and the love of the whole as the first divine notion mastered as the path of self-realization takes flight.


Unconditional Acceptance


Learning to love each that has crossed your path or remains in your life journey is not always easy either. The love of each is a mastery level of compassion beyond what is commonly thought of as compassion in this cycle. Realization levels of compassion gives birth to accepting the nuances of others that you may not like or care for or even find disdain for to allow each to be themselves and grow themselves in the directions that they require in order to realize themselves. Accepting each in compassion is another level of mastery of realization of self that is required for those who are to lead a group of others who are to self-realize or live in a community of soul family who are to self-realize.


The quagmire for many in this time period is the need for others who can share in heart space with you and them in a sway of deep beauty of spirit. The need for love is deep possibly due to a life longing for care that was not there for you in all circumstances through time. Perhaps there was care from one parent and not the other. Perhaps there was care from an aunt, or grandparent or someone else in the life circumstance. Where there was care, there is a seed of recollection of the love of the two that you are longing for within. Allow the seed to blossom in the care of your Dao and Tao within to foster the love you are longing for into your life stream.


The Eternal Flame of Love


The seed of love was planted by one to three in most cases in childhood and two to four in the life to date to foster the birth of soul family. The seeds of love may have blossomed and then perished in many cases. The loss of the ones you have loved deeply is also often tumultuous in the memory banks of your life. The seed of love that sprouts may cause you to go into the pain of each loss in order to foster the restoration of the fullness of love within your heart accolade ahead.


For some, facing the loss of many that you have loved through time may be difficult to overcome within. For some, if you have had a twin flame that loved you deeply either as a friend or partner that was lost, overcoming the breach of the heart can be very difficult. Learn to grow yourself beyond the heart breach due to twin loss and find it in your heart to love again and love yourself too. The loss of heart can be erased from the memory banks of the nerves as a gift of spirit and as you transfuse beyond the strife from your past. Just request this of spirit and your Dao and Tao within and see.


The birth of soul family can only flux towards you as you remember to love you in spite of the loss of heart you may have experienced in this lifetime. The love is always there in spite of the plight of the losses of heart through time. Love is an eternal flame that never really extinguishes itself except in the delusion that you reside within. Attune to the eternal flame of love and find your way to loving you more deeply than you thought possible. Allow yourself to blossom into the flame of love that you were always meant to be within. The flame of love is a light motion of the heart accolade that is ignited by the Dao and Tao within as they marry you into the chalice of the divine. Be with you in the love of you and the love of your Dao and Tao within and find it in your heart to love each that has crossed your path through time.


The loss of heart leads to shame that festers within. The shame can turn into blame targeted at others that somehow disappoint you through time. Loss of heart and shame and blame are all related through time. Shame and blame lead to contraction of light and not flight of spirit into matter. Contraction of light leads to hatred and fear within. Expand the light and the hate and fear dissipates into the eternal love of the divine. The soul family cannot oscillate towards you while in a state of shame, blame or hate or fear. Shame, blame, hate and fear is only a state of non-love and nothing more.


Each negative emotion dissipates as light motions on. Shame, blame, hate and fear needs to be overcome through new motions of light that syncopate rhythms of divine love into the you of you of you. You must first love you and then the Dao and Tao of your heart will syncopate the rhythms of divine love into your life stream to foster an expansion into deeper care of the heart through time. Each expanse of the heart accolade allows another level of fable for a soul family character of deep care of the heart to be added to the wheel of possibilities sustained within yourself.


Modifying the Wheel of Scripts and Characters


A complete wheel of soul family members may take upwards of three years to foster within. Each character that is non-soul family originated within the wheel of scripts within you needs to be sorted through and forgiven to allow a loving cast of characters to bloom within you. As the loving cast of characters bloom within you, others of parallel nature will be attracted into the life stream. The modification of the wheel of scripts is a necessary journey for each destined to self-realize this cycle.


There are so many afflictions associated with non-care of the heart within the wheel of scripts lived to date in most cases that the mending of the heart is a major focus of spirit in this time period. The advent of electricity added complexities to the heart breach of self that was not so in cycles of realization past. The afflictions of non-care of the heart are deep amongst those awakening to transfuse in this cycle. The afflictions of non-care originate in a sick lore fable wheel that has become the norm of the human species sadly at this time.


The sick lore fable wheel is complex. It requires sacred action to abate difficult lore fable characters within in order to allow the real characters in your life to change into more benevolent positions or depart the life entirely in some cases; and cease to call a future character of strife into your life ahead that parallels. Futures of those who are to realize self are to be very kind as the internal work to be faced is difficult enough to overcome as it is.


Life is to unfold in kindness for those who are to self-realize in support of the need to cleanse yourself of your own internal demons. This is the choice of the planetary Tao who has chosen for internal battles over external battles for self-realization mastery quotients due to the deep afflictions of the heart that need to be overcome in many this cycle. Therefore, the soul family wheel of fate is to descend and foster kind relationships and partnerships and communities of others in the physical while the inner battle rages in order to realize you beyond the light and dark quagmires of yourself.


Light and dark is an internal landscape of a cast of characters that are nonphysical. The wheel of fables is not only physical but nonphysical in each life. The nonphysical wheel of fables sometimes is not known if you are not psychic in your approach to life. If you are open unto psychic capabilities, then witnessing the dark and light characters within is more common unto you. The light characters may be witnessed as angels or forces of love such as Baba or resources by various names that have come to light sometimes in written materials of a metaphysical stanza of existence. The dark characters may be witnessed as Satan or Lucifer or by some other name.


All characters of light and dark orchestration within are personal and ancestral and not of anyone else. As you learn to love the dark characters in the nonphysical lore fables of yourself, the wheel of characters also modifies itself to become more benevolent towards you within. As you realize yourself, your inner demons are transformed within you into loving beings that support your life unfolding rather than obstruct it.


Benevolent Nonphysical Lore Fable Characters


There are many benevolent nonphysical lore fable characters that you can choose to add to your inner wheel of fable possibilities. Baba is a lore character that fosters transfusion into deep care of the heart. Love of the Baba is not unknown by some who have witnessed the love bloom in one known as Sai Baba. Baba is a beautiful transfusion lore being present to call upon and draw into your life to foster care of you and care of each through time. This is his main focus. Baba is a compilation of over thirteen thousand lifetimes that were incarnate and transfused into his system of care of the heart. Most benevolent lore fable characters have transfused into a parallel system of sustainable dreaming for the sake of all humans destined to realize through time.


Yogananda or also known as Ananda Systems of Self is a fostering of community driven dreams of deep aptitude of realization of self. Communities of realization fostering have occurred in many time periods upon Earth under the care of the Ananda of himself. The Ananda enters group configurations if two or more desire to realize self together. If group associations interest you, then call upon the Ananda to align others of realization interests into your life circumstance. Soul family endeavors are an Ananda project in this cycle.


Shaktar and Shakti are lore fable keepers for humanity in general. They are resources that can guide the dreams of your life into new directions that foster you and the realization of yourself. They are also transfusion level beings that have very large systems to foster divine partnership amongst those who are twin flame origins of self. Twin flame partnerships flourish as light motions on. Shaktar and Shakti are deemed experts of twin flame divine partnership fostering in this time period.


Nexostradan is a transfusion level resource that fosters succinct rhymes of light synthesis in the west. Nexostradan is futures oriented and often calls futures to the attention of yourself if you attune unto his interests. Call upon Nexostradan to understand the future that you are transfusing towards. Forgive what does not inspire you and allow another future to emerge that does. This is the gift of Nexostradan at this time. Nexostradan is a complex resource to align unto.


In the east, there are other transfusion systems that are opening that are Buddha and Vishnu oriented. Buddha is a transfusion lore being of deep care of the heart similar to Baba. Buddha has an interpretive understanding of self-realization that is keyed in transcripts of an ordering of eastern thought-stream. Some in the west can attune to his thought-stream to augment realization into divine measures of self. The new Earth Light Wave Sign Language is derived from Buddha’s ordering of divine thought-stream in the west.


Vishnu is a contemplative system of transfusion lore measures that triggers awareness of the lore fable scripts that are eastern in their wheel of possibility. Eastern possibilities of scripts are different from western scripts in this time period. Regardless of the fable wheel within you, there are difficult to kind characters represented in each. The wheel of difficult characters in eastern associations also requires modification in order to give birth to soul family scripts within and of eastern origins. Call upon Vishnu to aid you in working with eastern scripts if this is your inheritance.


There are many resources in addition to those mentioned above that are present to assist you in your journey of self-realization. Please love and bless each nonphysical resource that crosses your path. As you love and bless the nonphysical, they shall love and bless you in return, aiding you upon your path towards divine understanding. Love is the merry-go-round that makes the world brighter and more beautiful to experience and express within.


Love is not an adequate word by any means to describe the nuances of divine thoughts associated. Love is a viable motion of fifteen sub-notions each defined in the Earth Light Wave Sign Language system. Please attune to this system to expand your concepts of love within and grow yourself into the love of the two, the love of the three and the love of the many ahead. Intend to embody the soul family wheel of lore fables and create the soul family of love and beauty in your life ahead. Be blessed in all that you undertake as you take flight into the realization of you.


In the love of those who are to self-realize.



Tao of Shaktar


The World Mirror of Yourself


I am a wheel of mirrors

That each reflects in my life dance

That is sincere unto me

In the synergy of myself

Or insincere in the dis-synergy of me

In the love of the two or three

Or not

In the sway of care for each other

Or not

I am that I am

A wheel of fables all of my own

To realize myself

Into a state of divine love within


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For Mom. I love you.

To all Souls in fostering the Self of you into realization of the Divine. May all on Earth be filled with Love and Light in the Golden Age or the Age of Enlightenment about to be born.



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Asur’Ana. Light Wave 6: Mother Sun Dream and Star Seeds. Aligning With Earth, 2022. Digital.

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